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Are Chives Good On Pizza?

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Are Chives Good On Pizza - Pizza Bien

If one thing can make pizza even better, it’s adding chives. Chives are a type of onion that has a mild flavor and a slightly oniony taste.

They’re perfect for pizzas because they add a delicious flavor without overpowering the other ingredients. If you want to try using chives on your next pizza, here are a few tips to get started.

Do Chives and Pizza Go Hand in Hand?

Let's talk about chives on pizza. You either love it, or you hate it. There's no in-between. I am a massive fan of chives on pizza. They add a nice flavor and aroma to the pizza, enhancing the overall taste.

But I know some people disagree with me. So, let's explore why some people love chives on pizza and hate them.

The Taste of Chives on Pizza

Chives have a mild oniony taste that is not as strong as onions. They also have a hint of garlic flavor. When you add chives to pizza, you get a subtle onion flavor that does not overpower the other flavors.

The garlic flavor is also very subtle and does not take away from the tomato sauce or cheese taste. Overall, I think the taste of chives on pizza is delightful and does not make the pizza taste too "oniony."

Have you ever thought about cilantro? Are cilantro good at pizza?

The Aroma of Chives on Pizza

Chives also have a delightful aroma. They smell like a cross between onions and garlic, but they are not as intense as either one of those two aromas.

You get a pleasant onion-garlic aroma when you add chives to pizza. It does not overpower the other aromas in the pizza but adds a nice touch.

The Visual Appeal of Chives on Pizza

Chives also have a very nice visual appeal. They are long, thin, and green. They look great when they are sprinkled on top of a pizza. They add a nice pop of color and make the pizza look more appetizing.

Overall, the visual appeal of chives on pizza is very positive.

Chives vs Onion: Which One is Best For Pizza Topping

Because of their fragile nature, chives are more appropriate as topping after the baking or a few minutes before. Otherwise, you may end up with a melted, soggy pizza top with bland colors. Onion is appropriate as a topping before you bake the pizza.

The baking time can make the difference between regular-bake and well-done pizza.

Chives, scallions, and green onions are all species of plants from the allium family, but chives are entirely different. Chives belong to the same family as parsley, dill, and basil, but green onions and scallions are vegetables.

Chives are far more delicate and delicate than green onions. Furthermore, rather than being a green and white plant, the entire plant is green.

How farmers harvest chives is also distinctive. Instead of slicing the leaves off at the stem, as is done with scallions and green onions, farmers gather chives by cutting them close to the ground. Assuming you wait a few weeks, you'll be able to pick new leaves.

Can You Use Chives in Pizza Dough?

Can You Use Chives in Pizza Dough - chives on pizza - Pizza Bien

Chives are versatile herbs used in various dishes, from salads to omelets. They have a mild onion flavor and are a good source of vitamins A and C.

But can they make a difference in pizza dough?

While chives may not seem like they would have much flavor compared to other herbs, they pack a punch. They add a subtle onion flavor that compliments the other ingredients used in the dough.

Chives also can bind the dough together, making it more resilient to rising and shrinking. This means that your pizza will hold its shape better and be less likely to become misshapen.

So if you're looking for a way to add some extra flavor to your pizza dough, consider giving chives a try. You may be surprised at the difference they make even when trying to fix a failed dough


If you're looking for a delicious and healthy way to enjoy pizza, consider using chives as one of your toppings. Chives are an excellent source of vitamins A and K, adding a flavorful boost to any pizza.

You can also eat chives daily without worrying about overdosing on nutrients; chives are among the most nutrient-rich vegetables.

So, give chives on pizza a try next time you're in the mood for some cheesy goodness! Otherwise, order a fresh pizza from Napoli from Pizza Bien

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