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Why Hacker Free Neapolitan Pizza is Better than Brooklyn Style

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Why Hacker Free Neapolitan Pizza is Better than Brooklyn Style - Pizza Bien

Brooklyn style pizza and Neapolitan pizza go way back in history. In recent times, people have been confusing these two as they're seldom called the same thing in new pizzerias. After all, they're made with identical ingredients, and have a similar density and structure. 

In New York, both Brooklyn style pizza and Neapolitan pizza are debated over. Which one is the king of them all? Well, statistics prove that there are firm reasons for believing why hacker free Neapolitan Pizza is better than Brooklyn Pizza.

Neapolitan pizza stands as the best pizza ever for a good reason. It has the most convenient sizing, crust-topping density, and a particular type of burnt-edge crust that tops off the flavor miraculously. 

However, many other pointers make Neapolitan style pizza the best. Without much further ado, let's see more into both pizzas and what makes them so special! 

Brief History Of Pizza In Italy and America

Before we get into the differences between the two pizza pies, we must question their respective histories. How was pizza invented? Which pizza was first introduced in America? There is just so much to know!

Pizza first came into existence when Italian peasants ate bread and tomato. The pizza trend started in the local peasant market and went up to the ears of Savoy's Queen Margherita. It's assumed that focaccia bread started the evolution of pizza which many people in Italy then ate. 

From the peasants' plates to the queen's, pizza became one of the most delicious dishes available in Italian cuisine. The queen regularly sent out people to fetch pizza for her. Eventually, her chef Raffaele Esposito baked a pizza with freshly plucked red tomatoes, creamy white mozzarella, and freshly chopped green basil over a flatbread. 

The colors in the pizza represented the colors on the Italian flag and made the queen tremendously happy. Since then, Margherita pizza has been the most famous Neapolitan pizza you will find around the market. 

After pizza won the hearts of everyone in Italy, it started traveling across the world and made it to the land of dreams - America. 

The American version of a pizza was made for an average working-class American who took up pizza as fast casual. Pizza made its debut in the country when Gennaro Lombardi introduced it in the first-ever American pizzeria. 

People came and went, and there arose the tradition of enjoying a pizza sold in single slices. People found it convenient, delicious, and very filling. It soon became a sensational food all across the globe. 

What is Neapolitan Pizza?

Born in Naples of Italy, Neapolitan pizza is known to be one of the pioneering pizzas in cuisine. The cheesy and saucy goodness of the pizza traveled miles and made sure to win the hearts of many. From adults to children, no one doesn't enjoy a slice of authentic Neapolitan pizza. 

Neapolitan pizza has come a long way. There were many variations in the recipe of a Neapolitan pizza over time, although it doesn't beat the taste of an authentic Neapolitan pizza. You can find the best authentic Neapolitan style pizza from Pizza Bien. Their pizzas will surely leave you longing for more taste of authentic Italian goodness!

Fun Fact: Neapolitan Pizza has the status of "Traditional Speciality Guaranteed." It essentially means the pizza has a certified way of being appropriately baked. If any variations are made, it cannot be called Neapolitan pizza. The authentic Neapolitan pizza is on UNESCO's list, including intangible cultural heritage.

Neapolitan pizza is famous for being simple that people of all ages and diets can enjoy. It can be delicious and very filling. Traditionally, when Neapolitan pizza became famous, People ate it with a knife and fork. Eating a pizza with a knife and fork is apparently the best way to do it since it's clutter-free and delicately enjoyable.

There are specifics to baking a Neapolitan pizza. Unlike any other pizza, there's a particular type of cheese, tomato, and flour used for the pizza to retain its originality. 

What is Brooklyn-style pizza?

Brooklyn Style pizza was invented in New York. In 1897, American pizza was getting tremendously popular right from the heart of America - New York. Immigrants from the birthplace of Pizza, Naples of Italy, had introduced pizza to the regular citizens. 

The first pizza in America was found in the pizzeria of Gennaro Lombardi, the Lombardi Pizza. The original pizza was baked in an oven that used wood to bake the delicious pizza. With the usage of a coal-fired oven, the pizza attained a smoky flavor like no other dish.

