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A 10-Step Guide To Build The Best Sustainable Restaurant

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A 10-Step Guide To Build The Best Sustainable Restaurant - Pizza Bien


Building your sustainable restaurant is exciting, especially when you understand how the process works. Implementing a successful sustainable plan is not about repurposing or reusing containers - To help you prepare for and understand your new plan, we will outline the typical steps you will take during the building of a new eatery place and will help keep you aware of what happens at every stage.

You should start spreading the word with your co-workers and employees who work at your restaurant or have any kind of connection with you, these people are the ones most likely to propagate the message for free! Remember advocacy starts on an individual level when we tell our friends and family members about all of this great stuff happening here! Ensure to follow the ten steps to make the best sustainable restaurant.


Understand Your Market and Competitors


First,  learn who your supply network and logistics work, understanding the entire process will always give you an upper hand over your competitors in the market. 

When looking at something like apples, there can be an entire supply chain between farm-to-table; sometimes this takes into account not just farmers but distributors too—so keep inquiring about the details related specifically to both production methods and supply chain management. Pizza Bien always keeps an eye on the entire journey of the products from the farms of Naples to your table to maintain quality and sustainability.


Buy Local Ingredients


Being local is not only profitable for your business but also sustainable for the environment. You can check and pick the right products from the local farms. Forget about the transportation cost and focus mostly on the product quality.

As long as the local farms are in action there will not be a shortage of products and ingredients for your menu. Working with the local producers will build up the base for your business that will build a strong relationship with the local community. No matter what the season is you can always expect a rush of customers as they are your business partners in some way.


Put The Customer First


As a restauranteur, it's your job to provide an exceptional guest experience. A business puts the needs and requirements of a customer ahead of anything and everything else. This means making sure that the staff is educated about your mission and vision so they can communicate the information effectively without being too pushy or annoying. 

Put The Customer First - sustainability plan for restaurant - Pizza Bien


You also need to give the guests enough opportunity for self-discovery by providing them with ample sources of background knowledge on sustainability through training or education materials or even a menu item highlighting food sourcing practices like "locally grown."


Select The Sustainable Producers - Setting A Higher Standard 


Farms and farmers are the heart of any food industry. When you are up to establishing a sustainable restaurant selecting the right grower can make a big impact. Select those farmers who maintain entirely organic farming, raise cattle without any antibiotics, and produce free-gazing poultry.

These methods ensure the prevention of chemicals that can harm the soil, water, and wildlife. Moreover, naturally growing livestock maintain the food chains that keep the integrity of the entire ecosystem.

As an example, Pizza Bien only works with those farms in Italy that use natural and organic ways of raising crops and veggies. The milk from the free-gazing buffalo makes the softest and delicious cheese. In this way, we don’t compromise with taste and our commitment to the environment.


Select What Foods Are In Season


Going with the seasonal produce keeps the menu alive and healthy. No one wants to taste a sauce made with frozen tomatoes kept for months. Whether it’s veggies or meatless meat, fresh produce or cuts, make sure you will always keep your restaurant customers coming back again and again.

If you check the Pizza Bien product list, the local and fresh seasonal ingredients will make you realize why people love our authentic Neapolitan pizza.


Keeping and Reducing Wastes 


As a restaurant owner, it’s important to reduce the amount of waste you produce. The most expensive type is general landfill garbage; so find every opportunity to keep that down. Food waste can be weighed and measured before going into compost where it will then go back out for use elsewhere which means your carbon footprint gets smaller too! 

Reduce cardboard usage by recycling glass containers or using company-provided packaging materials to save money on trash removal services. You need to make sure there are less harmful chemicals leaching from plastic when they get recycled incorrectly, especially since these substances harm our environment. 


Consume Less Energy


One way restaurants can cut costs without hurting their bottom line too much is by investing in energy-efficient equipment such as dishwashers, water heaters and air conditioners. For instance, training your staff on how to manage these machines will save you money in energy bills while also helping reduce your carbon footprint!

We deliver 6 pizzas in one box that helps to reduce the energy consumption during shipping and minimize carbon emission during transportation. And when you get the box of half-dozen Pizza Bien's pizzas, they are enough to keep a large group well-fed without ordering any extra pizza.

Of course, every owner has a sustainability plan for restaurant that works best within its parameters. However, when making decisions about what will work best as far as being eco-friendly, oftentimes forget to think about the energy budget because there seems like no end in sight. 


Get Involved With Your Community


Involving the community can make your restaurant more popular as well as the best sustainable restaurants in your town. It may be like Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)  for large corporations, however, for entrepreneurs, and small businesses the approach will be like a social bonding affair.

Promoting local events or raising awareness on issues that impact the community can be a great approach to align your restaurant with the local causes. Sponsoring local events or helping organizations in arranging awareness activities will help you contribute to successfully creating a culture of recognition.


Motivate Your Team


Perhaps you believe your vision and mission wholeheartedly, however, it’s not always easy to get the rest of your staff on board. If the chef or your restaurant manager has been doing something one way for decades and doesn't want to switch to a new way overnight- the person needs to understand the mission before switching. 

You need some of the core people within the team who will believe in the cause. Besides, you need to educate the rest of the staff about what's going on so they can make changes. Motivate the staff to work with your customers.  The best way to get information out is through the front desk or waitstaff because their face isn't hidden behind kitchen doors like where chefs are all day long preparing food.


Think Big, Start Small 


You need to narrow down the goal and break them down into achievable segments one day at a time. You have to make and follow a road map to reach your destination. It may take less time than you will realize.

Check out ways for restaurants to green their practices by using recycled paper menus or replacing linen napkins with biodegradable ones made of renewable plant fibers - even if all these steps are not currently feasible for your restaurant's budget, they'll help you set yourself up for success later on!

It's a common misconception that buying energy-efficient equipment is more expensive than the standard stuff. In reality, as long as you think about your investment over the long term and not just a few years, it may actually be cheaper to buy something better quality for that product to last longer.


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