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How Can you Make Frozen Pizza Taste Freshly Baked?

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How Can you Make Frozen Pizza Taste Freshly Baked - Pizza Bien


Amid the striking pandemic, the best way to order pizza is by utilizing frozen pizza. Especially with entrusted companies like Pizza Bien, you can order pizza from Italy. After all, who would want to miss out on the opportunity to have real Italian pizza shipped directly to your home?


However, with all the advantages of frozen pizza comes the issues. One of the most asked questions is, how can you make frozen pizza taste freshly baked? 

You can make frozen pizza taste freshly baked by adding more cheese and utilizing some baking techniques before putting it in the oven. 


Additionally, there are many other pointers that you should be aware of to take your frozen pizza to the extra-elevated level. Hence, without any further ado, let's begin!


10 Ways To Make Frozen Pizza Taste Like Delivery

If you’re wondering why frozen pizza tastes bad, throw that thought away with the easy pointers below to elevate your pizza to the next level!


1. Be Wise About Picking Your Pizza

Remember: A frozen pizza is a pizza that's already been baked. That means most of the work is already done for you before it reaches you. Thus, it's always crucial to pick a high-quality pizza with authentic, fresh ingredients. 


When ordering from Pizza Bien you can sit comfortably knowing that you'll be receiving the best frozen pizza from Italy, which is also 100% Neapolitan pizza and vegetarian-friendly. The pizzas from Italy are also affordable, and there's an array of options for you to choose from - making the process extremely simple!


2. Place Your Pizza Perfectly

It's crucial to know where to place your frozen pizza inside the oven before you're done baking it. The best way to bake your Napoli pizza is to ensure it has minimal contact with any surface.


Hence, place the Naples pizza from Italy directly on the oven rack to ensure it gets the most heat while touching as minimal surfaces as possible. At Pizza Bien, your pizza is flash-frozen and produces ice crystals inside the dough, making your Naples pizza steam rather than baked inside the oven. Hence, the placement will help revamp the sauce, toppings, and cheese in your pizza from Italy!


3. Don't Be Shy - Poke It!

When your pizza comes to you fully frozen wrapped in plastic, it's onto you to poke holes in them! Before you unwrap your frozen Neapolitan pizza, we've got a little to-do for you below.


  • Flip your plastic-wrapped flash frozen pizza.
  • Take a fork or a toothpick, and puncture tiny holes, preferably two cm apart from each other, on the center of the Naples pizza from Italy.
  • Make sure not to puncture toppings such as pepperoni.
  • Make the holes more towards the insides. 

In this way, when you put it inside the oven, there will be space for the pizza to let out its steam without becoming soggy. 


4. Glisten Up The Dough

Before putting your beloved frozen pizza in the oven:

  • Brush the crust with small strokes of garlic oil or extra virgin olive oil.
  • Make sure not to go overboard with your oiling because too much of it may ruin the frozen pizza from Italy.
  • Oil the sides and grate some good ol' parm along the sides for a crunchy, smoky crust.


5. Say Cheese!

The best tip to make your frozen pizza from Italy taste freshly baked is to add more cheese. Cheese's fat-oil composition helps the Italian pizza bake, steam, and is even more delicious. It's a win-win situation for sure!

You can add any cheese starting with parmesan, feta, buffalo de mozzarella, fontina, Reggiano, feta, and more! All you need to do is grate the cheese on top of your flash frozen pizza 5 minutes before it finishes baking. 

Please DO NOT attempt to put the cheese on top of the pizza right before throwing it inside the oven, as it may burn the cheese (depending on the type you're using).


6. Go wild With The Toppings

Here's the point where you can go creative with your flash frozen pizza from Italy. Although the pizza is almost pre-made, you can choose to add any topping of your choice. Whether you want to make it healthy or indulge in a pizza full of toppings can be your choice!


You can add pepperoni, tomato, herbs, lean meats, anchovies, pineapple, ham, and lots more to your frozen Italian pizza! With Pizza Bien's sampler package pizza, you can customize the Italian pizza from Italy with any dry or wet ingredients without the pizza getting ruined.


