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Is Calzone Better Than Pizza Pockets, Stromboli, and Panzerotti?

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Is Calzone Better Than Pizza Pockets Stromboli & Panzerotti - Pizza Bien

You may wonder how to choose between a calzone and a pizza pocket. Both have unique and tasty flavors and are a great way to spice up your meal. Let's take a closer look. 

Here are some essential differences between them. Moreover, they have slightly different cooking techniques and may not be as satisfying as each other. Nevertheless, you will surely find a delicious calzone or pizza pocket in your local pizza joint.

Hence, without any further ado, let’s start on everything you need to know about calzones and their similar prototypes!

Calzone Vs. Pizza Pocket: Which One To Pick?

Both calzones and pizza pockets are a great alternative to pizzas. A calzone might be a better choice if you're looking for something a little more substantial. It's easy to make both, and you won't be disappointed! 

However, here are a few pointers to help you pick the best fit.

  • Dough 

The calzone is made of half-dough, whereas a pizza pocket is made from whole dough. Both are similar in flavor, texture, and appearance, but the main difference between the two is the way they're prepared. 

  • Topping Turnovers 

Calzones are traditionally topped with ricotta cheese, mozzarella cheese, and/or salami. The top half of the dough is then folded over and sealed, creating a pocket of fillings. The process of making both is similar to that of making turnovers.

  • Serving Shape

While pizza pockets are generally triangular in shape, some varieties come in heart, square, and rectangular shapes. Many confuse pizza pockets and calzones, but they are two separate dishes. 

Neither is a true pizza, so you should be able to differentiate the two. And once you know the difference, you can choose your favorite food. Unlike a calzone, a pizza pocket can be served as a whole pizza. 

  • Portion Sizing

A pizza pocket is similar to a calzone but does not contain tomato sauce. Its filling is typically cheese and vegetables. While the former has more tomato sauce, a pizza pocket contains everything else. 

It is a bit bigger than a calzone, so you can make more for a larger family. Just double or triple the recipe if you need more. The cooking instructions for the pizza pocket are the same for larger groups.

  • Cooking Methods

When comparing a calzone and a pizza pocket, it is important to know the cooking methods. The former is much softer and fluffy than its counterpart, and the latter is often a bit chewier. 

If you’re wondering why pizza and calzones are different, click here to learn more!

What Is A Calzone and Pizza Pocket?

Calzones are authentic Italian pizzas originating in Naples in the mid-18th century. While the two pizzas share the same ingredients, they are distinctly different. A calzone is an oven-baked folded pizza that is similar to a pizza pocket in appearance. 

The crust is a separate layer, and the filling is placed inside. A classic calzone includes meat, sausage, and tomato sauce. The best calzones can also be sweet, so get your hands on hazelnut calzone now! 

On the other hand, a pizza pocket is made from crescent roll dough. The crescent roll dough is lighter and flaky and tastes a bit butterier than traditional pizza dough.

Another popular type of pizza pocket is called a panzerotti. It's similar to a calzone but fried, making it a great takeaway snack. Its name comes from the Italian word Panza, meaning belly, and is named for the puffy dough that puffs up when eaten.

While calzones are smaller and typically the size of a medium pizza, a panzerotti is a sandwich-sized calzone. A panzerotti is a popular Italian snack. 

Do Calzones Have Sauce Inside?

If you've ever asked yourself the question, do calzones have sauce inside? The answer is yes, but it doesn't appear on the outside. While the meat and cheese inside are typically made by incorporating tomato sauce, you won't be able to tell this. 

Since the dish is prepared at very high heat and prepared mostly on a baking stone, the ingredients are spread evenly inside. If you’re wondering whether calzones are sandwiches, click here to learn more!

Traditionally, calzones don't contain sauce inside. The sauce is served on the side. The food is traditionally cooked in a wood-fired oven. The temperature should be 450 degrees F. The baking time varies with the type of food. 

Calzones are similar to pizza but are smaller. They are made with dough on the outside and toppings on the inside. Originally, calzones were filled with vegetables and cheese. There are wide varieties of calzone, and the choice depends entirely on your own personal tastes. 

Is Stromboli Better Than A Calzone?

What is a stromboli? A stromboli is a cylinder-shaped pizza that has several layers of ingredients. It is made the same way as a calzone, but it's shaped differently and has a different filling. 

Stromboli is typically filled with mozzarella and provolone cheese. Then, it's folded in half and baked. It can have sauce on the inside or outside if it's a calzone.

Is Stromboli Better Than A Calzone - calzone vs pizza pocket - Pizza Bien

A stromboli is similar to a calzone, except that it doesn't typically have sauce. Instead, it's more like an open-faced sandwich, with the meat and cheese inside on the outside. 

They may not have sauce, though. Ultimately, they're both delicious and worth trying! So, what's the difference between stromboli and a calzone?

Stromboli Vs. Calzone

Both stromboli and calzones use dough that is similar in texture but differs in how they're made. While both types of pizza use dough and a filling, the calzone are the original, which is why they're often confused. 

While they have similar names and are made from the same ingredients, the two are quite different. If you're wondering about the difference between stromboli and stromboli, keep in mind that stromboli isn't made from Italian dough.

Calzone vs. Panzerotti - What's the Difference?

Regarding pizza, calzone and panzerotti are very similar, but they also have some key differences. One big difference between them is size. 

A panzerotti is smaller than a calzone, so it can easily be consumed on the go. It is usually served with a paper wrap, but it can also be eaten whole. The nutritional value of calzones and panzerotti also depends on what's inside them.

  • Preparation 

Both stromboli and calzone are made from the same dough and use similar ingredients. However, the main difference between the two is how they are prepared. A calzone is rolled and baked, while a panzerotti is deep-fried. 

Typically, stromboli does not contain tomato sauce and is made by rolling out a dough similar to pizza dough. After rolling it out, the toppings are placed on it. Then, it is baked.

  • Taste 

Calzone and Panzerotti are both made of pizza dough and can be either fried or baked. Calzones have a milder flavor, while panzerotti has a sharper taste. However, they both taste similar. The difference is in their filling. In general, calzones are softer while panzerotti is crispy.

  • Fillings

Calzones are smaller versions of pizza. They are often filled with meat and veggies. While calzones are typically made with mozzarella and tomatoes, they can also be stuffed with other ingredients like spinach or ham. 

You can also find calzones that are fried in oil. Calzones and panzerotti are both similar to pizzas in taste and texture. Panzerottis may also be baked. The main difference between calzones and panzerotti is the size of the pastry.

  • Shape 

Panzerottis are fried and often come in sandwich-sized shapes. They are usually fried in peanut oil, which gives them a distinct aroma and smoke point. They are crispy when fried, and frying creates a pocket of steam around the filling. 

Which One To Pick?

In conclusion, Panzerotti is a better option for an Italian pizza-like snack because it has a denser texture and is cooked differently. Calzone, on the other hand, is a more dough-centric pizza and doesn't have as much flavor. If you're looking for an Italian pizza that covers all bases, Panzerotti is the perfect option.

  • Sides and Sauces 

Whether you prefer a calzone or a panzerotti, make sure to order one with a dipping sauce. While strombolis are more likely to be eaten as a snack, calzones are more likely to be considered a meal. 

And calzones are smaller in size, while strombolis are longer, thicker, and have more toppings.


In conclusion, while all three of the pizza-like pastries mentioned above, Pocket, Stromboli, and Panzerotti dishes, have unique merits, Calzone is the best option. With its crispy crust and ample filling options, Calzone is a perfect meal for any occasion. Hence, till the next time, happy feasting!

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