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What is a Gourmet Pizza: Everything You Need To Know

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What is a Gourmet Pizza - Everything You Need To Know - Pizza Bien


Gourmet pizza, gourmet cooking, and all other gourmet dishes are something we all go around the hearing. Typically, we assume it means something extravagant, a bit pricier than other items on the menu. However, we must wonder - what is a gourmet pizza?


A gourmet pizza is simply a pizza that is handled with more care than a regular one. The ingredients used may vary in different pizzerias, but you may find extravagant ingredients like a truffle in some. The dough is made with 00 flour which is ground to perfection. And to top it all off, the best smoky wood is used for baking the pizza. 


If you're looking for gourmet pizza samplers to try, you can most certainly order yourself a Gourmet Sampler Pizza from Pizza Bien right at the comfort of your own home. Its authentic, gourmet Neapolitan flavors are undoubtedly the best in town. 


However, there’s a lot more that goes into a gourmet dish. Therefore, at the end of the article, you'll be able to learn about the factors which differentiate a gourmet pizza from a normal one. Without any further ado, let's start knowing all of what is gourmet pizza


What Does Gourmet Cooking Mean?

In French, "gourmet" denotes "wine taster" or "dealer." In the 18th century, a refined palate and the ability to discern high-quality, delectable wines were required. Unsurprisingly, with time, the worldwide tasting business focused on flavor for every meal, including pizza.


However, the word Gourmet increased its demographic and usage with time. Gourmet versions of different foods were introduced, including pizza. Ingredients that were formerly rare in some areas of the globe are now widely available and used to improve dishes. 


Needless to say, gourmet food is becoming increasingly accessible to the general public. You can get yourself a gourmet pizza in selective pizzerias or bake yourself one easily. 


What is Gourmet Food?

There is no universally accepted definition of gourmet food. Simply put, gourmet food is anything of excellent quality and rarity prepared to taste and look delicious. It's made with the utmost care and freshest, finest ingredients available. 


Gourmet ingredients are rare or difficult to get in one continent. Popular in South Africa, such grains like quinoa have begun appearing on dinner plates throughout the US and Canada. Until five years ago, quinoa was a gourmet meal loved by home chefs throughout North America.


Gourmet cooking starts with a tasty stock for other cuisines—no fancy sauces or meals with dull stock. To make stock, you'll need animal bones, herbs, and vegetables. An incomparable taste depth comes from bone marrow. Stocks like these, the base of almost every gourmet sauce, elevate an essential meal.


What makes something Gourmet?

Gourmet food is made to the most outstanding standards of culinary art and presented to the diner artistically. Most of the time, the secret of gourmet lays upon the sauce, broth, and the richness of the flavors used. 


'Gourmet' is one of those words that you may use in a variety of contexts. However, although the phrase "gourmet" may occur in specific advertising campaigns, it does not always mean that the pizza is of gourmet quality.


Gourmet pizza is distinguished by using high-quality ingredients, a visually appealing presentation, and meticulous attention to detail. As you prepare to bite into a beautiful pizza, your mouth will be watering.


A gourmet pizza is clearly distinguished as a meal since it has the freshest and most excellent ingredients available. Hand-kneading the dough by experienced pizza makers is standard practice. On the other hand, the toppings are picked not for their easy preparation but their outstanding flavor and high quality.


If you want something sweet but gourmet, try Calzone Hazelnut Spread from Pizza Bien. They're made with the finest ingredients, straight from Italy, which classifies as gourmet for sure!


What Is Special About Gourmet Pizza?

Thousand of people have devoured pizza throughout history. Pizza has come a long way from a peasant’s plate to a queen’s. Gourmet pizza started its journey around the 1980s, and the gourmet industry has been flourishing since then. 


A typical pizza has pepperoni, cheese, onions, anchovies, and even ground beef. Gourmet pizza now comes with nearly every topping you can think of. There are different truffles, aged ham, and many more ingredients used for gourmet-style pizza. There are also gourmet vegetarian pizzas with a wide range of toppings.


Gourmet pizza is a newer innovation for the elite. It's becoming increasingly frequent in American homes while pizzerias are popping up all across the country. 


