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What Is So Special About Pizza Tartufo?

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What Is So Special About Pizza Tartufo - Pizza Bien

What is so special about pizza Tartufo? Like regular pizza, it's cheesy, savory, and delicious, but there is one big difference: pizza Tartufo is made with a truffle base instead of cheese. This makes for a much richer and more flavorful pizza experience. 

Pizza Tartufo is a type of pizza that was created in Italy. It is made with a crust made out of puff pastry, and it is filled with a mixture of cheese and meat, topped with truffle. Some people say that the pizza Tartufo is special because it has a unique flavor that you cannot find in any other place.

Another great thing about pizza Tartufo is that you can customize it to your taste by adding different toppings. However, that's not all! To know more in-depth about Tartufo pizza, keep reading Pizza Bien's article below!

What Is So Special About Pizza Tartufo?

Pizza Tarfuto being an Italian special has taken up a permanent space in all pizza lovers' hearts. Let's see a few places that serve Pizza Tartufo and their specialty!

La Montanara Pizza Tartufo

La Montanara has a nutty, rich taste, unlike any other pizza you've ever had. The restaurant is located on the Lower East Side, perfect for a solo meal. The pizza costs around $15, which is reasonable for the quality. There are four types of pizza on the menu.

Fried pizza has a different reputation in the United States, where many places are known for frying their food. Most American pizza is batter-dipped, and it doesn't have the same appeal as fried pizza.

The only difference between deep-fried and baked pizza is the method of frying the dough. It might sound strange to eat a fried pizza in America, but it's still good.

Talia Di Napoli's Pizza Tartufo

Talia Di Napoli is an artisan pizza company that ships to all 50 states. Their unique dough is made in Naples by master pizzaiolo. They ship their pizzas in environmentally friendly packaging made from cornstarch foam.

Cornstarch foam is biodegradable, recyclable, and dissolvable in water. These pizzas are made from the freshest ingredients and are available in various flavors.

The company also offers delivery and has its website. They use high-quality, all-natural pizza dough.

You can order online and have your pizza delivered. If you're in the mood for a quick, good pizza, check out the Talia Di Napoli website to find out what's on offer. It's guaranteed to satisfy any appetite.

Robiola Bosina's Pizza Tartufo

Robiola Bosina is a soft, buttery cheese that lends a rich flavor to pizza Tartufo at the Tartufo Pizzeria. This particular cheese is not widely used but lends an extraordinary richness to the pizza Tartufo at Tartufo. Although not widely available, Robiola is made with garlic and creamed fat, adding to its buttery flavor.

Robiola rocchetta is a type of fresh cheese made in Langhe in Piedmont. It is a soft, creamy cheese made from cow and goat milk. Its reddish color results from a natural process that allows the cheese to "ripen" before being used.

This cheese is made using a mixture of cow and goat milk and is slightly creamier than traditional lactic goat cheese.

La Fourchette's Pizza Tartufo

Formica booths line the inside of this small, quaint Italian restaurant. While pizza and heros are the main draws, the menu offers a full range of Italian entrees and heros.

It's no wonder the pizza tartufo at La Fourchette is so special. The best part? You can order one of the most famous Italian dishes on the North Shore!

The family has been in Atlanta for almost three decades, and they've worked together to make La Fourchette a staple in the area. The restaurant is a family affair, and the whole family is involved, from the chef to the servers.

Tartufo Pizza Ingredients

Tartufo Pizza Ingredients - pizza tartufo - Pizza Bien

If you're looking for the perfect ingredients for Tartufo pizza, you've come to the right place. This article will look at all the Tartufo pizza ingredients, including olive oil base, two types of cheese, all-natural truffle oil, and garlic. 

Now, it's time to get creative. There are many ways to incorporate these ingredients into your favorite recipes. We also share a few tips for making your own. Read on to learn more.

Olive Oil Base

This olive oil-based sauce is a perfect choice for weeknight cooking. This delicious pizza is made with a homemade pizza crust, mozzarella cheese, and a garlic olive oil sauce.

