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What Is The Best Frozen Pizza? 7 Options for You

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What Is The Best Frozen Pizza - 7 Options for You - Pizza Bien


People are always looking for new ways to enjoy this classic comfort food, and one way is frozen pizza- whether it's topped with pineapple, served deep-dish style, or folded in half -everyone has a preference they love.

We spoke with some fellow foodies who work at the network about what their freezer was keeping them well fed throughout these winter months as we searched for our staffs' favorites:


Cauliflower Crust Margherita Pizza


It’s hard to find a good crust these days, but this one is worth it. Made from cauliflower and not flour like most others on the market, we love that they still have some stability for eating without utensils—even if you want to pile your toppings onto them!

One of our go-to brands in general (their plain crusts are perfect when paired with whatever flavor combo you're craving), so be sure to stock up while their Margherita Cauliflower Pizza is available!


Veggie Thin and Crispy Pizza


We've found that the best frozen pizza is Veggie Pepperoni Thin and Crispy Pizza. The crust bakes up quickly and is perfectly crisp while also made from natural vegetables with no nitrites added to them for an extra health boost!

There's a generous portion of pepperonis on each slice which are 100% veggie-based themselves so that you can enjoy your cheesy taste without any guilt at all. Plus - this type has been generously donated by its makers to support charities worldwide, so it accomplishes two things: feeding hungry people both abroad and locally here in America.

There have recently been food shortages due to natural disasters like Hurricane Sandy or other recent events such as tornadoes devastating communities across Oklahoma.


Organic Cheese and Stretched Rice Crust Pizza


The rice crust gets extra crispy if you leave it in the oven for a minute or two longer than the box suggests. We love them because they have so many different toppings, and we always get to choose what our pizza looks like, which doesn't happen very often when ordering out from other restaurants.


Beet Sauce & Goat Cheese Thin Crust Pizza


This pizza is never boring. It's made with a thin and crispy crust infused with creme fraiche, chopped organic spinach, creamy beetroot sauce that tastes nothing like dirt!

Tangy rounds of goat cheese and soft cubes of butternut squash on top. If you're not into vegetables or don't have the ingredients to make this at home - worry no more! This mouthwatering pie can be pulled straight from your freezer any night of the week for a fantastic store-bought-tasting meal without all those preservatives found in other brands.


Feta & Spinach Gluten-Free Pizza


This pizza is a feast for the eyes and stomach. The organic ingredients provide optimum health while being topped with signature sauces such as tangy tomato sauce coupled with creamy feta cheese to create something full of flavor!


Feta & Spinach Gluten-Free Pizza - healthy frozen pizza - Pizza Bien


This delicious pie offers 12g fat but only 340 calories - perfect if you're trying out an on-the-go lifestyle or watching your waistline during these summer months. Organic spinach also provides vitamins A, K & C in addition to helping regulate blood sugar levels thanks to its magnesium content.


Cheese on Chickpea Crust Pizza


The crust is an essential part of a pizza, so I was apprehensive about trying out gluten-free dough made from chickpeas. Surprisingly enough, this new style surprised us on many levels and not just because it tasted good!

Not only did I love how crisp thin their crusts are, but they also come in three different flavors: Margherita, Roasted Veggies, or Four Cheese; all equally delicious. The great thing, too, is that these frozen pizzas have become my kitchen staple now - like when you're making pasta for dinner (because why would anyone want to make two separate foods?).


Quick Rising Four Cheese Pizza


When you pop this in the oven, it's like diving into a colossal breadstick. The crust was so crunchy and savory that I couldn't get enough of it! It is our favorite because each bite contains an assortment of cheeses mixed to complement one another and its wonderfully tangy tomato sauce, which helps round out all flavors with just the right touch.

Twenty-four minutes is the perfect time if you're looking for something hearty without sacrificing quality or taste too much. Conversely, at 12-14 min (less than 10), pizza can come off seeming more flavorless as opposed to less flavorful when cooked longer. And it’s due to increased marinara concentration from sitting around on a heat source while cooking.


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