Our Pizza Bien Restaurant

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Our Pizza Bien Restaurant Eco-friendly, Free-standing and Fast Casual

We strive not only to provide healthy and freshly-made food to urban
and suburban landscapes but also to do all we can to reduce our
kitchen’s impact on the environment.

At Pizza Bien, we take sustainability seriously from the food to the restaurant construction material.

Our commitment to planet earth is evident in the way we build our
restaurants, source our ingredients, package our goods, use energy, and
treat waste.

Pizza Bien restaurants have an eco-friendly and modern design

Sustainable Restaurant Construction 

We design and build intelligent small-footprint restaurants of approximate
628 SQFT that are highly efficient and include sustainable construction
practices. The construction of our restaurants is approved by the
Florida Building Code. According to a new report from the Insurance
Institute for Business & Home Safety, Florida building codes rank as the best in the nation among hurricane-prone states.


We we use energy-efficient equipment to reduce our energy consumption.

Farm to Table

We choose locally sourced products.


We use plant-based, petroleum-free packaging that is biodegradable and compostable. We buy post-consumer and recycled products.


We set up recycling stations in all our restaurants to encourage patrons to do their part in saving the planet.

Driven by quality and transparency, all of our products are made from
scratch in-house using locally grown natural produce. From our
Neapolitan pizzas to our calzones filled with chocolate-hazelnut spread,
we serve only the most enjoyable dishes in a fun and urban environment.


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If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us via

email at hello@pizzabien.com

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What Customers Say About Us

I am not a pizza fan, but since I saw these pizzas are kind of home made, with really natural and high-quality ingredients, and the cryogenic process for get it frozen super fast, I decided to try it and what a wonderful idea and the best choice I've ever made!! Recommended 100%!!!


We had a great time trying all the different flavors. Each one is delicious in its own way. I absolutely recommend!


I received the order and they truly are gourmet restaurant pizzas. Awesome taste and quality made with organic italian only ingredients. I will buy again.


It is hard to believe that a product like the Nutella Calzone is frozen. This is as homemade as homemade can get! However, Don’t take my word for it…. Buy it for yourself!

Gregory Chef

I have just had 3 of these pizzas in the last week. I ordered the basic Margarita pizza, which allowed me ample choices to customize each of them. The crust is the real secret! The ingredients are nothing you’ll ever find in the US, because the flour, the water, the cheese, etc, is just not available here. Natural, flavorful, DELICIOUS!!

Ivan Rivera

Excellent product love it

Charles Mckercher

Calzone with Hazelnut l 1-Pack

Allen Seba

I must say that that I love the Margherita pizza because I can add whatever toppings I want or I can just enjoy it as it is.

Desi Collazo

Your 4-cheese pizza is SO good I can’t believe it’s frozen! I love pizza but have always been disappointed with frozen ones until now. So happy I found Pizza Bien and will be trying the Margherita ones next. I also have to say the customer service staff at Pizza Bien is as good as their pizzas.


Great products

Charles Mckercher

Creamy and toasty, perfect dessert after a great pizza! The chocolate is so tasty!!! Simply delicious.


Most delicious! Not too sweet, just perfect.

Desi Collazo

Best pizza you can order on line.

Anatsasio Lorente

Delicious pizza! Loved the ingredients and th flavors!