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What is Authentic Italian Pizza Like? Classic Pizza Styles, Misconceptions, and More!

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What is Authentic Italian Pizza Like - Classic Pizza Styles and More - Pizza Bien

Pizza is globally loved. From youngsters to adults, there's not one person who won't love a slice full of love - pizza! Pizza, although, has many different types. There's the ever-so-famous New York slice pizza, Brooklyn Style pizza, Neapolitan style pizza, and many more, which have gained recognition. 

However, it's essential to trace back the root of pizza, Naples of Italy. Italian-style cuisine triggers our brain to think of pizza. Yet, very few of us still remember to connect with the authentic Italian pizza styles. 

With the rise of contemporary pizza, it's also essential to recall the finest classic Italian-style pizzas introduced back in the day. They still provide the best taste and remind you of the luxury and heritage of Italian cuisine. 

Hence, we've come to curate this article to help you recall the 7 authentic Italian pizza styles and clear misconceptions related to authentic Italian style pizza. Without any further ado, let's begin. 

7 Authentic Italian Style Classic Pizza

Let's begin with the finest classic pizzas originally from Italian cuisine. 

1. Pizza Napoletana

We've all heard of authentic Neapolitan pizza as the first introduced pizza. Napoletana pizza is a specialty of Naples and is created as follows: The dough made of wheat flour, yeast, salt, and water must be flattened. 

Not only the crust but the other components have their unique attributes. The sauce must include Roma or San Marzano tomatoes, and the fresh mozzarella de bufala must be from Campania or Lazio. 

UNESCO and the Associazione Vera Pizza Napoletana have acknowledged this manufacturing process. If you're looking for the best baked authentic Neapolitan pizza near you, check out Pizza Bien. The pizza is almost every diet-friendly and completely vegetarian. 

2. Pizza al taglio

This classic pizza style originated in the heart of Italy, Rome. The name indicates its cut in weight sells the pizza. They're often called pan pizzas, loaded with cheesy toppings. Remember that they're already packed with toppings, so it might not be wise to add extra ones!

Many people wonder, "is provlina pizza an authentic Italian pizza?" Provolone is a cheese used in many original pizza styles, like Pizza Al Taglio. There is no provolina pizza available on its own.

3. Pizza Romana

If you're a thin crust lover, you're in luck! Pizza Romana features the thinnest crust in the cuisine of pizza. Pizza Romana cannot be folded as it's baked to the point that it's crispy. Some people don't like the crust's texture since it resembles more biscuity than bread. 

However, the thin crust is topped with a variety of cheese and tomato sauce flavorings, indeed mouthwatering. 

4. Pizza Alla pala

The name of this pizza comes from the wooden paddle used to remove it from the oven and serve it once it has been made. You may find another kind of pizza in and around Rome is pizza alla pala. 

Pizza Alla pala is similar to pizza Romana in that it is cooked in an electric oven and has a comparable size crust and center. However, the dough is wet and fluffy on the interior rather than rolled thin.

5. Pizza Siciliana

Another classic pizza is pizza sfincione or Pizza Siciliana. For pizza Napoletana, sfincione is equivalent to what New York-style pizza is to Chicago's deep dish. 

Pizza Siciliana is named after the Italian island of Sicily. The bread is thick and fluffy, like focaccia. 

Instead of buffalo mozzarella, toppings like goat or cow cheese, tomato sauce, and anchovies are popular. Many modern Italian chefs make it with their twist nowadays. 

6. Pizza al padellino

This particular pizza is also called pizza al tegamino. It's baked and served in a pan, so it's officially a pan pizza. It's very closely similar to the usual deep-dish pizza we find in the streets of America. 

The characteristics of this pizza are simple. The ingredients used are identical to the ones used with a thin-style pizza. However, in this authentic style of Italian pizza, the dough is made soft and fluffy. It's cooked in a wooden oven or an electric oven, depending on where you order it from. 

7. Pizza all'Andrea

This traditional pizza resembles focaccia with toppings. We're familiar with topping drenched pizza nowadays, but the star of the show is the bread in this pizza. 

