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What Does Neapolitan Pizza Even Mean? Find Out How To Eat Neapolitan Pizza Like a Pro!

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What Does Neapolitan Pizza  Mean - Find Out How To Eat Neapolitan Pizza Like a Pro - Pizza Bien

Neapolitan pizza is a delicacy that has been around for quite some time. However, with the growing industry of commercializing pizza in the USA, authentic Napoli pizza is now hard to come across. 

Thus, it's only natural for you not to be fully knowledgeable about authentic Neapolitan pizza. Hence, we've come to curate this article to give you a clear conception of what Neapolitan pizza even means. 

We'll also be including how to eat Neapolitan pizza like a pro and bake it at home. To know more about what authentic Neapolitan pizza is like, click here. Stick around to the end of the article to find out more.

Without any further ado, let's begin! 

What Does Neapolitan Pizza Mean

Definitions of Neapolitan pizza aren't complicated: It is a pizza with a thin, flat crust. In Italy, it is called Margherita pizza. Specializing in Neapolitan pizza, it is considered Neapolitan. In the U.S., any pizza with a thin crust is considered Neapolitan.

Essentially, pizza originated in Naples, Italy. It isn't the same as a New York-style pizza, but they are both Italian-style pizzas. Although the two styles are similar, they are very different. Both pizzas have their origins in Naples. New York-style pizzas have a thicker crust, whereas Neapolitan-style pizzas have a thinner crust.

A typical Neapolitan pizza is made with more sauce than cheese. It isn't as thick as a Sicilian pizza, but it is similar in appearance and flavor. "Neapolitan" reflects the Italian flag and is synonymous with "Neapolitan pizza." Its red, white, and green toppings are similar to the colors of an Italian flag, making it an unmistakably recognizable piece of pizza.

A Neapolitan pizza is flat and made with mozzarella cheese. It is different from the typical takeaway pizza because it is not loaded with cheese and fatty meat. It has a thin crust and charred edges, making it a healthier choice for the average pizza lover.

It is the perfect pizza for families. It is also a popular food style for people who like to experiment with different cuisine.

However, Neapolitan pizza is eaten in different styles. Let's find more about it below. 

Where To Order Authentic Neapolitan Pizza

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The pizzas are served fresh-frozen, meaning you could bake them anytime you want! With frozen pizzas, you also get the choice to add toppings of your own. 

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How to Eat Neapolitan Pizza

There are many rules for eating Neapolitan pizza, but the basic principle remains: cut it in half and eat the crust first. While this method is acceptable for most types of pizza, the crust must be eaten first. 

To properly enjoy your Neapolitan pizza, you must eat it at the edge. You must eat it while it's still hot, and you must keep it as hot as possible. It's best to slather it with olive oil and salt if you're not too fond of eating the crust first.

When eating a Neapolitan pizza, it is essential to remember the basics: don't touch the edges. In Italy, this is considered impolite. Using your hands to eat a pizza makes it less authentic, and avoiding smears of tomato sauce will make your pizza look unappetizing. Don't worry, however, because the edge is the tastiest part.

When eating your pizza, remember to fold the tip of the crust. This will prevent the sauce from spraying out from the edges. 

This will ensure that you get a juicy gobbet of pizza in every bite. You'll have a better experience than if you use your hands. And, of course, you'll enjoy your Neapolitan pizza more.

What's So Special About Neapolitan Pizza

A Neapolitan pizza slice is always a treasure. It's celebrated in different cultures, especially in Italy, and certified through A VPN. Indeed, Neapolitan pizza is exceptional!

Neapolitan pizza is an Italian classic. The toppings must include mozzarella cheese and tomatoes from San Marzano. A slice of Neapolitan pizza must also be made with Italian basil and the right toppings. 

In general, a slice of Neapolitan pizza should have a few key ingredients. However, there are a few differences between Neapolitan pizza and other kinds.

An authentic Neapolitan pizza must use specific ingredients. It is a thick, thin pie that you must cook in a wood-burning oven. The tomato sauce used must be homemade and sourced from the region of San-Marzano. 

The cheese used must be fresh and made from mozzarella made from the milk of water buffalo in the area of Lazio. A slice of Neapolitan pizza should also be topped with cheese, and the crust must be made of type 00-wheat flour.

The name Neapolitan pizza was originally given to it by King Umberto I of Italy, a nobleman. He visited Naples in 1889 and asked baker Esposito to make a pizza for her. He served it with the colors of the Italian flag. 

The pizza's crust is thin and crisp, and the toppings are minimal. The ingredients are layered on top of each other, making it easier to taste the flavors and textures of each ingredient.

A traditional Neapolitan pizza begins with the crust. You must make the dough with fresh brewer's yeast, wheat flour, water, and salt. Then, it must be baked in a wood-burning oven. It must also contain olive oil, garlic, onions, and herbs. The crust can also be large or thin and is hard enough to be picked up without a rolling pin.

What Toppings Can I Put On Neapolitan Pizza?

Order authentic Neapolitan Pizza - Pizza Bien

An authentic Neapolitan pizza is  handmade with a thin, airy crust and is commonly made of fresh San Marzano tomatoes. Click here to find more about which tomatoes you should be using for authentic Neapolitan pizza.

Typically, the cheese is a blend of two different types: fior di latte, which comes from cow's milk, and mozzarella di bufala, which comes from water buffaloes. The fried pizza is topped with fresh basil, which is the essential part of the pizza.

When making a pizza at home, it is important to remember the crucial elements of a Neapolitan pizza. Fresh tomatoes and mozzarella are the main ingredients, and the toppings should not overwhelm the thin crust. 

Then, add your cheese, toppings, and sauce. Continue to bake until the pizza is crisp and golden brown. Once the crust is golden brown, remove it from the oven and serve it immediately.

A Neapolitan pizza is traditionally served as a large, flat, rectangular dish. The traditional version of a Neapolitan pizza is called the Margherita. Queen Margherita of Savoy appreciated the tricolor pizza that is known throughout Italy.

Then, you can add any type of topping you want. In the end, the resulting pizza is the ultimate Italian food. It is a treat for the taste buds and the body.

How To Make The Best Neapolitan Pizza

A Neapolitan pizza starts with a basic pizza dough recipe purchased in most supermarkets. Next, the pizza sauce should be fresh and sweet, and the crust should be crispy. The toppings are then added. To know more about making traditional Margherita pizza at home, click here.

When making the dough, make sure that it is pliable and springy. It should feel soft and bounce back when you press it with your finger. Allow the dough to rest for at least 2 hours and cover it with a damp cloth to prevent drying. 

Then, roll the dough into a disc of ten to eleven inches. Remove any excess flour from the disc and repeat the process. Spread about 60-80 grams of Neapolitan pizza sauce in the center of the disc. When the dough is firm and pliable, use your hands to break it up.

The dough is the foundation of any Neapolitan pizza. A thin crust is the first step. Then, the cheese should be added. Once the cheese has been added, it is time to put the toppings on the dough. 

When the dough is ready, you should stretch it into a thin-thin layer. Once the crust is flat, You should flip the base over, and the edges should be covered. You can bake the pizza for 15 minutes after all the toppings have been laid out, and you'll be receiving a perfect Neapolitan slice in every bite. 


In conclusion, Neapolitan pizza is an Italian delicacy that has been around for two centuries. It is the perfect meal to share with family or friends, as well as a great snack. The pizza ingredients are basic and straightforward, but the flavors are complex and enticing.

It's also easy to make at home with just a few simple ingredients. Therefore, we hope our article has helped you find what Neapolitan pizza is and how to make it. Till the next time, happy feasting and stay with Pizza Bien

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