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A Classic Pizza: What It's Like To Buy Your First Pizza In Naples Italy

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Classic Pizza - What Its Like To Buy Your First Pizza In Naples Italy - Pizza Bien

A pizza enthusiast can only dream of tasting the best authentic Neapolitan pizza from Naples, Italy. When you buy your first pizza in Naples, it may be a dream come true. 

However, if you want the taste of authentic Neapolitan pizza sitting right at home, you can always order from Pizza Bien. Indeed, in every bite, you will get to taste the heritage and culture of authentic Napoli pizza.

Although you can buy pizza anytime, you're prone to try to envision how ACTUAL Napoli pizza may taste. Thus, we've made the job easier for you by curating an article that describes everything you need to know about eating classic pizzas in Naples, Italy.

Without any further ado, let; 's begin talking about how you can identify an authentic AVPN certified Neapolitan pizza when you first try it! 

What It's Like To Buy Your First Pizza In Naples Italy

When you want to imagine how your first pizza from Naples, Italy, will be like, you must know how authentic Neapolitan pizza tastes. So, how would you truly know?

To identify the taste of authentic Napoli pizza, you need to figure out the magic that goes behind the making process. Let's see what makes authentic Napoli pizza special.

What Does Authentic Neapolitan Pizza Taste Like

Authentic Neapolitan Pizza indeed tastes like a pizza from heaven. This dish is simple yet packed with flavors and nothing less than a heartthrob!

For the sake of AVPN's authenticity and guidelines, the items utilized should ideally come from Campania. Tomatoes peeled and crushed by hand should have a chunky, not thick, appearance. Fresh tomatoes, on the other hand, need slicing. In addition to adding flavor and color to the pizza, the tomato adds acidity and freshness to the dish.

Spreading out the slices of buffalo mozzarella or the strips of fior di latte on the pizza is essential. As a result, the pizza will have a creamy flavor and a uniform texture.

You must sprinkle grated cheese throughout the whole surface of the pizza to guarantee that every mouthful is covered with delicious cheesy delight!

Simply sprinkle the condiments with the basil leaves before serving. Spiral movements are used to pour the extra virgin olive oil. The oil gives off the aroma of pure Italian cuisine, while the basil gives a fresh burst of mintiness.

When the pizza finally comes out of the oven, it should have 3 main things. The room should be filled with an overpowering baked-bread smell along with an acidic smell of the tomato combined with mozzarella. On the other hand, if you notice hard enough, you may find notes of fruitiness from the olive oil, garlic, and a hint of basil. 

The pizza has a powerful and well-balanced flavor, with the perfume of freshly baked bread blending with the slightly acidic tomato, the savory mozzarella, the fresh basil, and the bitter and spicy flavors of oil and garlic to create a delicious combination.

All in all, the pizza tastes out of the world. If heaven could have one food, we have no doubt it would be authentic Napoli pizza from Naples. 

Authentic Napoli Pizza: The Full Experience Guide

We understand that some of our reader's love for pizza goes far and beyond reading just about how Neapolitan pizza may taste. Describing the full experience of ordering your first pizza in Naples, Italy, is just a prerequisite.

Considering how the pizza in Naples is JUST about the pizza and the experience, it's hard to ignore describing the whole process. Thus, from the wooden fired oven to the very aroma - we will be depicting the entire experience for you!

Traditional Neapolitan Pizzeria Wooden Oven

The design of the domed, wood-fired ovens used to make Neapolitan pizza has stayed almost the same for hundreds of years. A pizzaiolo can start fires made of any wood like oak, ash, beech, or maple in this oven. The smoke must be on the drier side and have lesser smoke than suffocating everyone in the kitchen! 

They can then cook their pizzas at very high temperatures. The floor must be at least 905 degrees Fahrenheit, and the air must be at least 800 degrees Fahrenheit to make it safe to play around with the delicate dough.

There's a simple rule of thumb to follow when constructing a wooden fired oven. Dome: 45 to 50 centimeters high. Door: 22 to 25 centimeters wide. This is how an oven should be built. 140 to 150 centimeters are used to measure the floor area.

