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Pizza Nutrition Label & Facts - Nutritional Value of Pizza

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Pizza Nutrition Label & Facts - Nutritional Value of Pizza - Pizza Bien

Pizza is one of Americans’ absolute  favorite foods.

The addicting combination of crispy thin crust, sweet and spicy tomato sauce, and salty mozzarella cheese will please even those with the pickiest tastes! However, this popular Italian pie has often been deemed unhealthy due to its calorie content. 

In Pizza Bien, we only deliver the most authentic Neapolitan pizza handmade with all-natural ingredients straight from Italy. The combination of the freshest ingredients and century-long mastery in baking techniques, makes each of the crust unique in texture and toppings perfect in taste. 

Let’s check out the nutritional value of pizza from our stone-fired ovens to your dinner table. One thing we can ensure - both nutrition and satisfaction will be full on each bite.

Daily Nutrition From Pizza

Pizza, despite its sodium content, remains a nutritious food. Two slices of our typical cheese and wild mushrooms pizza provide almost 1/3 of the daily recommended allowance of your protein needs; 30-45% of your daily Vitamin B1 (thiamin); 25-30% of daily Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) needs, 20%-25% of your daily Vitamin B3 (niacin) 40‑50% of everyday Calcium; 12-15% of the daily dose of Vitamin A; and 18‑25% of Iron for your body.

These toppings and pizza crust nutritional values are from a regular veggies pizza without any meat toppings. No matter how lean, processed meat always comes with detrimental effects on your health. Besides, too much sugar and sodium is another issue with any fast food or regular frozen pizzas. 

If you really want to enjoy the health benefits of a real pizza, the hand-crafted Neapolitan pizzas should be the primary choice.

Nutritional Value Of Pizza

Pizza may not seem like a healthy option. However, particular types like Neapolitan pizzas are packed with the goodness of nature. In Pizza Bien, we ensure you get all the nutrition of high-quality flour, cheese, wild mushrooms, herbs, and San Marzano tomatoes.


Pizza consists mainly of dough with tomato sauce on top as well as various toppings such as  mozzarella cheese, mushroom slices and herbs. One slice contains about 10% - 14% protein which comes mostly from dairy products like milk in cheese and mushrooms.

These healthy proteins have higher nutritional value and provide essential building blocks for body cells including amino acids. Children often need more high-quality protein for growth. Dairy and plant-based protein help the muscle to grow stronger with additional health benefits like better digestion and metabolism.


Pizza is a surprisingly good choice when it comes to health. We might think the fat content would be high, but research has shown that most pizzas have 10% or less of their calories coming from total and saturated fats combined. In contrast, steak has upwards of 20%. 

nutritional value of pizza - Fat - Pizza Bien

On top of this difference in fat levels, pizza often uses vegetable oil or extra virgin olive oil for its crust formulation while beef steaks can use animal shortening with higher cholesterol contents due to all the mushrooms and cheese used on these toppings. This makes pizza much healthier than you initially thought--and now we know!


Pizza is an excellent source of energy. The carbohydrates in pizza are mainly starch, and when you're on the go, there's nothing better than a slice or two to keep your engine going! But while they might be good for fueling up before heading out to work  (or school), most pizzas fall short in fiber content. 

Luckily though - if you use whole wheat or multigrain flour to make the crust instead of plain white bread dough - then these tasty treats can help power both body AND brain all day long without getting weighed down with too much unnecessary baggage weight!

Caloric Content

One of the things pizza is known for is its delicious toppings - and with a variety ranging from pepperoni, cheese, green peppers to anchovies. But how much does that weigh on your beltline? Research indicates not too much! For example 1/4 of 13-inch cheese pizza only has 340 calories while some other pizzas have up to 400 per slice. So as long as you don't go crazy it's all good in moderation!


The only issue that can still bother you about pizza is the high sodium content. High levels in your diet may lead to health problems like obesity and heart disease over time; however, you can control how much salt goes into a pie through judicious use of toppings such as mushrooms or other cheeses on top of things!

Pizza can still be enjoyed without the fear of high sodium content. Pizza crusts utilizing less than one percent salt as a flour basis are available for those who want to cut down their intake, and even meatless pizza with vegetables is now an option.

Why is The Neapolitan Pizza So Special?

Freshly-made pizza can vary in ingredients and preparation methods. Pizza chains often provide nutrition information to consumers but the majority of their flavors are not documented for those on a diet or who need more specific nutritional requirements such as allergies. 

However, Pizza Bien makes the dough from scratch using simple, healthy ingredients like extra virgin olive oil and wheat flour which is then topped with all-natural San Marzano tomato sauce. 

Your taste buds will thank you when they get a chance to experience the flavors of this dish! Using porcini mushrooms and fresh mozzarella cheese, we're sure that our original recipe is going to be your new favorite.

You’ll be getting:

Delicious, all-natural and fresh ingredients.

Made from scratch, nothing pre-made or processed. 

Sourced from local artisans and farms from the heart of Italy.

Made from natural products, unbleached flour, with plant-based ingredients.

Free from trans-fats and processed ingredients.

The flour is finely milled to get a powdery texture for our dough, giving the Neapolitan pizza it's signature crust. It gives us that great elasticity when we stretch out the dough into shape before tossing it onto our hot stone deck ovens where heat helps give structure while baking on both sides simultaneously for a perfect and delicious pizza.


Our delicious pizzas are handcrafted with all-natural freshness of high quality ingredients (nothing pre-made or processed) in Italy. Get these pizzas shipped to your door. Free Shipping Nationwide. Click Here to Order Now!






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