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4 Differences Between a Calzone and a Stromboli

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Differences Between a Calzone and a Stromboli - Pizza Bien

A stromboli and a calzone are not the same things. The calzon is half-moon shape and the stromboli is elongated rectangle , they're both tasty treats that many people enjoy on different occasions!

We share our knowledge with others often because of how much we love talking about them but most just don't listen to us. They usually say something like "ok yeah sure" before walking away thinking we were weird or whatever.

Here's what you can do though: take this information down into your journal so next time someone asks you know exactly how to answer their question without having to think too hard!


Calzones have been around for centuries in Italy. There are many stories about how they came into being. But there's no doubt that at one point or another they were filled with house-made ingredients like vegetables, meats, cheeses, hazelnut spread, chocolate and pistachio among many flavors.

A stromboli on the other hand originated in Western Pennsylvania and has since been adapted to suit different tastes from region to region across North America.


Some folks add marinara sauce while others add tomato-based or Alfredo sauces. Some strombolis are filled with meats like pepperoni and sausage (much like a pizza) while others can be made mostly vegetarian if desired.

Have you ever tried calzone or stromboli? The most distinctive difference between the two is in their fillings. Calzones use ricotta cheese, while stromboli does not; instead, it uses mozzarella to keep moisture at bay and allow dough on its inside to fully cook through.

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Ricotta provides more of an elastic texture than mozzarella which can lead some people to prefer one over the other - but either way, they're both delicious!

People will always prefer dipping a calzone instead of dunking it because the dough is usually really dry and soft. It's important to note that while stromboli also tastes great dipped, some people like to put sauce inside pre-rolled strombolis for an extra burst of flavor!

Sealing Techniques

A calzone is like an empanada, and a stromboli is like a burrito.

Tacos are folded while calzones have crimped edges that resemble the folds of tacos.

Burritos are always rolled with extra dough wrapped around them to seal in all their delicious fillings-- this resembles how you would roll up your traditional Italian-style sandwich called strombolis.

It's also sealed by rolling it into an elongated shape before folding some extra dough over top (though they're not as long). Both types get brushed with egg wash so that the crust stays put!


So you may say "wait, wait, surely the difference between a calzone and a stromboli is in how it's rolled". And I'd have to disappoint you there too because that simply isn't accurate either. The difference lies in the way each of them is served:

A calzone is folded over itself forming what appears to be a pocket in which the ingredients are stuffed. It is then baked until the perimeter turns golden brown and crispy while the center remains soft, moist, and doughy.

A stromboli on the other hand can be thought of more like a pizza roll: it starts with a flattened ball of dough that is stretched or rolled into a long oblong shape (sometimes even folded over itself) before being topped with ingredients and baked until crisp.

Final Words

See how I didn't say anything about cooking one way versus another? That's because aside from baking they're both practically identical!

So next time you're at your favorite Italian eatery ask them which of their delectable dishes are calzones and which are strombolis... or just order them both and decide for yourself!


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