Since the pizza is made with high-quality ingredients, you can add wet ingredients like sardines, peas, corn, olives, capers, mushrooms, and so much more! If you're looking for ways to know how to make frozen pizza taste like delivery, this method is perfect! 


You can also choose to add toppings like onions, bell peppers, and different types of nuts. It brings a personal touch to the pizza while elevating the taste and texture, all according to your taste buds. If you want to know about Neapolitan pizza topping combinations, you can click here.


7. Mix n Match the Cuisines


Different countries have created various types of pizza in the past. For example, if you're Mexican, the Mexican pizza ingredients will include seasoned ground beef, refried beans, melty cheese, and enchilada sauce. 


Again, if you're familiar with Indian cuisine, you know how they would definitely include their chicken tikka masala in their pizza. Hence, if you experiment with different cuisines and their toppings on top of your frozen pizza, it can indeed taste a whole lot different!


8. Turn your Pizza Into A Salad


If you're a fitness freak or you like to remain on the healthy side, you can turn a pizza into a salad! Especially when you have access to 

Pizza Bien's plant-based pepperoni pizza, a healthy pizza will be easy to assemble for you.


You can put your choice of salad (make sure it's not drenching in dressing) on top of your pizza. You can add spring onions, arugula, balsamic vinegar, lemon juice, herbs, oregano, and a lot more to spice up your healthy pizza topping. If you want to know more about how to make healthy Neapolitan pizzas,  click here. 


9. Spice Up!


When you open your cupboard and your spice cabinet, you'll regain ideas of different spices to put on your pizza. Chances are, the spices in your cupboard are already your favorites. 


Hence, simple herbs like cayenne pepper, onion powder, sliced dried gingers, and lots more can make your guests question where they can get the same exact pizza! 


The Best Way To Make Frozen Pizza Taste Freshly Baked

Best Way To Make Frozen Pizza Taste Freshly Baked - how long can frozen pizza sit out - Pizza Bien


Now that you're done knowing every tip you can utilize to make frozen pizza taste like delivery; you need to know how to bake it the right way. Hence, let's see a few tips below that you can utilize to make your frozen pizza taste freshly baked right at home without any hassle.


  • Sit Out Your Frozen Pizza

If you're wondering how long frozen pizza can sit out, here's your answer! The best way to determine how long a frozen pizza will stay fresh is to check the date and temperature of the food. Perishable foods like pizza should not be left out for longer than 2 hours. 


The time frame may vary according to the weather, but it should be one hour. However, if left out for longer than two hours, the pizza may lose its crunch or become stale. Also, remember that bacteria can grow in the food, so keep the temperature low and the air humidity high.


  • Turn Up The Heat

Even if the boxed instructions say to bake your frozen pizza at a specific temperature, it's always wise to turn up the heat and decrease the baking time for your pizza. 


However, ensure your pizza doesn't burn by keeping an eye on it. If you want a crispy crust, this method will work the best for you.


  • Let Your Pizza Rest

We understand that you may want to get inside the pizza right after it's cooked but don't! Give your pizza at least 10 minutes to cool down before chopping it in half and breaking inside the crust. 


If you're wondering, "how will I know when it's time to cut hot pizza?" The answer is- make sure the cheese doesn't stick to your knife. You may want a cheesy, gooey action, but it's best to wait for it out! In that way, any undercooked portion of your crust will bake even after the pizza is out of the oven.



In conclusion, frozen pizza can be made to taste fresh by poking holes in it before baking, adding sauce or other ingredients on top, and baking it at the highest temperature for the shortest time.


Frozen pizza often tastes much better than take-out, and current discounts and deals will make this deal even sweeter. Check out the deals at Pizza Bien for real Neapolitan pizza from Italy. 


If you're looking to cut back on the time it takes to cook or want something that tastes fresh; then frozen pizza is a good choice for your next meal. It's quick, easy, and delicious. Till the next time, happy feasting and stay with us!


Our real Italian pizzas are handmade with all-natural of high quality and fresh ingredients in Naples, Italy delivered to you, anywhere in the U.S. Click Here to Buy Now! 


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