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How To Use Honey On Pizza In 6 Easy Steps for a Sweet Taste

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How To Use Honey On Pizza In 6 Easy Steps for a Sweet Taste - Pizza Bien

If you love pizza but don't love the way it tastes after it's been sitting out for a while, try honey on your next pie. Honey is a natural preservative and helps to keep your pizza fresh. 

You can also use honey on frozen pizza to make it delicious and flavorful for your next meal.

Plus, the sweetness of the honey will add some flavor to what can often be a bland pizza. If you want to revamp your pizza and learn how to use honey on pizza, keep reading to know more!

How To Use Honey on Pizza: Step By Step

Honey and pizza are perfect partners for each other, and this combination is one of the most delicious pizza combinations on earth! Honey-based pizzas are simultaneously sweet and salty, and the mixture will surely delight your palate. 

Here's how to make one! You can also drizzle honey over the top for an extra special touch. 

  • To prepare a pizza with honey, make a thick and thin dough with the best flour
  • Spread the sauce over the dough. 
  • Once it is completely covered, add the pepperoni and sliced mozzarella. 
  • Bake it for 10 to 14 minutes. 
  • Turn the broiler on for about one minute to brown the edges of the pizza. 
  • Drizzle with hot honey, and enjoy! 

After the pizza is ready, you can drizzle honey on top and sprinkle fresh basil leaves. To serve, sprinkle with honey and slice. And enjoy! 

There are endless ways to enjoy pizza using honey. You'll make delicious pizzas when you have mastered the art of using honey on pizza.

This delicious recipe is perfect for pizza lovers! The next time you make pizza, use honey to add extra zing!

How To Store Honey Pizza

Once you have made your pizza with honey, it's time to drizzle it. Hot honey adds spice and sweetness to a dish. You can purchase pre-made hot honey or make your own. 

Make sure to store it somewhere cool, as it may crystallize if not kept at room temperature. You can also store leftover hot honey in the refrigerator for up to a year. 

If you're worried about the quality of honey, you can purchase honey from an online store or shop directly from the source.

What Pizza Toppings Pair Well With Honey

If you're curious about what toppings pair well with honey on pizza, read on! We'll share some of our favorite pizza toppings, plus a few ideas for pairing honey with other types of pizza. Honey is an excellent addition to cheese pizza.

But you can dress it up in even more exciting ways than we can describe here! Using honey on pizza is simple and delicious, and you'll indeed find that you'll want to try it again.

Spicy Soppressata and Fontina

Regarding pizza, honey goes well with spicy soppressata and funky fontina. For the finishing touch, add a sprinkle of peppery arugula. 

Both of these toppings add an extra bit of zing to the pizza! But, if you don't have soppressata on hand, consider substituting it with prosciutto or chili flakes.


Honey also pairs exceptionally well with the good old Parm. Below is how you can bake honey pizza with cheese.

  • After preparing the dough, spread two tablespoons of parmesan over the dough. Next, add pepperoni, cherry peppers, and mozzarella. 
  • Spread the remaining parmesan on top of the top three ingredients. 
  • Bake the pizza for eight to ten minutes, then turn on the broiler for one minute. The edges of the pizza should be golden brown and ready to serve. 
  • Before serving, brush the crust with the remaining melted butter and drizzle the pizza with hot honey. 
  • If desired, garnish with basil. Enjoy!


If you're looking for a unique twist on traditional pizza, try pizza loaded with salami and honey. You can use chicken, beef, or even pork salami on your pizza and top it off with sweetness! The balance creates an unforgettable taste. 

It's topped with mozzarella, pepperoni, and a dash of honey. After baking, slice the pizza and drizzle it with hot honey. Then serve it up! If you're unsure, try it and see if you can find a recipe that works for you!


Another excellent pizza topping that pairs well with honey is pesto. This pesto is not difficult to make - spread it on the pizza dough and top with thinly sliced fresh tomatoes and mozzarella. 

