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Is Cilantro Good On Pizza

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Is Cilantro Good On Pizza - Pizza Bien

Cilantro is a green herb that is typically found in Mexican cuisine. Some people think that cilantro is good on pizza, while others believe it's not the best.

Some people say that cilantro doesn't pair well with vegan Italian pizza because it has a strong flavor. Others claim that cilantro is one of the most important ingredients to add to a pizza because of its flavor and aroma.

So, is cilantro good on pizza? It depends. It may not taste like it, but it's delicious and surprisingly versatile. Let's find out! Read on to discover the secret behind cilantro's taste on pizza. 

Why You Should Use Herbs On Pizza

If you want to change your pizza's flavor without spending too much, consider experimenting with different herbs and spices. There are many options available. Enjoy! There's an herb out there for every taste!

Adding fresh herbs to your pizza crust is the perfect way to add a little savory to your next meal, after; after your toppings to the pizza, top with shredded cheese and fresh herbs. Allow the pizza to rest for five minutes before serving.

A homemade pizza seasoning is also a great gift idea for a loved one. You can even make your version using fresh or dried herbs. The key is making the seasoning new every time you bake a pizza, and you'll also use it in many other recipes! 

You can even use the seasoning in soups, pasta, and lasagna! That way, you can always serve your favorite pizza with a touch of freshness.

How To Use Cilantro On Pizza 

Cilantro is a versatile herb that can be used on many dishes. If you’re wondering how to use cilantro on pizza, here are 5 ways to use it:

-Add it to the dough before rolling out.

-Sprinkle it on top of the pizza before baking.

-Toss it with some olive oil and salt and serve on top.

-Mix it with shredded cheese and diced tomatoes for a fun and flavorful topping.

-Make a cilantro pesto sauce and serve over the pizza.

Below are some of the more extensive ways to use cilantro on top of any imaginable dish - after all, you can’t go wrong with cilantro. 

  • Cilantro Leaves: Add a dash of cilantro to your pizza if you want to make it unique. The herb is commonly used in Italian cooking, particularly in southern Italy, and is popular in summer salads. 

Its sweet, peppery flavor makes it refreshing to the palate. Add shredded mozzarella to the pizza dough to make it even more delicious. Once the toppings are on, drizzle the cilantro-lime mixture over the pizza.

  • Blended Paste: In a food processor, combine the minced garlic, onion, cilantro, and salt. Blend until smooth and creamy, and transfer to a paper towel-lined plate. Bake the pizza for about 10 to 15 minutes, until the crust is lightly browned. 

Remove it from the oven and let it cool before adding toppings. To make the pizza more authentic and interesting, try topping it with cilantro, avocado, and diced bacon. Sprinkle cilantro over the top, and enjoy!

  • Paired with Avocado: For an authentic Avocado pizza, smear slices of avocado on top with the Cilantro. Toss them with olive oil, garlic, cheese, and lime juice. Top with bacon and avocado, and you'll have the pizza of your dreams! 

It's the pizza topping to end all toppings! But if you're unsure, you can always opt for garlic powder. It has the same off-flavor as powdered garlic.

Cilantro Health Benefits 

Cilantro, also known as Chinese parsley, is a herb that has been used for centuries in Asia and the Middle East. It is now cultivated worldwide and is used in a variety of dishes. In addition to its culinary uses, cilantro has been shown to have several health benefits. Some of these benefits include: 

  • Cilantro is packed with nutrients and provides several health benefits. It is high in antioxidants, which help protect the body from free radicals and oxidative damage. 
  • Cilantro is also a good source of vitamins A, C, and K and minerals such as potassium, magnesium, and manganese.
  • The fresh herb has anti-inflammatory properties and can help reduce inflammation throughout the body. 
  • It can also help relieve digestive issues like indigestion, constipation, and diarrhea. Additionally, cilantro may have anti-cancer properties and can help reduce the risk of cancer development.

So, if you’re looking to spice up your pizza with some healthy toppings, consider cilantro the best candidate. 

