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What are the most popular Italian Pizzas?

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Popular Italian Pizza

Pizza is one of the most essential aspects of the Italian way of life. Every taste of authentic Italian pizza will pique your interest if you're a pizza fan. From Margherita pizza to fluffy, thick pizza dough, Italy has it all! Pizza is a major topic in Italy. The pizza you eat in Italy and the Italian pizza Naples served in America are very different. Making pizza is an art and a very intangible aspect of Italian culture.

Pizza is consumed worldwide, but Italian pizza is particularly distinctive owing to its preparation and flavor. Pizza is a staple of Italian culture because of the care and passion that goes into creating each individual slice. So, what distinguishes Italian pizza? The sauce created from recently peeled tomatoes is the first guess. The San Marzano tomatoes, which are grown locally on fertile Italian soil, are yet another factor. Unlike the use of canned tomatoes or sauce from a shop, Italians use fresh ingredients in making their beloved pizzas.

In this article, we hope to give you a list of the most popular Italian Pizza Naples

Everyone may enjoy pizza, from Rome to Naples! Pizza that is truly Italian and wonderful may be found in Italy. The following is a list of some of the most well-liked and mouth-watering traditional Italian pizzas:

  1. Quattro Formaggi

The definition of cheesy pizza is Quattro Formaggio. This pizza features a wonderful Italian sauce sandwiched between light, crispy dough. The four various types of cheese that are liberally smeared are what distinguish it as special. Traditionally, gorgonzola, mozzarella, fontina, and Parmigiano-Reggiano are the four types of cheese used. This pizza has a distinctive flavor because of the cheese blend. Any lover of cheese will be in heaven! You need to know how to prepare authentic Italian pizza dough in order to cook this pizza at home or you can get frozen pizza shipped


- Dough 

- Bofala mozzarella

- fresh leaves of basil

- Fontina cheese

- Olive oil

- Parmigiano-Reggiano

- tomato sauce with gorgonzola cheese

- Herbs

- Dry yeast

- seasoned Italian sausage in sugar

Pizza Bianca, which is served without tomato sauce, is another kind that you could try. It’s also known as the White pizza and tastes just as fantastic!

  1. Neapolitan Pizza

 One of the most well-known Italian pizzas is the Napoletana or Neapolitan. It is renowned for having a soft crust and more sauce than cheese. Naples, Italy is where this famous pizza got its start. Naples popularized their enjoyment of eating soft pizza and pasta cooked to a firm texture for centuries. Neapolitan pizza is traditionally prepared and no compromises on its quality are made. Pizza Napoletana is protected by the Traditional Specialty Guaranteed (TSG) accreditation, which confirms that the procedures are correctly performed.



- wheat flour 

- New York yeast 

- San Marzano tomatoes in puree

- Olive oil extra virgin

- mozzarella cheese with fresh basil (Fior di latte or mozzarella di Bufala)

- Salt and water

Handmade Napoletana pizza dough which is famous as the best Italian pizza in Naples, is then cooked in a wood-fired oven for a precise maximum of 90 seconds at a minimum temperature of 800 F. A thin crust, bubbling of cheese, and churred blots in the pizza definitely give it an authentic touch!

  1. Margherita pizza

The most authentic pizza and popular pizza around the World is the Margherita. The Margherita is among the best Neapolitan pizza varieties. It is the most well-known pizza both domestically and abroad. A pizza chef first created it as a tribute to Italy's Queen Margherita. The red, green, and white hues on Margherita's pizza were inspired by the colors of the Italian flag. Italian pizzaiolos properly combine traditional pizza components. This pizza's mozzarella cheese still contains milk, giving it a distinct but delectable flavor. The chewy dough has burned bubbles reminiscent of Neapolitan-style pizza that so many people adore.


- Italian dough for pizza 

- Activated brewer's yeast

- fresh leaves of basil

- fresh cloves of garlic

- Salt

- San Marzano tomatoes

- Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese

- Mozzarella cheese 

  1. Alla Pala Pizza

Pizza Alla Pala is presented by the slice on a wooden paddle. A crunchy crust and a fluffy, delicious interior come together in this pizza. Contrary to Neapolitan-style pizza, the dough is very hydrated, and it is cooked in an electric oven. The dough is soft, half an inch thick or more, and topped with a variety of new ingredients. 


- Tortilla flour

- Cold water

- fresh crudo prosciutto

- Plum tomatoes

- New batch of arugula

- Olive Oil

- Stracciatella cheese 

  1. Marinara pizza

The only other Neapolitan pizza type that adheres to traditional norms is marinara. But this pizza is more about tomatoes than cheese, so it's not for cheese fans. To achieve a more genuine flavor, the sauce is produced according to tradition. Cheese connoisseurs might not comprehend the allure of this dish, although it is well-liked in Italy. This cheese-less pie's crust isn't thin, in contrast to the pizza Romana, which has a thinner crust. You can try making this at home or order frozen pizza shipped


- Semolina and all-purpose flour

- Tomato ketchup

- cloves of garlic

- Oregano dried

- Kosher salt

- Olive oil


In Italy, pizza is all about the specifics. Every pizza is unique, and the diversity makes sure that everyone can find something. Pizza is not only a delicacy in Italy; unlike other countries, it is a part of the nation's culture. Like Italian food, the greatest pizza will depend on your preferences, but you'll have a lot of options.

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