There may be a few seconds when the pies are done when a pizzaiolo brings them up on top of the oven's dome. This helps the tops of the pizzas get a little brown. The pizza gets only 60 to 90 seconds: This should be done in that amount of time. It's fast food, quite literally!

The Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana has a set of rules that they follow. Even if their strict rules aren't followed, you can still make great Neapolitan-style pizza in other ways.

The Famous Napoli Pizza Charring 

As soon as the Neapolitan pizza dough is put in the oven, it should begin to puff, generating bubbles with thin walls and even thinner bubbles on top of them. 

In a pizza with thin walls and a hot stone floor, the crust will quickly become brown, while the remainder of the pizza will remain completely white. 

The mix of smoky, somewhat bitter overtones from the charred spots with the soft, delicate, pale dough in between creates the incredible complexity of a Neapolitan pizza.

The Soupy Center

Many non-traditional pizza enjoyers may be unaware of this quick little fun fact. Authentic Neapolitan has a soupy center, which is soft and has residual liquid!

In contrast to a New York-style one with a crunchy crust, a Neapolitan pizza has a soft, tender, almost soupy core. 

This might be a turn-off for some people. However, many like the sauce, oil, and whey-soaked soft crust that forms down in there and plead for the final centerpiece to be theirs.

The Lesser, The Better: Light Toppings

In Naples, their pizza mantra is all about "the lesser, the better!" Their pizzas have the simplest toppings and are never loaded with meat, veggies, or any other topping like in America. 

Pizza Marinara, made with tomatoes, oregano, olive oil, and garlic, and in which the green of the oregano and the white of the garlic has completely merged, is one of two primary Neapolitan pizza varieties that make up the great majority of the pizzas you'll find in Naples. 

Margherita pizza includes tomatoes, olive oil, and fresh mozzarella di bufala before cooking so that the process of cooking slightly fades their green color.

That's all there is to it. Even at the most upscale pizzerias, the toppings are kept to a minimum to maintain a sense of harmony and minimalism. First and foremost, a Neapolitan pizza is all about dough, sauce, and olive oil.

How Authentic Napoli People Eat Pizza

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Below are the few points that will help you eat your authentic Napoli pizza like a pro! 

  1. Don't ask for a piece of pizza to be brought to your table unless sold on the street or "al taglio" in Italy because it's sold in rectangular or square slices by weight. It's usually circular and presented on a plate.
  2. Using a knife and fork to cut the pizza is the most typical method, but you may instead fold each slice in half and consume it with your hands. Due to the high heat, folding and eating your pizza with your hands might become messy. Hence, the quad-fold may be your best bet at eating the pizza right!
  3. A dipping sauce should never be requested. Even the best pizza place in Naples, Italy, won't serve sauce. However, if you do ask for it - expect a judgy stare!
  4. Pizza is often served only during dinner. Another tip for you if you want to look like a true Neapolitan while ordering a pizza: ensure to order some light fried snacks before you take pizza as your main meal. 
  5. Try not to order wine and coffee with your order, as it's generally disliked by pizza experts (yes, that's a real thing!) You can get a beer instead. 

Where to Get Authentic Pizza in Naples

If you’re on the hunt to get the best pizza restaurant in Naples Italy, the restaurant's Pizzeria Sorbillo, L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele, Pizzeria Di Matteo, Pizzeria Starita, and 50 Kalò will be your best choice!

Their pizzas are AVPN certified and taste amazing, for sure! If you're drooling and wishing you had access to authentic Neapolitan pizza, don't worry - Pizza Bien has got you! You can read more about authentic Neapolitan pizza by clicking here.


Therefore, by now, we hope you have all the resources to imagine what your first pizza in Naples, Italy, would be like! If you want to taste authentic Neapolitan pizza in the comfort of your own home, make sure to order Pizza Bien's authentic Margherita pizzaHence, till the next time, happy feasting and stay with Pizza Bien. 

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