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What Is So Special About New Haven Style Pizza Dough

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What Is So Special About New Haven Style Pizza Dough - Pizza Bien

What is so special about New Haven-style pizza dough? The secret to creating these delicious and authentic pies is the dough. This type of dough has a rich history dating back almost 100 years. 

Its distinctive taste and texture come from its history of wood-fired ovens. In addition, some eateries use a liberal amount of oregano. A wooden cutting board works well for kneading pizza dough.

However, there’s much more to know about new haven-style pizza dough. Without any further ado, let’s keep reading!

The Best New Haven-Style Pizza Dough

One of the most famous New Haven pies is the White Clam Pizza. Pepe, who owns this Boca Raton and Coral Springs pizzeria, grew up eating New Haven-style pizza

The white clam pizza, a coal-fired brick oven, has a unique texture. It contains Parmesan and lemon and is a crowd pleaser.

Despite its name, this crust is not a pizza. It's called apizza, a tribute to the Neapolitan immigrants who came to the city in the early twentieth century. 

This New Haven-style pizza has a slightly chewy crust and minimal amounts of tomato sauce and cheese. New Haven pizza is a favorite of many Connecticut residents. 

What Is So Special About New Haven Style Pizza Dough

When it comes to cooking a pizza, New Haven-style is a classic. Its thin crust is a testament to the town's dedication to tradition. The dough is coal-fired, and the crust is often burnt on the outside. 

The result is a dough-like consistency in the center. The taste is unique and unmatched. A slice of New Haven-style pizza is a treat for all palates and brings friends and families together. Read on if you're wondering what makes this style so appealing.

In the past, New Haven-style pizza was only served with tomato sauce, allowing the delicate taste of the crust to be appreciated. This style was a favorite of New Haven residents for years, and various toppings have popped up in its popularity. 

A New Haven-style pizza may be topped with various ingredients, but the base is simply the key to this unique style.

The distinctive flavor and texture of New Haven-style pizza dough may have something to do with the mineral composition of the water in the area. The dough is a springy consistency that's a result of a longer fermenting process compared to that of New York-style dough. New Haven-style pizza is the ultimate culinary experience and the most popular style in Connecticut. You can even order it from a New Haven pizza place, like Pizza Bien.

To make this special dough, you should prepare all the ingredients. You should combine the yeast and water mixture with the flour. Once the dough is mixed, add the olive oil and salt and mix well. 

Kneading the dough should not be too dry; it should be moist but not sticky. Once the dough has been kneaded, it must be allowed to rise for one hour before baking.

Everything About New Haven Style Pizza

A New Haven-style pizza is unique in its crispy crust and smoky flavor. You must bake it in a coal oven at high temperatures. This style of pizza requires funds and roomy space to use a coal oven, which adds a unique flavor. 

Many New Haven-style pizza restaurants use coal ovens to produce authentic New Haven-style pizza. This pizza has been around since the 1920s, when coal became cheaper than wood.

The New Haven style of pizza is made using a coal-fired oven, a distinct feature from the New York style. The dough ferments longer than the New York style to ensure a higher quality, flavor, and consistency. 

This longer fermentation process makes the crust crispier and tastier. While most New Haven-style pizzas are made with mozzarella, some New Haven  Neapolitan pizzas have no cheese or only a few flecks.

How Did New Haven Pizza Come To Life?

Bill Jacobs grew up in New Haven and craved New Haven-style pizza when he moved to Chicago. He eventually opened Piece Brewery and Pizzeria in Chicago and explained the process of making New Haven-style pizza. 

He recommended that other pizzeria operators visit New Haven before opening in Chicago. This way, they can learn the history of New Haven-style pizza. They may even be able to copy some of the secrets of the pizza-making process.

Despite its reputation, New Haven-style pizza has many fans worldwide. From delivery to pick-up, this pizza is unique in its approach to cooking. It is inspired by the classic Neopolitan method of preparing pizza but boasts a wider variety of ingredients and toppings than the Neopolitan version. 

So if you're looking for the perfect pizza for your next party, the city of New Haven should be your first choice.

Differences Between New Haven and New York Style Pizza

New Haven-style pizza has a few key characteristics. It differs from the New York style but is not as distinct as its New York cousin. 

