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Why You Should Get A Stone Deck For Pizza

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Why You Should Get A Stone Deck For Pizza - Pizza Bien

When it comes to cooking food, there are a few different choices that you can make. You can use a stovetop, an oven, or a grill. Each of these options has its benefits and drawbacks. 


Stone Deck ovens are pizza ovens that are becoming more popular in the United States. They are made out of stone, which helps them cook the pizza evenly and gives it a crispy crust. Stone Deck ovens can cook other items such as bread, chicken, and fish, making them a versatile addition to any kitchen.


In this article, we will be discussing the benefits of using a Stone Deck vs. a Normal Oven. Without any further, let Pizza Bien guide you to baking the best Neapolitan pizza right at home! 


Deck Pizza Vs. Oven Pizza

There are many differences between ovens and deck pizzas. An oven has a fixed temperature, and a pizza deck oven has a variable temperature. The deck oven is more expensive than an electric oven but has many advantages. 


It is easy to clean and is less expensive to repair than a conveyor-style oven. Its smaller footprint makes it ideal for a small pizza shop. Additionally, some deck models have wooden paneling outside.


While both types of pizzas are suitable, they have their benefits. A deck pizza oven can produce crispier crust and a better smoky flavor than an oven pizza. An electric deck oven is also easier to maintain and requires less maintenance. 


A wood-fired oven is not for beginners and requires expertise and training. Even if you have a professional to do the job, a deck pizza oven is still a better option.


The main difference between oven pizza and deck stone pizza ovens is the size. The electric deck oven can take up to five minutes to cook a pizza. However, a wood-fired oven can cook the same-sized pie in less than 90 seconds. 


Moreover, the higher temperature of the wood-fired oven creates a crispier crust and a satisfying crunch. A wood-fired one also produces a pleasant smoky aroma as smoke flows out of the roof of the pizza deck oven.


In the end, the electric deck oven is the superior choice if you want to make a wood-fired pizza. Its high temperature and consistent heat are perfect for cooking different pizzas. 


As a result, wood-fired ovens are more affordable and can be used for smaller operations. The electric deck oven is the ideal option if you have a business. The disadvantage is that the electric deck oven is difficult to clean, and therefore it is not suitable for small businesses.


A deck oven has a higher Btu output than an oven. This allows it to reach a higher temperature than an electric oven. The high temperature also makes it easier to keep the pizza warm. 


Its higher temperature means it will cook faster and produce crispier crusts. A wood-fired oven is more affordable than an electric deck and will fit any kitchen. This article compares the two types of ovens.


Why You Should Buy A Stone Deck Oven For Pizza

If you want to expand your business, you should invest in a stone deck oven. The first advantage is the cost. Unlike conveyors, deck ovens can save you a lot of money because fewer parts have to be replaced. 


Another significant advantage is the ease of cleaning. You can clean your deck oven in less than a half-hour by simply cranking up the heat and closing the doors.


A stone deck oven requires less maintenance than an electric oven when it comes to cleaning. The heat produced by a deck oven is more evenly distributed, making the pizza less likely to suffer from uneven cooking. 


Moreover, the heat generated by the deck-oven can be more uniform, resulting in crispier crusts. Many home pizza recipes suggest you preheat the oven to the highest temperature and then broil the slices in the last few minutes to make them crispy.


Another advantage is the convenience. With traditional ovens, you need to turn your pizzas over many times, resulting in uneven baking. You will not have to turn your pizzas compared to a stone deck oven. 


A stone deck oven provides constant temperatures. You can make traditional pizza slices without having to worry about flipping your crust over. Besides, they are easy to clean because they don't have as many parts and don't need as much cleaning.


Stone Deck Vs. Normal Oven

Stone Deck Vs Normal Oven - stone deck oven pizza - Pizza Bien

A stone deck oven vs normal pizza oven is a question that may be on your mind. These ovens have different types of surfaces and are suitable for baking various baked goods. 


A flat surface retains and conducts heat efficiently, giving dough products a crisp finish. These ovens can be found in various sizes, depending on your space and budget. They are easy to clean and require little maintenance.


There are several advantages to owning a stone deck oven. These ovens are easy to use and stack on top of one another. They can also produce more pizzas per hour than a standard pizza oven. 


These ovens pull about 7-8 minutes for each pie. They are not as fast as conveyor-operated pizza ovens, but they produce a superior crust. You won't have to worry about cleaning up after each slice, unlike the conveyor-operated pizza oven.


A stone deck oven is generally built from a stone or steel surface. This material resists heat as efficiently as steel and chars food much more quickly. A stone deck oven also retains heat better than a standard oven. 


Moreover, it requires less water to clean than a normal oven. However, be aware that these ovens are more expensive than regular pizza ovens, so you should shop around to find the best one for your needs.


Stone Deck Oven Vs. Wood-Fired Oven 

If you're in the market for a new pizza oven, you may be wondering whether you should get a stone deck oven or a wood-fired one. Both types of ovens cook your pizza at the same temperature, but they serve different purposes. 


A wood-fired brick oven is more expensive, but it is worth the investment to create an authentic New York-style crust. It's an excellent option for those new to cooking pizza, but it requires more expertise and knowledge.


A deck oven produces more Btu than a traditional oven, so it's easier to bake pizzas evenly and consistently. This helps produce a crisp crust. While the latter can make traditional pizza slices quicker, stone deck ovens can be stacked and stackable. 


A stone deck is also easier to clean since there are fewer pieces. The difference between the two types of pizza ovens lies in their cooking temperatures. If you want to know more about regular vs convection bake ovens, click here.


A deck oven is better for pizza lovers who don't want to invest in a wood-fired pizza oven. This pizza oven is perfect for those who wish for a wood-fired pizza but can't afford to buy one yet. The stone shelves can be heated by either a gas or electric burner, which will heat up quickly. These ovens are also much cheaper than wood-fired ones.


Stone Deck For Baking Frozen Pizza

A pizza deck oven uses a hot stone deck to cook the pizza from the bottom up while preventing the toppings from charring. A deck oven uses radiant heat instead of hot air to bake the pizza. 


This means that the cheese doesn't get burnt, and the crust stays soft. You can also use them for baking frozen pizzas. They are durable and resale-worthy. Maintenance is minimal, and all you have to do is wash the deck outside. Since there are no moving parts, a pizza deck oven rarely needs repairs.


A deck oven is perfect for frozen pizza production. It can cook four to six pizzas at once. A single-deck unit can cook a single-to-double-sized pizza within four to five minutes. You can order Pizza Bien's Margherita Pizza for the best real Italian pizza taste. 


Due to the constant heating elements, a deck oven is much faster than a traditional oven. Stacking a deck oven allows for more cooking space. A double-deck model can fit up to 6 pies.



In conclusion, knowing the difference between a Stone Deck and Normal Oven is essential for several reasons. It can primarily help you make a more informed purchase when deciding which oven to buy. 


Additionally, it is helpful to be aware of the different cooking methods each oven employs in order to utilize them properly. Finally, understanding the benefits and drawbacks of both ovens can help you choose the best one for your needs. Till the next time, happy feasting! 


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