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What Are The 8 Best Tasting Frozen Pizzas You Can Order?

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What Are The 8 Best Tasting Frozen Pizzas You Can Order - Pizza Bien


When it comes to frozen pizza online shopping, there are so many variations and regions of origin. But you don’t have to worry anymore. We have rounded up some of the most popular pizzas around the country that retain the authentic flavor while merging with the culture of the US.

You may be a big fan of Pizza Bien's authentic Neapolitan pizzas, but let us surprise you with a few options that are also truly Italian.


Neapolitan Pizza 

Neapolitan pizza was so popular that it could be found on almost every street corner back in the 18th century in Naples, Italy. This delicious pie dates back all the way to that time and it was topped up with mozzarella cheese made from Italian cows' milk. The pizza was eaten by the poorest citizens of this seaside city because the pies provided a high-quality protein source. In fact, during those times there were many vendors who sold pizzas at an affordable price after recognizing their popularity among locals!

The traditional Neapolitan pizza toppings include fresh mozzarella di bufala, San Marzano tomatoes, fresh basil, and extra virgin olive oil. Let’s not wait and order now to enjoy the flavors tonight.


Sicilian Pizza

Sicilian pizza is a thick cut of pie with pillowy dough and tart tomato sauce. You can get it plain or with loaded cheese. This square-cut dish was brought to America by Sicilians in the 19th century who wanted an easy way to feed their families when they settled here after fleeing Italy's unification wars for independence.

It wasn't long before this hearty pizza became popular after WWII throughout most of the United States once people got hooked on its crunchy crust and rich flavor! The Sicilian pizzas are often covered with chunks of tomatoes, onion, anchovies, and herbs.


NY Style Pizza

If you’re looking for a pizza that is bigger than life, and it offers an amazing crunchy crust and fresh toppings with the perfect amount of cheese on top then the New York-style pizzas are the choice. It was made famous by its style originating from Neapolitan roots as well as being known for having uniquely flavorful water in comparison to other regions, there's no doubt this type will please any palate!

Unlike thin-crust Neapolitan pizza, New York style pizzas come with a wide range of toppings. Common additions include pepperoni and sausage or spinach and asparagus. 


NY Style Pizza - frozen pizza online shopping - Pizza Bien


The one topping which is typically found on this type of pizza is tomato sauce, garlic, or onion. Mozzarella cheese holds up well under high heat but won't burn when baked at higher temperatures. oregano, red pepper flakes, Parmesan cheese (usually grated), and garlic powder are often also included because they add flavor complexity.


California Style Pizza


California pizza, or gourmet pizzas, are known for their unusual ingredients. This pizza had its origin back in the late 1970s when Chef Ed LaDou started experimenting with authentic pizza recipes in Prego, a classic Italian restaurant. He created an original dish that consisted of mustard, ricotta cheese, and pate topped off with red pepper sauce. 

After serving it to Wolfgang Puck by chance; who was so impressed that he invited him as a head chef in his chain restaurant. Later Ed LaDou created over 250 unique pies generally known as California Style Pizza.

Traditional toppings for California pizza are anything but traditional. It's not uncommon to see artichokes, goat cheese, and egg on a pie in the Golden State. And you don’t have to search for the best store frozen pizza, it’s available all across the state.


Greek Pizza


Greek pizza is the result of a culinary legacy in America. The dish was created by Greek immigrants who came to New York City and simply loved the Italian-style Neapolitan pizza.

Later, the Greeks made their own style of pizza with an adapted crust that's thinner than the deep dish or Sicilian pizzas but thicker than thin-crust pies. 

The tangy tomato sauce and oregano flavor of a Greek pizza is known to be much more prominent than the cheese, which can typically only feature mozzarella or cheddar. Other toppings such as feta cheese, black olives, red onion are often included in this flavorful dish.


Pizza of St. Louis

Looking for a light slice? St. Louis pizza has a thin crust that comes with a crispy, cracker-like consistency. The lack of any yeast in the dough creates this crunch. You can cut each pizza crust into smaller rectangles. Those rectangles are typically known as "party" or "tavern".

This pizza features a gooey combination of provolone, cheddar, and swiss cheeses famously known as Provel. This cheesy artwork was created by 19th-century Italian immigrants--mostly from Milan and Sicily who were looking for employment opportunities in the US.

The St. Louis pizza is a mix of sweet and savory, with oregano that sets this style apart from the rest! The crust has more heft to it than other styles because Provel cheese acts as an adhesive for your toppings while you can get creative on top of everything else in ways like never before. No topping is too wild for these pizzas that have been through thick and thin times together.


Detroit Style Pizza

The Detroit-style pizza has deep roots in the auto industry. The dough for this style of pie was first baked on a square automotive parts pan back in 1948. This baking style differentiates it from other versions such as Chicago Style Pizza or New York Technique Pie, which are both traditionally round pies made without metal pans.

It features an extra crispy crust with soft insides. Topped off by brick cheese spread to its edges followed by pepperoni, forming caramelized outer edge pieces. Lastly topped with sauce layered over top of your new favorite dish! Try this in any frozen pizza store in the auto city and cherish the goodness.


Chicago Style Pizza

Chicago Pizza is the perfect meal order for any pizza lover. The crust of this dish will make you feel as if it is a double stuffed pie; not only does this dish have an irresistible taste, but also has that authentic Italian experience your mouth desires. 

Chicago pizzas get their name from the city they were invented in during the early 1900s by Ike Sewell who wanted to create something similar to Neapolitan pizza which was popular at the time among Italians living there. 

He created dough with raised edges like pies do (which resemble more traditional American-style) while using ingredients differently than Naples where meat would be on top followed by vegetables rather than cheese before finishing off with crushed tomatoes or olive oil.

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