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What are the 3 foods that are Neapolitan specialties?

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Musse soup with cutlery on the side

The ideal city for foodies is Naples. Anyone visiting the "old Partenope," as it is known in Italian, might notice right away that there seems to be a distinctive architecture and design. The city of Naples also showcases some stunning works of art that are located around every other corner. The city may be ideal for foodies because of the mouthwatering pasta, La Napolis pizza and so much more. In this article, we will give you a glimpse of some Neapolitan specialty foods that exemplify Italian cuisine. These dishes are consistently fresh and delectable and something you won't want to miss out on when you are in the city of Naples. For Italian-style pizza near me, you could click here. 

  1. Pizza

Who doesn't want to try Napoli pizza in Italy? This is truly a crowd favorite and is available in amazing variants. Pizza is a food that can be found all over the world, but Naples is where it all started. When you visit this beautiful city, be sure to taste one of its renowned pizzas. A genuine Neapolitan pizza should be round, 430 degrees, and made with particular ingredients. You must pay particular attention to the dough's proper consistency if you want to achieve the authentic flavor. Pizza Margherita is the first pizza that Raffaele Esposito created in 1889 on the Spanish Streets for the Queen Margherita, therefore you shouldn't pass up the chance to have some.

  1. Minestrone Napoletano

Minestrone is actually a delectable soup. It is composed of tiny pasta, lentils, and veggies. It tastes great anyway, but it's better when served warm. There are also several delicious minestrone versions available. Examples include the Minestra maritata, which is made of green vegetables and a unique variety of local broccoli. While visiting Naples, try this soup to experience what the natives enjoy eating throughout the winter. This is an extremely delicious soup from Italy. 

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  1. Ragù Napoletano

This is one of the region's outstanding meals and may better capture the essence of Italian cuisine than any other dish. It requires patience and love to prepare since different slices of beef are carefully prepared in various ways before being cooked for hours and hours in a rich tomato sauce that is kept at the ideal, slightly boiling temperature. The sauce is used to dress pasta for primo, and the meat is saved for slicing and serving as your secondo, but we could typically associate meat ragùs with pasta alone. As a result, this ragù is designed to give a multi-course dinner on its own.

  1. Buffalo Mozzarella 

If it is produced by one of the dairies affiliated with the consortium in charge of the development and marketing of the regional product, mozzarella di bufala from the Campania area. So, even though you were unaware of what you had until you arrived in Naples, you might feel as though you had never really eaten this product before after tasting the local mozzarella! The word mozzarella, which means "to cut off," is an Italian verb that refers to the action of taking the smooth cheese dough out of boiling water. 

  1. Pastiera 

Ricotta cheese and wheat durum are used to make this typical Naples delicacy for Easter and Christmas. Orange skin, candied citron, and some water from a miraculous flower are also included. It's done on Christmas Eve customarily. Add this delectable dish to your list if you're in Naples this season. The most well-known Pastiera pastry is the tiramisu rice cake, which can be found all around the city. It has a diverse flavor because there are several spices in it. It's not very sweet and would go well with a warm beverage. During Easter, you may also get this meal all throughout the city. 

  1. Mussels Soup

One of the most consumed types of seafood ever is mussels. There are numerous variants of this traditional Neapolitan dish, some of which are extremely delicious. Although cuttlefish, octopus, and other seafood can be added to the soup to make it richer and tastier, it is nevertheless delicious just as it is, in its perfect simplicity. Large, tasty mussels can be found nearby. It is tasty and very easy to make. When mussels are in season and if there are no other conflicts, Neapolitans like to serve this soup.

  1. Napoletana frittata

Even before the Napoli pizza in Italy, many Neapolitan pizzerias served the traditional pasta omelet known as frittatina di pasta.  However, it is also regarded as a "unique" dish that may be enjoyed for lunch or dinner. Making a traditional pasta omelet is simple to learn if you have the right tools, supplies, and methods. You can easily catch Neapolitans enjoying one of those during their lunch if you visit one of the larger Neapolitan beaches.

  1. Casatiello

It is a special kind of bread that is packed with delicious ingredients. It marks the conclusion of Lent and each bite commemorates the celebration of Christ's rebirth. In the past, people used milk, eggs, and sheep cheese to symbolize how Christ was born with farm animals in a manger. It is traditionally prepared by placing eggs on top and securing them with bread dough crosses. Crosses that are obviously Christian symbols: As you may know, Casatiello Napoletano was frequently made for La Pasquetta, or Easter Monday, when Italians go on picnics in the countryside with their friends and family. 


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