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6 Proven Pizza Baking Instructions to Be a Home Pizzaiolo (Pizza Chef)

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6 Proven Pizza Baking Instructions to Be a Home Pizzaiolo - Pizza Bien


Pizza chefs like Vincenzo or Lucio perhaps make you believe making pizza is only possible in a big brick oven in big restaurants. But in Pizza Bien we think otherwise. 

If you love pizza, making it at your home using the regular oven and groceries is easy. We have rounded up the pizza baking instructions so that you can turn your kitchen into a pizzeria. 


Which Flour is the Best for Homemade Pizza Dough?


Imagine the soft, doughy texture of a fresh pizza crust. Now you can make your own with just bread flour and some water! And don't worry about using all-purpose flour instead if it's what you have on hand - although high in gluten for most uses, this is balanced by the added moisture that will help keep things from drying out too much.

A kitchen scale is the only way to measure flour with consistency. Some people scoop their cups differently and do not know how much they are using when cooking, but you can use a digital or analog model to have an accurate measurement for every time!


Yeast is The Magic Potion in Any Pizza! 


Pizza dough is a yeasted bread that needs to be mixed with active dry yeast. Make sure to check the expiration date on the package! Old yeast may not work, so it's always better to be safe than sorry and make sure you're using fresh packages of yeast for your pizza dough.

If, even after 10 minutes, there are no signs of any foaming or blooming when adding new ingredients in Step 1, then it might just be dead like mine was this morning before I found out my mistake. You'll need to start over again from scratch, which will lead to making more mistakes in time because we all know our minds can't multitask without forgetting something important now and then - especially if they haven't had their coffee yet.


What Cheese Should You Choose? 


If you're like us, the answer is mozzarella. It's a classic, and it goes great on anything from plant-based pepperoni or Margherita pizzas to paninis! But when you can't get your hands on fresh-grated blocks of this gooey stuff in time for dinner prep, We've got some good news: there are plenty more options out there that'll still make your pie taste delicious.

You may be wondering what kinds of other cheeses pair well with different styles of pies - look no further than shredded cheddar sprinkled onto an Asiago crust; whole milk ricotta dolloped over a prosciutto topping; even swiss made into something. 

What Cheese Should You Choose for Make Best Pizza at Home - Pizza Bien


You can make your delicious pizza by choosing five different types of cheese; Cheddar, Gouda, Blue Cheese (my personal favorite), Swiss, and Provolone. Parmesan is best used mixed with other cheeses rather than the only flavor on a slice for an exciting taste sensation! Now let's move to the next steps of baking instructions for frozen pizza and regular pizza. 


Raw or Cooked Toppings? 


One crucial way to make a flavorful and unique pizza is to make it tasty on the top along with the inside of the dough. Certain vegetables become significantly more tender when they are sautéed first before being cooked in the oven with other toppings such as peppers, onion, broccoli, and mushrooms. Raw meat should always be fully cooked before adding it to any delicious pie too!

If you're looking for a good pizza, start by making sure the dough is spread evenly. Next, put on your sauce and shredded cheese or fresh mozzarella chunks if you want to go that route. Finally, add any toppings of choice!


How Do You Make the Perfect Pizza Dough? 


Pizza is one of the most popular dishes in America, and for a good reason. It's a no-fuss meal with endless topping possibilities, but many people don't know that it can be tricky to shape dough into rounds at home without practice or some helpful tips.

  • Pizza dough is easiest to work with if it’s at room temperature. If the dough is frozen, defrost it in the refrigerator before bringing it to a more manageable state of warmth. 
  • Prepare an area that has been dusted liberally with flour for kneading and shaping. Start from your hands quickly because they will use their natural heat to ensure all ingredients are thoroughly mixed. This also prevents you from over-kneading by hand or any tools! 
  • Shape into the desired shape on a floured surface and rest for five minutes (which will allow time for gluten development).
  • You can continue to stretch the dough with your hand. If you want a perfect diameter, use a flour-covered rolling pin but make sure it's well floured so that they'll be able to release from there and not stick when making the pizza. 
  • The only thing is if your dough doesn't end up ideally round, then just know that this will still taste great because what matters most are those delicious cheeses and toppings!


Now Comes the Baking 


Don't be afraid to crank the heat up. The high heat will help make a crunchier and more flavorful crust, but you'll want to let your oven preheat for at least half  an hour before baking any pizzas in it. 

If you have access to pizza stones or steel sheets (which are designed expressly for this purpose), place them on one of the middle levels of your oven. If not, just use inverted pans as makeshift substitutes by placing some parchment paper over the top. So, when loading and unloading from the oven, the pizza will require less effort than ever before!


Don’t Forget the Frozen Pizza


After a hectic day or when you are in a lazy mood, frozen pizza from Italy can turn the vibe into a relaxing one. To get the best out of our pizzas, follow these frozen pizza baking instructions. 

  • Preheat the oven to 428°F.    
  • Remove pizza from all packaging and let it thaw for 5-30 minutes, depending on your preferences, before baking. 
  • Place Pizza directly in the middle of the rack with no pan or tray, bake 7-9 minutes until cheese is melted & crust is crisp and golden brown*. Your oven temperature may vary, so adjust cooking time accordingly; 
  • Carefully remove pizza from the oven allowing a 1-2 minute cool down period before serving; enjoy!

Whether you order frozen pizza from our list of authentic Neapolitan pizzas or make it yourself,  a pizza will always make you feel good. So, don’t wait for the weekend, just get going.


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