The original recipe had a flatbread with pizza sauce and buffalo mozzarella cheese on top. That was the very beginning of the invention of different kinds of pizza. We’ve now transcended more than a century of delicious pizza of several types, from a simple, authentic new-york slice pizza. 

Neapolitan Pizza, Chicago Pizza, New York-Style Pizza, Sicilian Pizza, Greek Pizza, California Pizza, Detroit Pizza, St. Louis Pizza, and many others are available in every famous pizzeria!

The Brooklyn Style pizza crust remains famous for its water. Apparently, the water of New York possesses different qualities to make the best pizza on earth. No other state or country has this property that gives the famous New York pizza its taste. 

Dominos was the first corporation to introduce Brooklyn Style pizza in the year 2006. They marketed a Brooklyn Style pizza's thin crust widely. It quickly became an American favorite. There were larger slices of pepperoni introduced as well.

Neapolitan Pizza Vs. Brooklyn Pizza

Neapolitan Pizza Vs Brooklyn Pizza - brooklyn style pizza crust - Pizza Bien

Now that we'll present why hacker free Neapolitan pizza is better than Brooklyn style let's start comparing the two pizzas one-on-one.

The Crust

One of the very first things that make a Neapolitan so incredible is the way it's produced. The most simple ingredients are used to make this pizza. However, even the simplest ingredients are intricately special.

The Neapolitan pizza uses a special kind of flour base, the 00 flour. The consistency of this flour is perfect for making the best Neapolitan pizza. It's specifically brought over to America from Italy. The flour plays a crucial role in giving the dough enough gluten to be stretchable and comparatively thin. 

The dough is baked for merely 60 seconds. The cooking time is extremely fast because the coal-fired ovens use direct fire for baking the pizza. The dough turns out to be soft, a little burnt on the edges. 

On the other hand, Brooklyn style pizza is made with the same ingredients, but a few alterations are made. There's more cheese on top, with a much thinner and crispier crust. For those who don't like extra crispy pizzas, this one is a no-go! 

Brooklyn Pizza has won the hearts of many, and it still isn't as authentic as a Neapolitan pizza. The crust topping ratio is far better in a Neapolitan when Brooklyn style vs thin crust is compared.

The Cheese

Early New York pizzerias used coal-fired ovens to mimic the high-temperature wood-fired ovens of traditional Italian pizzerias. However, switching from electric to gas ovens necessitated a technique modification.

This results in pizzas such as Neapolitan-style pizzas, studded with gobs of fresh mozzarella, and New York-style pizzas, which have a thick coating of cheese that reaches all the way to the crust's edge.

The Sauce

A Neapolitan-style sauce is one of, if not the easiest, to make from scratch. It just requires a food processor and a few essential ingredients. There's no cooking involved and no need for knives either. The sauce on a Margherita pizza should be light and airy. 

Because the sauce isn't cooked, it must be exposed during baking. Hence, a little moisture escapes while keeping the dish's tomato flavor and flaky crust.

Many people like New York-style pizza for its distinct taste and appearance. It's a classic pizza with gooey cheese and flavorful toppings. Because of the cheese and toppings on the pizza, the sauce must be thick and tasty. 

We can get a great tomato flavor by heating the sauce with additional ingredients. You'll need a thicker, more forward-flavored sauce than Neapolitan-style if you want your pizza to hold up to all the extra cheese and toppings.

However, in terms of taste and texture, the slightly thinner Neapolitan sauce is better. It helps the crust to maintain its integrity without becoming soggy and is packed with flavors. 


Therefore, we can proudly understand why hacker free Neapolitan pizza is better than Brooklyn Style. The skill for this pizza takes years to master. The right hands can make the best Neapolitan pizza just within a few moves. 

There's even a pizza school in Naples that shows the perfect way to cook the pizza without any alterations or mistakes. The intricacy of making the pizza in a certain way, optimum temperature, and fresh yet simple ingredients is what makes the pizza so special. 

Neapolitan or Brooklyn Style, there’s no reason not to enjoy every kind of pizza in the market. Hence, grab yourself a bite of Pizza Bien, and devour its taste, till the next time!

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