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New Haven-style pizza is closely related to the tomato pie style that originated in Trenton, N.J. A New York pie shop owner brought his tomato pie recipe to Trenton. It's worth noting that the city's railroad expansion influenced this pizza style.

"Modern apizza" is a New Haven-style pizza with a rich history. Its signature pie is the Italian Bomb. This pizza is made with hard water in New Haven. The resulting dough is more elastic and undergoes a longer fermentation process before baking. 

To enhance the magic, the dough is baked in coal-fired ovens. This is one of the secrets to creating the ultimate New Haven-style pizza.

Is Chicago Style Different From New-Haven Style?

A unique texture distinguishes New Haven pizza from the Chicago style. The dough is springy, which may be due to the mineral composition of the water supply in New Haven. The result is an extraordinary culinary experience. 

And it's also the best pizza available in Connecticut. If you've been craving a slice of this delicious pie, try to find a New Haven-style pizza joint. It's well worth the trip.

New Haven pizza is often called apizza, an abbreviation of the Italian word apezzeria, a tribute to the city's Neapolitan population. This style of pizza is famous for its chewy crust, minimal tomato sauce, and light touch of cheese. 

New Haven-style pizzerias can explain how to order the pies, and they will even know the proper way to pronounce "ah-beetz." If you want to try a New Haven-style pizza, you should make it a point to visit a New Haven-style pizza joint.

How To Store New-Haven Pizza Dough

How To Store New-Haven Pizza Dough - new haven style pizza dough recipe - Pizza Bien

To prepare the dough for baking, divide it into equal pieces and cover them with a damp towel. Let the dough rest in the fridge for a few hours or up to three days. For a fresh and delicious pizza, you can store it in the refrigerator for up to 4 days. 

To store the dough in the refrigerator, make sure to cover it before using it. This will prevent it from drying out and spoiling.

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What’s Different About New Haven Style Pizza Dough Recipe

The traditional New Haven-style pizza was developed in the early twentieth century. In fact, the city is considered to be the birthplace of hamburgers, and its city center is renowned for its pizza. 

The New Haven-style pizza was first made by a Neapolitan immigrant, Frank Pepe, who started selling pizzas on pushcarts to factory workers. 

After a while, he purchased a brick oven and, in 1934, opened Modern Apizza and Sally's Apizza. Despite its popularity, Pepe's pizzas are still family-owned.

Because New Haven-style pizza has a fragile crust, it is not a simple recipe. It requires a little time and effort, but the results will be worth it. You'll be surprised how delicious it is! 

So, what are you waiting for? Make some delicious New Haven-style pizza tonight! Or, order the same Neapolitan cheese goodness here

New-Haven Pizza Dough Hydration

If you want a crisp, light, airy crust, try the New Haven style of pizza. New Haven-style pizza dough is generally a couple of inches thick and baked in a pan coated with olive oil. 

Because it's so thin, the crust is ideal for putting on heavy toppings. The dough is usually between 60 and 65% hydration. For best results, knead the dough until it forms a cohesive ball. After that, stretch it on a pizza peel or cutting board.

High hydration will soften the gluten network in the dough, allowing larger air pockets to form in the crust. Because of the dough's ability to hold gas, these air pockets give the crust a soft and pliable texture. 

Those air pockets give the crust its rise—higher hydration results in a lighter, more airy crust and a crispier crust with a crisper edge.

How To Determine New Haven Pizza Flour Hydration

To determine the hydration of your flour, you should use a kitchen scale. A 50-pound bag of flour will make approximately 83 pounds of finished dough, which is also the weight of the dough, including the salt and yeast. 

Add at least 70% water for a high-hydration dough, and be patient when kneading it. If the dough is too stiff, add water gradually to soften it.

Final Word

Pizza in New Haven is known as the best in the nation. National food experts rank its pizzerias near the top of their annual lists. The city's pizza joints have long been the focus of a filmmaker's documentary. 

Politicians and celebrities have stopped for a slice while visiting. Connecticut natives have spread New Haven-style pizza to other cities. But the authentic New Haven-style pizza is the best in the world. 


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