Goat Cheese

If you don't want to make pesto yourself, try goat cheese instead! It's a delicious way to use pesto and add a tangy flavor to your pizza. Topping with honey on pizza is easy to make and tastes fantastic, especially with authentic Neapolitan pizza

Is Honey Good With Pizza?

Is Honey Good With Pizza - honey on pizza - Pizza Bien

When deciding whether or not to add honey to your pizza, consider the ingredients you're using. Most pizza toppings and sauces contain sugar, but adding honey can help bring out the flavors of other ingredients and give the entire pizza a new dimension. 

Honey tastes nutty, floral, spicy, buttery, and tangy and can complement a variety of flavors. While honey isn't the most versatile food topping, it can enhance the flavor of other ingredients in a pizza.

You can also check out the Mariachi chicken recipe by clicking here

When Was Honey Pizza Discovered?

When Mike Kurtz discovered that spiced honey made with chile peppers paired well with pizza, he decided to make it his own. 

The result was Mike's Hot Honey, which became a food trend that has been on the food scene for half a decade. Kurtz first drizzled his spicy honey on his pizzas at a Brooklyn pizzeria. Soon, customers were asking him to make it available for purchase.

How To Make Honey Chili Oil

Chili-infused honey is a fun way to add a spicy kick to your pizza. The honey is prepared by simply adding chili and waiting for 12 hours. After that, the honey is ready to use. 

It is suitable for up to three weeks and can be used to dress up a pizza that has a spicy kick. It will be even better than the original pepperoni pizza! 

There are many different types of honey to choose from, and some work better with some pies than others.

What is Mike’s Hot Honey?

Hot honey is an increasingly popular food pairing with pizza. Mike's Hot Honey, which is hot honey, is a local product that was featured on CBS's morning show in 2015. It will also debut on Amazon in late 2020. 

It contains local honey and chili pepper oil. It was invented by Mike Kurtz while studying in London. Mike Kurtz was inspired to add it to his pizza by trying it while traveling in Italy. Fortunately, Mike's Hot Honey is available everywhere online.

Hot honey prosciutto pizza with fresh basil and pickled jalapeno slices is a great way to introduce the honey flavor to your pizza. 

It goes perfectly with spicy soppressata and funky fontina. Arugula, meanwhile, adds a zing of pepper. Then, drizzle your pizza with honey and enjoy! While you're there, try garnishing it with some basil or fresh fruit.

Why Honey Pizza Is Good For You

The benefits of honey are countless. Below are some reasons you should eat honey pizza, as it is just so good for your health!

  • Honey is an excellent source of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Raw, unheated honey contains more antioxidants and bioactive plant compounds. 
  • Its waxy substance has health-promoting antioxidants. Studies show that honey may help protect the body against harmful reactive oxygen species (ROS), which are known to cause heart failure, diabetes, and premature aging.
  • Honey is rich in antibacterial properties and has low levels of hydrogen peroxide, which may protect your body from infection.
  • A study conducted in 2021 found that taking honey for cough suppressed symptoms and reduced severity. In addition, honey is good for the immune system. 
  • The Mayo Clinic recommended honey as a cough suppressant and a sweetener in food. 
  • Another study showed that honey helps cure upper respiratory infections in children. Honey's antibacterial properties help heal throat irritation and help relieve diarrhea. It also may have anti-inflammatory properties. 
  • Honey has been proven to be effective against H. pylori and staph. It is also acidic and may help the digestive tract eliminate harmful bacteria. So, honey is beneficial for the mind and the body.

While honey is an excellent source of antioxidants, buying raw honey from an honest vendor is essential. The honey from bees is the freshest, so don't cook or heat it.

It contains more antioxidants than processed honey. However, honey should not be consumed by children younger than one. 


Many types of honey are beneficial to our health. Some varieties are light, and others are dark. Acacia honey has floral aromas and sweetness, while buckwheat honey has a full-flavored flavor - so pick yours carefully!

Honey is a fantastic addition to your pizza. It has the benefits of both sweetness and spiciness. Whether you're using it on the toppings or the sauce, honey cheese pizza is sure to please your taste buds. 

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