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We offer authentic Neapolitan stone-fired pizza

Imported straight from Italy and shipped directly to your door

We offer authentic Neapolitan stone-fired pizza

Imported straight from Italy and shipped directly to your door


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Most delicious! Not too sweet, just perfect.

Margherita Pizza | 6-Pack
Anatsasio Lorente
Best pizza

Best pizza you can order on line.

Authentic taste

Quality ingredients and authentic taste!


We had a great time trying all the different flavors. Each one is delicious in its own way. I absolutely recommend!

Simply the best

I received the order and they truly are gourmet restaurant pizzas. Awesome taste and quality made with organic italian only ingredients. I will buy again.


Look and tastes great 👍

Awesome pizza

Great packaging , excelent service and the pizza is delicious. Highly recommend it

Excellent product love it

Pizza lover

I must say that that I love the Margherita pizza because I can add whatever toppings I want or I can just enjoy it as it is.


I have just had 3 of these pizzas in the last week. I ordered the basic Margarita pizza, which allowed me ample choices to customize each of them.

The crust is the real secret! The ingredients are nothing you’ll ever find in the US, because the flour, the water, the cheese, etc, is just not available here.

Natural, flavorful, DELICIOUS!!

Great choice ever!

I am not a pizza fan, but since I saw these pizzas are kind of home made, with really natural and high-quality ingredients, and the cryogenic process for get it frozen super fast, I decided to try it and what a wonderful idea and the best choice I've ever made!! Recommended 100%!!!

Gourmet and delicious!

Delicious pizza! Loved the ingredients and th flavors!

Surprising and sooooo tasty

What a yummy calzone with hazelnut!
I was surprised about this combination but definitely a must try!
The crust is perfect and the filling delicious. I recommend it 150%!

Kids love them

If you love nutella a must have

The calzone was amazing!

I had never had the calzone with hazelnut spread and truly enjoyed it.


It was the best calzone with hazelnut that I have ever had. Thanks

It makes your mouth water.

The best thing ever! soft, chewy, slight crispy dough holding a warm hazelnut spread. It’s a must!

The calzones with hazelnut ones were incredible, full of flavor and melts in your mouth.

The calzones are delicious and came perfectly frozen

The calzone is so good!

The hazelnut just melts in your mouth!

The calzones with hazelnut were soooooooooooo delicious!

WOW these are absolutely amazing

Literally the BEST pizzas I've had in such a long time.

My personal fave was the truffles pizza.

loved it

The menu is really a pizza lover's dream, and the variety of Italian pizzas they make is excellent.

The best!

We enjoyed each one of the pizzas from Italy. Thank you!

Loved each one

I got the sampler package and they were all good. My favorite was the potato mushroom pesto and it was a great value. The crust was awesome and you can customize them however you want. This one is my favorite.

Sooooo Delicious!

Easy to order, Italian pizza is the best in the world!