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Which Is The Best Pizza Oven To Bake Neapolitan Pizza?

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Which Is The Best Pizza Oven To Bake Neapolitan Pizza - Pizza Bien

If you're out for a pizza oven hunt, you must constantly think about which pizza oven is the best for baking your pizzas every day. Whether you're a professional pizza baker or a seasoned home cook, Pizza Bien has the solution.

If you want to bake authentic Neapolitan pizza shipped to you frozen, you can use an electric oven for baking the fastest. However, if you're going to sell instant baked pizzas in a large quantity, use a fuel-fired oven for the best results. You could also try wooden pizza ovens to bring an intricate touch to the original pizza from Italy! 

Hence, without any further ado, let's begin!

How Does A Pizza Oven Work

You may be wondering how a pizza oven works. These ovens are made of refractory concrete that withstands high temperatures for extended periods. Typically, these ovens have an opening and a door. You can learn more about a regular bake oven vs. convection oven by clicking here,

A chimney is built into the top of the oven, which helps to manage the heating process and lets air escape. These ventilation methods are vital to the successful baking of pizzas. But how does a pizza oven work?

Pizza ovens work by retaining vast amounts of heat. A heating element warms up the ingredients inside the stove, which sits on a deck. The deck is covered with bricks, part of the dome. 

The heat is then reflected from the deck, which allows it to cook up to 10 slices of pizza

in two to three minutes. Depending on the size of the deck, a pizza oven can bake 10 pizzas in about two to three minutes.

Pizza ovens use exhaust gasses to generate heat. Natural gas is safe to use inside the home, while propane is safe for indoor use. Natural gas is flammable, but the flame is cool and does not pose a fire hazard. Electricity is the best choice for home use. 

There are different types of pizza ovens for you to pick from. Some of them are more expensive than others, while the best ones are those that meet your needs and have an attractive appearance. 

Wood-burning ovens work by building a fire inside the oven. It is essential to keep the chimney flue open during the firing. The interior of the oven absorbs the heat produced by the fire. 

When the fire dies down, the oven will retain that heat. Once it has cooled down, sweep the embers out of the oven, and your pizzas will be ready for baking. But a wood-burning pizza can be very dangerous, so only use it when you're confident about keeping the fireplace clean.

Which Is The Best Pizza Oven

Choosing a pizza oven for your home can be challenging. How do you know which model suits you with so many options? Before buying a new pizza oven, you should know the features you want to look for. 

A wood-fired oven is probably the best choice if you're on a tight budget. This type of oven is made from clay or fiberglass, which is explosive and heavy. They also do not stack like portable ovens. They're also more challenging to maintain and require regular brushing of the cinders to keep them free of dirt and grease. You can find many pizza ovens that use gas, electric, or charcoal.

If you have a handsome budget, consider an insulated oven. Most of these models come with a front cover, but some have removable ones. Some have smokestacks, so you can open them to add extra heat if you're burning wood. Some have a digital thermometer that will let you check the temperature inside.

A gas-powered pizza oven is also a popular choice for home use. These ovens can be used anywhere. They're easy to obtain and are relatively cheap. These ovens heat up quickly and cook a pizza in just a few minutes. 

Some gas-fired models even have an option to use them indoors all year round. You can also use them for other uses. If you're looking for a cheaper version, go for the gas-powered model.

There are several advantages to a wood-fired pizza oven. First, a wood-fired one is more expensive. It's not portable. Another disadvantage is that it's hard to clean, so it can also damage your house. Moreover, it is not very easy to use, and you can't use it indoors.

Bottom line, according to us, the best pizza oven for a regular pizza would be a multi-fuel pizza oven. However, if you're planning on getting the best and the most authentic Neapolitan pizza baking experience, a wood-fired oven could be the one for you. If you want to know more about the authentic Italian pizza experience, click here.

How Is A Pizza Oven Different From a Regular Oven 

How Is A Pizza Oven Different From a Regular Oven - best pizza oven - Pizza Bien

How is a pizza oven different from a standard oven? The main difference is the temperature. Generally, a traditional oven has a lower temperature, perfect for baking a pizza. Wood-fired or outdoor-style pie will be cooked to perfection at a higher temperature. 

These ovens also have a lower heat retention capacity, making them more efficient in fuel usage.

A dedicated pizza oven's temperature is determined by the style of pizza that is baked. Some styles require lower temperatures for longer cooking times. Other types of pizza require higher temperatures and may end up burning the crust.

When buying a pizza oven, read the manufacturer's manual. It should tell you exactly what temperature your pie needs. Moreover, check the manufacturer's recommendations before making a purchase. Some pizzas require higher temperatures than others. You can also choose between a wood-fired or stone-surfaced oven.

Using a pizza oven can help you make a better-tasting pizza. The main difference between a brick-fired and a gas-fired oven is the type of heat. The heat is distributed evenly in a brick-fired oven and keeps the pizza crisp. The temperature is consistent throughout the oven in a regular pizza oven, making the cooking process more uniform and efficient. 

However, be aware that wood-fired or stone-surfaced pizza ovens cannot produce the same authentic taste as wood-fired.

A dedicated pizza oven is an excellent investment if you're a home cook. While they can be expensive, you can use them for many types of pizza. For example, a wood-fired oven can be used to make authentic-tasting pies, while a gas-fired oven is better for a small business. Whether you're a novice chef or want to improve your skills, there are many benefits to owning a dedicated pizza oven.

The temperature in a brick-fired version will be slightly higher than the temperature in a stone-fired version, but the wood-fired type will produce a more authentic pizza. This is because the wood-fired method uses wood in the crust, while a stone-surfaced oven will use the same temperature as the brick-fired oven.

Brick Oven Vs. Fire-Grilled Pizza

A brick oven is different from a fire-grilled pizza. While they both cook food in a similar manner, the difference is in the way that the pizza is cooked. A brick oven is much better because it keeps the hot air contained, resulting in a more evenly cooked pizza. 

A flame on top of the pizza is not necessary to get the right amount of heat for the toppings. The bricks are placed above the grilled pizza, and the bottom is heated at a low temperature.

The interior of a brick oven holds the heat of the fire. The walls are dense and conduct the heat evenly, cooking the pizza in just two or three minutes. 

Because the floor is cooler, the dough can be cooked more quickly than in a fire-grilled or conventional oven. The temperature inside a brick oven is between 570 and 660 degrees Fahrenheit, much higher than traditional ovens. 

A fire-grilled pizza is more flavorful and crispy because the crust of a brick oven is crispy and golden. It is also known for its crunchy crust and the high temperature that ensure an even cooking temperature. 

The heat from a fire-grilled pie also needs a higher amount of energy. Unlike gas-fired pizza ovens, brick ovens require a lot of thermal energy to heat. Wood-fired pizza will cook the base and toppings more evenly.

Both types of pizza will be delicious. The difference between brick ovens and fire-grilled pizza is in the cooking method. The brick oven requires a high temperature for cooking, while the fire-grilled one needs to be preheated before use. 

Although a brick oven is more durable and will produce a higher-quality pizza, a steel pizza can easily be pulled out and popped into a sunny window.


A brick oven is better than a fire-grilled one in terms of taste. A wood-fired oven will give the pizza a crispy crust and a flavor that can't be replicated in a fire-grilled pizza. 

But you can also make the best out of all different types of pizza baking with a fuel-fired oven. Hence, it's taking the trophy out of all the other contenders! Til the next time, happy feasting and stay with Pizza Bien!

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