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Do people in Naples eat pizza with a fork?

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Lady cutting pizza on a plate with fork and knife

While eating one, you may have wondered how to eat an Italian pizza (also known as a Neapolitan pizza) and, more importantly, how Italians eat one. Do they use cutlery or their hands while they eat? Let us explain the way Italians eat Pizza Naples and pizza handmade. 

At home, in pizzerias, at the table, and maybe even on the couch, we order Napoli's order online for lunch, dinner, and sometimes even for breakfast. Pizza can be eaten in a variety of settings, but there are two particular ways to consume it. So should you use your hands or cutlery? If you've ever been unsure of how to eat Italian pizza properly or what the correct eating etiquette is, we are here to let you know everything you need to know. 

Eating manners should be followed when eating anything, including all your favorite cheesy foods and Napoles pizza. In Italy, pizza Naples is frequently eaten with hands and silverware. In actuality, both methods of eating pizza are frequently used. Although using utensils is technically required when eating pizza at the table, eating with the hand is also a common sight. 

Etiquette for eating Italian pizza: how to do it right?

Can we eat our pizza handmade with our hands or not? It's usually forced by etiquette to cope with the dilemma of how to eat pizza like an Italian. In actuality, it is considered good manners to always eat pizza using utensils. 

Yes, even though pizza is the king of comfort meals, etiquette theory states that eating it with a knife and fork is appropriate in both formal and informal contexts. Take little bites as usual, bring the food to your lips (not the other way around), and don't let the toppings fall to the plate. To order Napoli's order online, you can click here. 

When is it acceptable to use your hands to eat pizza?

The lone exception is pizza by the slice (sliced pizza), which is considered to be true street food and can be safely consumed with one's hands and without the use of silverware. It is essentially a four-piece pizza that has been somewhat shrunk and is intended to be consumed with the hands while walking, similar to a sandwich. Search engines can be used to look up pizza in my area from Naples. For frozen pizza buy, you can click here. 

How should I eat a Neapolitan pizza with my hands?

Let's continue the conversation about the exquisite taste of a real Neapolitan pizza, which is undeniably improved when eaten with your bare hands. Neapolitan pizza is soft and light, as opposed to crispy, and able to stand straight when pulled from the dish, so let's start there. To avoid the slice from sagging and losing any of the toppings on the plate, it could be simpler for some individuals to eat it using utensils. 

In Italy, after cutting the pizza into four (or even six) pieces, we fold each slice in half lengthwise, beginning at the ledge and moving to the tip. Use a fork to help you fold the tip inward if it is too soft to avoid items like Napoli mozzarella and tomato sauce from slipping off.

How do Italians eat pizza in restaurants?

These general recommendations still hold when eating pizza in a restaurant, despite a few additions. Pizza is a casual food, as was already said. Because of this, there might be a few tiny exceptions to the rule, but eating pizza with a fork and knife in a restaurant is acceptable. 

The first step is to thinly slice the pizza and arrange it on the plate. Care must be made to avoid spilling topping while biting into a pizza that has been heavily topped. You might start by eating the toppings with a fork and knife before moving on to cutting the crust to lighten the slice that you would eventually eat with your hands after you discover that the toppings are too much to consume "safely" along with the pizza slice.

There are so many brilliant methods including cutting a slice of pizza, consuming the point-topped portion with a knife and fork, and then expertly bringing the puffy crust-topped portion to your mouth with your hands. 

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Tips to follow:

There are many more unwritten rules that we Italians take for granted about pizza at restaurants and pizzerias. Avoid the following mistakes and actions if you want to eat pizza like an Italian:

 - Pizza should only be consumed hot; it should not be allowed to cool. 

 - Another error is starting at the edge of the crust; instead, start at the middle or tip of each slice. Instead of multiple "crooked" slices, which would ruin the topping and look, it's equally important to cut the pizza precisely into four or six uniform pieces.

- However, many patrons opt to keep the pizza crust's edge on.

- To avoid consuming too many carbohydrates, many guests opt to leave the pizza crust edge on their plates. On the other hand, if the topmost piece in the middle of the pizza is still there, the pizza was not consumed.

- Pizza can be eaten with a fork and knife, but you should be careful not to squeak the meal when you use the knife to cut it; your dining mates won't like it.

- A pizza plate takes up a lot of space on the table, and it makes no sense to order two pizzas for the same individual at the same time. Instead, put one order and if you're still hungry, place a second.

- You can order a pizza to share with a friend if you're not particularly hungry. You will receive a pizza and an empty plate to share with your friend; in this situation, use utensils to keep your hands away from the food that is being consumed by others.


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