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Do Hawaiians Like Hawaiian Pineapple Pizza?

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Do Hawaiians Like Hawaiian Pineapple Pizza - Pizza Bien


Pizza is undeniably one of the tastiest food ever to exist. When a hot pizza with eight slices is served at the dinner table, it brings everyone together. From the delicious flaky bread to the sauce's cheesiness and tanginess, every element is a first inside the mouth. 

However, there's always the one debate at the pizza table, "does pineapple belong on a pizza?" The controversial debate has been ongoing for ages. Some people agree that the tangy pineapple is going well with a savory pizza. 


However, others may not have the same opinion. The idea of having pineapple on a pizza enrages a hot discussion. So much so that it ends in a few death stares at times! Hence, to know all about pineapple pizza and why pineapple belongs on a pizza, let's read more!


History of Hawaiian Pizza


The name "Hawaiian pizza" makes everyone think it's a pizza that is based in Hawaii. The real question is, do Hawaiians like Hawaiian pizza? Well - you'll be surprised to know that pineapple pizza was not invented in Hawaii. Although, Hawaiian people enjoy it as much as we do!

Pineapple pizza is the fantastic creation of a greek Canadian immigrant. His name is none other than Sam Panopoulos. Given that this pizza was invented in Canada, it's not an authentic Italian pizza. 

Sam originally owned a restaurant named The Satellite. In 1962, Sam came across a different set of toppings than usual. The pizza includes:

  • Smoky ham.
  • Sweet pineapple (canned or fresh).
  • Melted mozzarella cheese.
  • The classic pizza tomato sauce. 

Since the pizza isn't originated in Hawaii, where does it get its name? The exciting answer to this question is, the originator of pineapple pizza named it "Hawaiian" after the brand of canned pineapple they used. 


Why Do People Hate Pineapple On Pizza


Though an odd combination, pineapple pizza isn't so bad! However, it seems like a significant portion of the populace hates pineapple pizza. Why is it the case to begin with?

One of the main theories of pineapple pizza being hated on is mutual hate on fruits over pizza in general. The human brain can't perceive the taste of something sweet and savory together unless people try it out. 

However, the internet sensation of the current generation is memes about hating pineapple on a pizza. 

There's even a famous picture of a pizza maker refusing to put pineapple on a pizza. The pizza box had a note saying, "Couldn't bring me to put pineapple on it. That's gross. Sorry", with a 5 dollar bill attached as compensation.

However, in reality, there are not many people who genuinely dislike pineapple pizza. One of the biggest fan bases of hating pineapple on a pizza are people who have never even tried it. They often bandwagon with another set of highly vocal people about their unnecessary hate towards the pizza.


In general, most people either enjoy or dislike pineapple pizza, but the individuals who speak about it the most are the ones who despise it the most. This is a common occurrence in society: a loud minority that despises something seems to be a significant majority. Hence, the ratio between people who have tried pineapple pizza liking and disliking it is 50-50. 


Celebrities Who Like and Dislike Hawaiian Pizza


Gordon Ramsey, the famous Michelin star chef, has also disregarded pineapple pizza publicly. According to him, it doesn't belong there. The former president of Iceland also once joked about banning pineapple pizza, which caused a minor stir in people with different flavor profile likings. 

However, many famous people, including Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Tom Holland, Harry Shum Jr., Justin Bieber, Jeff Goldblum, Justin Trudeau, Paris Hilton, Jimmy Kimmel, and more, have shut down the debate! They're all in favor of loving pineapple pizza to the max. 

Therefore, the opinions are pretty mixed! There’s no verdict on yay or nay regarding the pineapple pizza.


Reasons Why Pineapple Belongs on Pizza


Perfect Balance of Taste


The sweet and savory balance of the pineapple pizza creates a perfect balance. The acidity flavor profile goes perfect with the cheesy-savory ham pizza.


Perfect Balance of Taste - pineapple pizza - Pizza Bien


When you eat a pineapple pizza, your body will automatically generate dopamine and serotonin from the perfect balance. The sweet and salty mixture of pineapple pizza is good for the body and mind both! The best part? It's proven by science.

When combined with salty, crunchy ham strips, pineapple serves to elevate the overall flavor profile. It uses its sweetness to cut through the salt and produce an excellent taste experience. You'll leave your pizzeria with a smile on your face!


Good for Your Health


Pineapple on a pizza provides a variety of health benefits. There's an abundance of vitamin c in the pineapple. The acidity cuts down on the rich protein from the ham. There's also potassium and healthy fibers for your body in pineapple. It also aids digestion, promotes a healthy body weight, and is paced with healthy antioxidants.

The fruit is well renowned for having manganese for boosting your immune system. Surely, consuming this delicious pizza will also help you fight germs like a champ!

Pineapple is also proven to have cancer-fighting properties. Hence, when you're consuming pineapple pizza, you're staying healthy! Who knew pizza could come with such incredible health benefits?


An Evergreen Pizza


No matter what, the pineapple pizza has been a favorite of many ever since it has launched. Even more so, the youngsters from teenagers to early adults dig the pineapple pizza! Most claim it to be their favorite. After all, there are years of tradition and debate embedded in this controversial yet delicious pizza.

This pizza being evergreen is how many people find pineapple to be a healthier topping than all others. The tropical flavor balances amazingly, as well. The pineapple pizza may not have originated in Hawaii, but it doesn't fail to make you feel like having a vacation!

All this being said, this is precisely how eating Hawaiian pizza feels, and we refuse to believe anything to the contrary. However, we can't think of any other pizza topping that can offer the same feeling of a tropical venture while also satisfying the taste senses in the same way as this one does.


An Array of Topping Combinations


With pineapple pizza, you can almost combine anything! Name anything that you can't pair it with. We're confident you won't be able to come up with answers. Hence, when ordering a pineapple pizza, you have the complete freedom of adding any topping of your choice.

Even if you're a picky eater, you'll be able to explore different flavor profiles when you mix and match the pineapple pizza. 


Great for Vegetarians 


The options of pizza profiles to vegetarians are minimal. Some prefer having minimalistic vegan pizzas made with vegan cheese. However, there's always confusion on what to put as toppings on their pizzas.

Since pineapple is an organic and healthy fruit, it can be enjoyed by anyone. People with any diet can include it without the worry of breaking their diet. Pineapple also cuts fat and is super healthy. 

It's a win-win from every side! Hence, whether you're vegetarian, omnivorous, or carnivorous, it's perfect for you.




We can all say that pineapple pizza is extremely enjoyable! Now that you're hungry reading about it, it's time to order yourself one! Don't forget to lay back, relax and think about the tropical vibes when you indulge in a Hawaiian pizza.


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