In the Ligurian region, ingredients like olives, sardines, and anchovies, which give the dish its distinctive flavor, are used. 

According to legend, Andrea Doria, a Genovese admiral who flourished between the mid-1400s and the mid-1500s, is said to have invented this kind of pizza. The original recipe does not include any tomato sauce, but currently, several variations include.

All About Real, Authentic Italian Pizza 

Pizza has been around since the sixteenth century. However, modern pizza has overshadowed authentic Italian-style pizza over a few years. From Italy, pizza has traveled to different destinations where it has received a twist of its own. 

All About Real Authentic Italian Pizza - italian style pizza - Pizza Bien

People all over the world introduced many new ingredients to pizza. Garlic, sliced sausage, different marinara flavors, oregano, and other herbs, and many more different people used cultural elements to enhance pizza flavor.  

However, if you're wondering how authentic Italian pizza tastes, you can check out the following factors. It'll help you break the barriers to authentic Italian cuisine and permit you to enjoy pizza like a true delicacy. 

Eating Style

A lot depends on the eating style of your pizza. As a contemporary generation, we have almost forgotten that pizza doesn't come in slices when authentic. If you want to enjoy a pizza sitting near the fine beaches of Bologna or just enjoying the fresh wind in Florence, the pizzerias serve you a whole pizza.

Yes, that's right! Pizza won't come to you sliced. You're supposed to eat your pizza with a fork and knife. 

In America, you'll find most people expecting to share their pizza. However, Italians don't go with that style! You ought to share a pizza with no one but yourself. How fun is that?


Some people think Italian pizza is served in a deep dish. However, the thin, fluffy crust is essential to the meal's overall taste and texture. Only Italian pizza has the unique taste and texture of its crust. 

Chefs respect the amount of fresh yeast and type "00" flour required to build this outstanding foundation. The crust is hand-stretched and baked to perfection in a wood-fired oven. There's no alteration made to the classic pizza recipes. Thus the crust comes out perfect every time.

It's pretty tough to get hands-on, authentic Italian pizza baked from scratch. Hence, if you're looking for authentic Neapolitan-style pizza around you, Pizza Bien's Sampler Package Pizza includes the best pizza all around. Bring authentic Italian cuisine to your doorstep by indulging in true Italian pizza flavors. 


The sauce is a crucial part of the pizza. After all, it provides the moisture content for the pizza and the base flavoring of tomato. 

However, in Italy, you can't just use any sauce for the pizza. To use handpicked San Marino tomatoes is a delicacy they're accustomed to. The tomatoes are boiled, seasoned, peeled, and blended with other herbs.

The sauce is often served over the cheese instead of being under the cheese. Sounds weird, right? But to the authentic Neapolitan pizza enjoyers, it's a norm. 

Some pizzas are also served without the sauce, known as Bianca. The pizza is drizzled with a bit of olive oil, and that's it!


We're all used to having small portions of different ingredients as our toppings. For American pizza, the goal is to eat an ideal bite filled with every ingredient. However, that's not how it's like in Italian cuisine.

The toppings in Italian cuisine are massively proportioned. You'll see full blobs of mozzarella or big prosciutto or large ham slices in the middle of your pizza. They're also drizzled with olive oil near the end to provide a smooth eating experience.

There's always a fresh garnish topped onto the pizza for a fresh bite towards the end. Overall, Italian pizza toppings are balanced very well. If you're looking for the best pizza topping combinations, click here.


Avoid the temptation to compare your first taste of authentic Italian pizza to that of your favorite pizza at home. An authentic Italian pizza is unlike anything you've ever tasted before, and it's impossible to compare it to anything you've ever imagined. 

When eating in Italy, don't miss out on the opportunity to experience one of the country's most cherished dishes. If you want to enjoy pizza directly from the comfort of your own home, order the classic Margherita pizza. They're made from the best and authentic Italian ingredients available in the market and will leave you lingering for more. 

Hence, till the next time, happy feasting! Let us know how you feel about the authentic Italian pizza styles below by leaving a comment.

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