What Is Special About Gourmet Pizza - baked tomato feta pasta - Pizza Bien


The concept behind gourmet pizza was to keep it simple. Gourmet pizza is defined as having just two toppings and only high-quality ingredients. To get the most delicate flavor and texture, using only fresh ingredients is the first gourmet requirement. Gourmet pizza is distinct from conventional pizza in flavor.


With a bit of creativity, anybody can make a gourmet pizza at home. Pre-baked pizza shells are widely available in restaurants. The culinary innovations of a home cook are only limited by their imagination. 


Gourmet pizzerias are on the increase, offering gourmet pizzas from all over the globe. Depending on the culture, gourmet pizza may take several forms. Let’s see how these delectable delights will have you and your guests coming back for more.


Gourmet Pizza Vs. Regular Pizza: Everything You Need To Know

When it comes to gourmet pizza, people often seem to ask what the differentiating factors are. Pizzerias can alter gourmet pizza meaning, but the baseline remains the same for almost every ingredient. 

Hence, let's take a look over what makes something gourmet. 


The Ingredients

A dish's gourmet rating is determined by the freshness and quality of its components. Pizza requires quality ingredients like premium flour, extra virgin olive oil, fresh tomato sauce, and a range of cheeses and fillings. 


The ingredients may be hard to find, but a gourmet pizzeria knows its market. Although some ingredients are more costly, their taste overcomes the cost.


Instead of using fresh ingredients, pizza companies use preservative-laden bulk items. Pizza businesses employ cheap elements to maximize profits. 

Many components used in fast food pizzas are defrosted before usage, while gourmet pizza establishments only use ingredients hand-picked that day. 


Hence, gourmet is instantly a lot better when compared with regular pizzas. 

The freshness of the ingredients may significantly influence a pizza's taste. Fresh, gourmet foods are healthier for your health since they contain fewer preservatives and retain more natural nutrients.


If you want to enjoy a Gourmet pizza that brings the simplicity of a classic Neapolitan pizza, you can order Pizza Bien's Gourmet Sampler Pizza. It will surely leave you speechless about taste, texture, and quality- all in a good way. 


The Dough

A gourmet Italian-style pizza's dough is different from that of a pizza joint. Authentic pizza is produced with a thinner, crispier crust than pizza delivered. Despite what you would believe, a thin-crust pizza chain's dough is thick and strong enough to hold a lot of toppings. 


These toppings are typically heaped on top of the pizza to disguise the cardboard-like crust. Instead, premium pizza bases are made with light, chewy dough. The flour is the first factor in the dough, and the best pizzerias use only 00 flour to perfect their pizza. 


The variances in these pizza doughs are due to the diverse manufacturing processes and ingredients employed. Fast food pizza crust often contains simply flour, water, and a pinch of salt. When it comes to gourmet pizza, it’s a lot more than that.


Yeast is used in high-end pizza dough, which is kneaded extensively to create gluten and allowed to rise. The gourmet technique provides a considerably superior pizza base than the fast and simple method. Fast-food pizza businesses omit these steps, resulting in a brittle, flavorless dough to save money and time.


The Care

One of the most notable differences between a gourmet pizza restaurant and a fast-food chain is the establishment's attitude. Regular pizza franchises are just for profit. They'll save money at any cost, even if it means losing taste and quality.


Unlike the youths who work at pizza franchises, who have little previous experience in the sector but are easy to recruit, the cooks at premium pizzerias are adequately trained and know their profession well.


The best pizzas are made by gourmet pizzerias, even if it means reduced profits for the firm. Every pizza is made with love, and it shows in every bite. 



If you're a lover of gourmet-style food, you'll enjoy almost any pizza made with delicacy and care. However, if you're wondering how to get a gourmet treatment with a classic Neapolitan pizza, order the traditional Margherita Pizza from Pizza Bien. From Italy, straight to your doorstep!


Hence, we hope you've come to know all there is to know about gourmet pizza. Everything can be gourmet if the ingredients are fresh, extravagant, and made with love and care. Till the next time, happy gourmet-ing!


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