Best Cilantro Pizza Topping Combinations

It's easy to make your favorite food into a pizza! The trick is to find a flavor combination that contrasts and balances each other. Herbs, spices, and other ingredients are often found in store-bought Italian seasoning blends. 

You can also make your own pizza seasoning mix. Here are some of the best combinations:

  • If you want to make a unique pizza, you can add the grilled sweet corn. This summertime treat is reminiscent of candy. 
  • In addition to the usual cheese and tomato toppings, you can add jalapenos or bacon. Spicy Italian sausage is also welcome.
  • Onion is another excellent choice for topping a pizza. When combined with grilled chicken, it adds a complex and savory taste. 
  • Another great topping combination is chicken with pineapple. 
  • You can even try a taco pizza topped with cilantro. Adding cilantro to the crust makes it extra-moist and tasty.
  • If you're in the mood for a spicy pizza, consider adding green pepper and pineapple. 
  • Crushed red pepper adds a crunchy texture and piquancy to your pizza toppings. If you're new to spicy foods, you can try it, but make sure you use only a few drops. 
  • Chopped parsley, which is a cousin of cilantro, adds elegance and balances the flavor of any dish. Use only enough for a delicious, flavorful pizza. 

All these combinations will wow your friends and family! And if you’re worried about the protein taken from the cilantro pizza, click here to know everything about it! 

Most Popular Herbs For Pizza

Most Popular Herbs For Pizza - is cilantro good on pizza - Pizza Bien

While most herbs for pizza are used in cooking, many have their own unique uses. You can use parsley or dill to complement the flavors of traditional toppings like tomato sauce. 

Dried oregano adds a sweet and earthy aroma to your pizza and will enhance your sauce's flavor. 

Try adding other herbs to your pizza for an interesting twist! Here are the top herbs to use on your pizza. Enjoy!

  • Rosemary

Rosemary is a close relative of mint, and it's heavily used in Italian cooking. Rosemary isn't as widely used as basil, but it can work well with the savory components in pizza. 

If you're looking for a fresh herb, try sprigs of rosemary instead. Rosemary works well in the sauce, so you'll want to use this herb sparingly. Basil, however, is a strong herb and should be used sparingly.

  • Garlic

Garlic is a cousin of onion, and garlic is often added at any stage of the pizza process. It can be sprinkled over the top or used in the sauce. Another common herb to use is thyme. Thyme is a dry herb and works well with pizza. You can use it in sauces and marinades, but fresh is best. Depending on your personal preference, you can also use dried oregano.

  • Basil

Basil is a member of the mint family but is more mild and sweet than oregano. Basil complements oregano and is used with both savory and sweet ingredients. Basil is similar to dried thyme and mint and pairs well with authentic vegan Margherita pizza

Regardless of your preferred combination, fresh oregano or basil will make the pizza flavor pop. When used with garlic, basil and thyme complement each other.

Most people use dried herbs for pizza sauce. But fresh herbs can provide color, brighter flavors and spruce up an otherwise bland prepared sauce. 

  • Arugula Leaves

Whole, minced leaves of fresh basil are a classic choice and serve as the green portion of the Margherita pizza. 

Similarly, the arugula leaves and spinach add vivid color and peppery flavors, while chopped chives add a mild onion flavor.

When using herbs for pizza, remember to keep it simple. Use a little or a lot. Adding a pinch of each can give your pizza a unique flavor. 

  • Crushed Red Pepper

Crushed red pepper is one of the most popular herbs for pizza. Crushed red pepper is an excellent choice for beginners who like spicy foods but should be used sparingly. Chopped parsley adds a fresh and bitter taste to the dish. 

It is the cousin of cilantro and adds an elegant taste to any dish. You can add the same amount of parsley as you would with cilantro or parsley, but make sure to chop the herb finely and sprinkle it over the pie.


In conclusion, if you’re wondering,  ”is cilantro good on pizza,” yes, it is! Cilantro can be a delicious and unique addition to your next pizza. It is easy to use and adds a flavorful punch that can’t be beaten. 

So, the next time you are in the mood for some pizza, why not try cilantro? You can also try to spice up the best authentic Margherita pizza with cilantro! 

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