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Is Plant-based Pepperoni better than real Pepperoni?

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Is Plant-based Pepperoni better than real Pepperoni - Pizza Bien

One of the most popular available pizza toppings is pepperoni. People from every age range seem to love it. However, there's a new substitute for the glorious pepperoni - a plant-based pepperoni.

You may wonder, "Is plant-based pepperoni better than real pepperoni?" And let us tell you that the plant-based pepperoni may just beat the real one in terms of taste, health benefits, and environmental benefits.

Despite the benefits it comes with, not many people know how beneficial vegan pepperoni is for them. To learn more in detail about pepperoni's evolution and why you must shift to its vegetarian option, keep reading our article below!

How is Pepperoni Made?

Pepperoni is undoubtedly the most famous pizza topping. People have constantly called pepperoni the king of toppings. From pizzas to calzones to fancy puff pastries, pepperoni is used almost everywhere.

Ground pork and beef makes a pepperoni. Salt, nitrate and other chemicals are added to it to preserve the pepperoni from rotting. 

However, no matter how good pepperoni tastes, it's terrible for your health. Here are a few key points on how pepperoni is awful for your health:

1. Huge calorie intake

One slice of meat-based pepperoni pizza contains around 300 calories which are incredibly harmful to your diet. It will undoubtedly make you sluggish and mess up your diet. 

2. Big cause for weight gain

When you have more than one slice of a meat-based pepperoni pizza, it's harmful to your health. It may be sweet on the tongue, but a curse for the waist! The pepperoni vegetable based pizzas can help immensely in this case. 

3. Excessive Sodium

The average sodium intake is less than 2300 mg, equivalent to one teaspoon of salt every day. However, a one-ounce serving of pepperoni contains 463 mg of salt. Yikes! Excessive sodium can create high blood pressure. 

4. Unnecessary Oils

Mear-based pepperoni already has oil and fat on its own. However, when more grease is added to your pepperoni while baking the pizza, it becomes a greasy carnival. The grease can block up your arteries for sure!

5. Prone to Cause Health Issues

Having meat-based pepperonis increases the chances of having a heart attack, cancer, stroke, diabetes, obesity, acne, and more. Preservatives in the meat-based pizza aren’t a party either for your organs. Cured nitrates in meat are also extremely bad for your health. 

The Healthy Substitute: Plant-based Pepperoni 

When we hear the words "plant-based," the first instinct is to think it's for the vegetarians. However, that's not the case. Anyone can enjoy vegan, plant-based food available nowadays. One of the best plant-based items which revolutionized the excellent old classic pepperoni pizza is plant-based pepperoni. 

What is a plant-based pepperoni, and how is it made? Let's see more into this revolutionary pizza topping which is healthy and delicious at the same time. P.S - Not only can it be used for pizzas, but any other snack you made with a regular pepperoni slice before! The texture remains the same as a meat-based pepperoni when you bake/cook it.

What Is Vegan Pepperoni?

Plant-based items such as blends of mushroom, pea protein, glutens, soy proteins, legumes, herbs, and spices construct a meat-based pepperoni. Different pizza places and pepperoni make their plant-based pepperoni in various ways. We have years of experience using Italian flavor profiles at Pizza Bien to create the perfect meatless pepperoni pizza. 

To substitute different meat elements, the base of the pepperoni changes from manufacturer to manufacturer. The look is identical, and some may not even be able to tell they have a plant-based pepperoni before knowing about it!

Is Plant-Based Pepperoni Better Than Real Pepperoni?

Yes, plant-based pepperoni is a thousand times better than the real one when you think about it! Taste-wise, the main element behind the unique flavoring of pepperoni is the spices it comes from. Plant-based pepperoni has all the same spices. It tastes the same because of how similarly the plant-based items replicate the natural meat texture. 

Vegan pepperoni tastes impressive because of how light it feels as well. With meat-based pepperoni, you'll feel the grease right on your tongue when your chew it. The plant-based option provides you with a lighter, healthier, and much tastier version of pepperonis. 

There are many herbs used to curate the perfect vegan pepperoni. From different sorts of spices, paprika, and more, every flavoring absorbs into the pepperoni to make it flawless. There's also added smokiness from paprika, chipotle, cayenne pepper, and oregano. Hence, the vegan pepperoni tastes even better than the meat version of it.

Benefits of Plant-Based Pepperoni 

Plant-based pepperoni is one of the best options to go for when you have the zesty pepperoni pizza. The number of vegetarians has seemingly increased in the USA alone in the past decade. The reason is not only for staying healthy but also to conserve and protect the environment. 

Benefits of Plant-Based Pepperoni - Pizza Bien

Many people have a hard time giving up on processed meat. There's no doubt about how it tastes good. However, there are many underlying problems one may have from consuming meat.

As technologies advance in the culinary world, so does the replication of plant-based items with real meat. Plant-based meat now tastes very similar to the real thing, and it's better from every perspective. 

Let's see some of the advantages of plant-based pepperoni.

1. Good for the environment

When people eat plant-based meat options, they're essentially reducing the carbon footprint generated by raw processed meat. Conservation of water is also an essential perspective of why you must switch to vegan options. Meat requires washing which wastes a lot of water in comparison to plants. Thus, it's essentially great for the environment. 

2. Lessens Animal Abuse

When you shift to vegan options, you're saving numerous lives of livestock without even being aware of it. Shifting the global meat economy to a plant-based option is vital for the future.

3. Better Sleep

When you have a plant-based diet, there's no doubt about how you'll be feeling fresh. The non-cholesterol proteins acquired from plant-based options help in feeling energized throughout the day. Plants contain sleep-boosting hormones such as melatonin, tryptophan, and magnesium. Hence, at night, you'll have a much better sleep. 

4. Proper Digestion

Eating vegetarian food will help your bowel move efficiently. A plant-based diet cures any problem related to digestion. Hence, when you eat a vegetarian pepperoni pizza, you'll experience zero to no constipation issues. Proper digestion is a guarantee!

5. Effective for Weight Loss

Obesity is a recent issue that has spiked up in people of every generation. Hence, those interested in proper weight loss should take up healthier plant-based options for their meal. 

When you start eating vegetarian, you'll lose your body's water weight, making you bloat. You'll be able to notice the healthy changes your body is making within one week of going full vegan.

Despite going vegetarian, the best part is that you can always enjoy a delicious pepperoni pizza thanks to the plant-based option. 

6. Avoid Chronic Illnesses

When you start a vegan diet and include healthier substitutes for every food you're intaking, you're avoiding different chronic illnesses. There are heavy nitrites used for the preservation of meat-based options. The sodium levels are excessively high as well. 

Ingesting all the chemicals and high sodium levels can result in chronic illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, hypertension, blocked arteries, and more. 

7. Controlled Blood Sugar and Cholesterol

Having a genetic line full of diabetics can be worrisome. Hence, shifting to a plant-based diet by introducing delicious items like vegan pepperonis in your diet can help. Since plant-based food is high in fiber, it keeps the blood sugar and cholesterol levels controlled. 

You'll also feel energetic throughout the day as opposed to feeling lethargic after consuming meat.


It is about much more than just helping animals and preserving the environment when it comes to veganism. It's also about enhancing your health and well-being. And, due to scientific advancements, vegans no longer have to consume weird-tasting soy burgers as a replacement for animal protein.

Hopefully, every advantage we've listed can assist you in determining where you want to go with your diet in the future. However it may be, plant-based pepperoni is better than real pepperoni, and you must give it a go! Till the next time, happy feasting!


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