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Does Napoli have good pizza?

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Napoli pizza

The best pizza in the world may be found in Naples (Napoli), Italy, the birthplace of the dish. Pizza made in the Neapolitan tradition, often known as pizza Napoletana, is the pinnacle of pizza. We're talking about true pizza that has just come out of a wooden oven, has a thin crust, is topped with fresh ingredients, and is cooked at an ideal high temperature of between 800°F and 900°F (for no longer than 90 seconds). Pizza has a significant place in the culinary heritage of Naples and Napolis pizzeria, and for Italians, there is never a day without it.

Pizzas in Naples’s History

Even though Baker Raffaele Esposito is typically given the credit for developing the well-known Neapolitan-style pizza, some food historians still debate who actually invented the iconic Margherita pizza. According to legend, the Queen asked Raffaele to cook her some regional foods on June 11, 1889, when the Italian King Umberto I and Queen Margherita di Savoia paid a visit to the city. He made her three different kinds of pizza, one of which featured basil leaves, tomatoes, and mozzarella in the colors of the Italian flag. (green). Since the Queen preferred this pizza over the others, Raffaele gave it the name Margherita in her honor.


Here are the top 5 places for the best Napoli Italian pizza 


This is the pizzeria where the Julia Roberts-starring rendition of Elizabeth Gilbert's "Eat, Pray, Love" was shot, and the establishment even has a picture of the actress hanging on the wall. Due to the numerous positive reviews for this Napolis pizzeria, it is recognized for serving the "best pizza in the world." This pizza is truly a slice of heaven that will melt in your mouth; it is out of this world! You have to visit the restaurant and have a slice of pizza to understand what real pizza is truly.  It has a tiny pizza menu and is extremely reasonably priced. However, plan on waiting anywhere from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours in a long line. 


One of the eateries that most people talk about is a local favorite Pizzeria Sorbillo. There are many options on their menu, but usually, people only order traditional Margherita pizza. On their website, it is stated that Gino Sorbillo as it comes from one of Naples's oldest pizza-making families. The first Napoli pizzeria was established by Gino’s grandparents, Luigi Sorbillo and Carolina Esposito, in 1935 on Via dei Tribunali, also known as the "Via della Pizza Napoletana" in the historic city center. Gino served as a judge for the pizza competition between the judges of Masterchef Israel, Benedetta Menu, and Alice TV for three seasons. The Napoli Italy pizza place is usually a hotspot as the pizzeria was featured on the Discovery channel recently. So, make sure to go early and reserve a seat for yourselves. 


The single location of the two-leveled Matteo Pizzeria is in the center of Via Tribunali, next to Piazza San Gaetano. There is an interesting fact: Bill Clinton, the former president of the United States, visited Naples for the G7 in July 1994 and was seen enjoying pizza from Di Matteo. Salvatore Di Matteo also triumphed in 2011's Pizza World Cup; an international pizza-making tournament held in Anzio. Along with your pizza, make sure you order some Frittata di Pasta, an egg-based Italian delicacy resembling an omelet or a crustless quiche.


They claim that Margherita was created in Brandi. When the Italian King Umberto I and Queen Margherita di Savoia visited the city on June 11, 1889, they asked Raffaele Esposito, the creator of the Margherita, to cook up some regional meals. It is supposed that this is where it was first developed—in a restaurant. 


On Sundays, most of the Neapolitans assemble at their Nona’s kitchen table to eat rigatoni al ragù and watch Napoli play football on TV. Starita has this traditional vibe maintained throughout. Pizza from Starita is firmer and has a nice doughy but airy crust, as opposed to pizza from Sorbillo, which is big and sloppy. This is your typical Naples pizzeria, complete with pretty tablecloths, regional beers, and a wide selection of food, including authentic pizza baked with the right local ingredients. They are flawless and superior to most wood-fired pizzas. For dessert, you can also try their specialty fried dough balls covered in warm Nutella.  What perfect way to pair with the best pizza in Naples?


La Masardona has specialized in deep-fried calzone since the 1930s when head chef Enzo Piccirillo's family started selling them to hungry market laborers on their way home from work. Surprisingly, the pizzeria bears the name of "La Masardona," a formidable woman who served as Piccirillo's foremother and who was most known for using her voice to communicate clandestine messages among rebels. But now that everyone is aware of it, Italy's shrine of fried pizza is no longer the best-kept secret of the seedy Case Nuove neighborhood. Get the taste of the best pizza in Naples Italy from here. 


Napoli Pizzeria and the city has a huge heritage. Pizza originated here in these lanes and went on to become the most popular food item ever all around the world. Naples, still to this day, holds on to its roots and provides the best pizza that Italy or the World can offer. 

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