You can top it with anything you desire - fresh herbs, melty cheese, and a crisp crust. The possibilities are endless! The olive oil base is delicious with any topping you can imagine! 

Two Types of Cheeses

The two kinds of cheese used in a Tartufo pizza are mozzarella and burrata. Mozzarella is a semi-soft cheese made from Italian buffalo milk. It is known to be incredibly moist and lends a distinct flavor to the Tartufo. 

Traditionally, mozzarella is the cheese of choice for pizza enthusiasts. A recent study from scientists in New Zealand and China, published in the Journal of Food Science, quantifies its bake-ability and moisture content.

All-natural Truffle Oil

If you want to add the nutty flavor of white truffles to your Tartufo pizza, you should try all-natural truffle oil. This oil contains shaved white truffles and extra virgin olive oil. 

Its flavor is similar to Italian white Alba truffles, and the white truffle oil has an earthy, woody, and fruity taste. It can be used as a finishing oil and is best served cold. If you want to enjoy the best truffle flavor, order Pizza Bien's  Porcini Truffle pizza for a lingering Neapolitan taste you wouldn't want to forget!


For the most authentic Italian taste, garlic in Tartufo pizza is made with fresh, roasted garlic. The garlic paste should be spread over the dough and topped with slices of potatoes. 

Then, add sage, fontina, and Parmesan cheese. Bake the pizza until the crust is golden brown and the toppings are melted. Serve immediately or store in the refrigerator for up to two days.

Truffle Mushrooms

If you are looking for a delicious way to include truffles on your pizza, try preparing this delicious recipe. Truffle mushrooms on Tartufo pizza are a delightful addition to your next Italian meal. Basically, this dish consists of a thinly sliced pie topped with mushrooms. 

Truffle mushrooms are delicious because of their earthy, meaty flavor. They are a type of mushroom used to cook various Italian dishes, including pizzas. To enjoy the best truffle mushroom pizza, order Pizza Bien's Potato Porcini Pesto pizza from the comfort of your own home with just a few clicks. 

How to Make a Truffle Pizza Speciality

You've probably heard of a Truffle pizza specialty, but what's it all about? Basically, this pizza combines two types of cheese with caramelized onions on an olive oil base, which is obviously topped with edible truffles. 

What's the best way to order a pizza? After reading this article, you'll be well-equipped to order your own pizza!

Truffle Pizza is a Pop-culture Specialty.

Pizza is a classic Italian food that is universally loved, but truffles have a more exclusive reputation. They're usually a luxury, so they deserve to be tried in unique combinations.

Pizza and truffles have a unique flavor combination, and a collaboration between a renowned Tuscan company and an Italian pizzeria has created an unforgettable creation. Truffles come in various forms, including white or black, rounded like caviar, and even aromatized olive oil. 

While most people don't have access to truffles year-round, Italy has fresh truffles available all year. Especially with Pizza Bien's delicious truffle pizza, you never have to wait to make them!

Black or White Truffles

Adding black or white truffles to your pizza is an excellent way to add a gourmet touch. These fungi were regarded as the garlic of the 15th century in Europe, and they come in many different forms, including oil. 

Ensure that the truffle oil you use is 100 percent white truffle infused. If you can't find fresh truffles, you can buy truffle oil in a store and use it on your pizza.

Natural Truffle Oil

Truffle oil is a unique flavoring used to make a variety of dishes. In addition to pizza, this oil adds incredible flavor to many other dishes, including garlic bread, fish, cured meats, and soup. You can even drizzle it over popcorn and compound butter.


In conclusion, pizza Tartufo is a dish worth trying. The unique flavors and textures make it stand out from your average pizza, and it's a great way to impress your guests at your next dinner party.

So what are you waiting for? Try making this delicious pizza yourself, or order straight away from Pizza Bien for an Italian pizza experience you'll never forget!

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