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What is Margherita pizza sauce made of?

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Fresh tomatoes, basil, garlic, flat-leaf parsley, and olive oil are combined to create the simply delectable Italian sauce known as Margherita sauce. You will never taste a better marinara sauce than this. You may serve it with toasted bread and cheese or put it on homemade Italian pizza margarita or spaghetti. The flavors are so delicious and fresh.

Freshly Made Italian pizza Margherita Sauce

Fresh tomatoes are what gives it a unique appeal. The preparation of the tomatoes involves a few steps, but after you've finished, the rest of the dish is simple. The ingredients you'll need are listed below:

- Cherry or plum tomatoes

- Olive oil

- Basil leaves

- Fresh parsley leaves

- Pepper and salt

- Garlic

Because they are meatier than other varieties, plum tomatoes are the finest to utilize, however, Roma tomatoes also function well. You must blanch them, which is just a fancy way of stating that you must boil them for a few minutes, in order to prepare the greatest Italian pizza margherita sauce possible. The skins are much simpler to remove as a result.

How to Peel and Blanch Tomatoes?

Each tomato must first have an "X" carved out of it. You should only cut just enough to penetrate the skin but not too far into the flesh. Before blanching the tomatoes, score them to assist the skins to come off easily as they boil. Even though the process requires some time, it is simple and will have a significant impact. The tomatoes may be peeled more easily when they are boiled, and they also get light cooking. The texture of the sauce will vary if you use raw, skin-on tomatoes. Authentic Italian Pizza sauce could be made by using five tomatoes that needed to be added at a time to a pot of boiling water. While you blanch the remaining tomatoes, scrape them out of the water after one to two minutes and lay them aside to cool.

You can peel the tomatoes after they have cooled. It will be simple to peel the tomatoes because the skins will have begun to separate from the meat. The tomatoes should be peeled, diced, and arranged in a big bowl without the skins.


Making Traditional Italian Margherita Sauce

  1. A medium-sized, heavy stock pan should be filled with a small amount of olive oil and heated to a medium. Include the carrots and onions. Until soft and leave it for a few minutes. Season it with tomatoes and garlic. Set the temperature to medium-low and cook the food covered for a "while".
  2. Check it every 10 to 15 minutes. Then turn down the heat to very low if it appears to be too high (very bubbly & beginning to burn). Use an immersion blender to purée the mixture once it has reached a very soft state (at least 30 minutes or up to 60). Use any instrument you choose. Our suggestion is to not use a standard blender because you don't want the sauce to be precisely silk smooth.
  3. Check the seasoning after pureeing and add more if necessary. Cook covered over low heat for 15–30 minutes or until desired thickness.
  4. This is unquestionably the purest, cleanest, and most exquisite pizza sauce you will ever consume. Bright orange-red should be the color that you should be looking for, and it should have a naturally sweet and tangy flavor. Our suggestion is to not use any additional sugar in your sauce.
  5. Add a little extra virgin olive oil after the heat is turned off for flavor. Although this sauce can be frozen or kept in the fridge, it is recommended to use it right away.

Different ways to serve Margherita sauce

- For a quick and simple dinner, combine it with hot pasta.

- Serve it with toasted garlic bread as an appetizer or light supper.

- Try this pasta dish with seafood and marinara sauce for the ideal pairing!

- Alternatively, try this variation on Mango Margherita Sauce.


Margherita sauce is what makes the pizza amazing and a popular choice. You get to serve this in so many different ways. You'll have the impression that you're eating in a superb Italian restaurant and having an authentic Italian pizza sauce. All thanks to the vibrant flavors in this Margherita sauce. Even the kids enjoy it, and we make it all summer long while the tomatoes are at their best. We hope you enjoy it as well! Bon Appetit!

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