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Best All Natural Pizza For Any Dining Table in Any Occasion

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Best All Natural Pizza For Any Dining Table in Any Occasion - Pizza Bien


Frozen pizzas are great frozen food options because they're quick, easy, and cheap to prepare. Much of the frozen pizza market has been dominated by frozen cheese pizzas.

But there are many frozen varieties out there with vegetables and meat toppings which is a definite plus if you want a healthier option. Here's a look at seven of our favorite frozen pizzas.


Best All Natural Frozen Pizza


Pizza Bien Plant-Based Pepperoni Pizza 


Pizza Bien is a household name when it comes to frozen pizzas in America. The plant-based pepperoni is an excellent topping on the thin crust frozen pizza. The pizzeria has some other nice flavors that you won’t simply see anywhere, such as Porcini Truffle pizza. Lovely big pieces of mushrooms and not too greasy crust. Very thin. Don't overcook it, or you'll lose the base.


Veggie Italian Style Pizza 


Frozen cheese pizzas have dominated the frozen veggie pizza market because the frozen veggies used in these pizzas aren’t exactly fresh so they taste very bland. However, this is a nice frozen veggie option if you want something with a little bit more flavor than your regular frozen cheese option! A frozen pizza with actual veggies on it, crispy pepperoni bits are always good! The sauce is quite bland and needs some work to improve.


Margherita Pizza by Pizza Bien


Nothing can beat the simplicity of a Margherita pizza.  And Pizza Bien offers the most authentic taste from Naples pizzeria direct to your dinner table. This thin-crust Italian delicacy will blow anyone’s mind with the freshly made dough, creamiest cheese, and original San Marzano tomato and basil on the toppings.

Make sure you are extra cautious while heating the pizza. Too much heat will make the crust too crispy, and you can get nacho feelings in each bite. Too low will remind you of the arctic while gulping on the frozen crust.


East Chicago Deep Dish Pan Pizza   


If you want a frozen pizza with a thick crust, then this is one of the few frozen options on the market. There are other frozen deep dish pizzas on the market, but they're pretty soggy in comparison to this style that has perfected their frozen deep-dish pan offering. Thick crust, very filling, and tasty frozen option. A bit more expensive than your average frozen pizza.


Roasted Vegetable Pizza 


Roasted Vegetable Pizza - all natural pizza - Pizza Bien


This pizza style has been around for a while, so it's no surprise they have some great frozen veggie pizzas on offer! The roast vegetable flavor comes with mushrooms, red onions, green bell pepper, and tomatoes which all taste fresh when you cook them up frozen. The vegetables taste frozen instead of many frozen veggie pizza options, full of frozen flavorless veggies! No protein topping, needs some more meat options.


Pizza Al Forno 


You will get an excellent frozen pizza with a focaccia-style crust and absolutely delicious toppings! The Fior di latte mozzarella used on this frozen pizza is simply divine. It's like eating frozen deep-dish back home in Chicago! The right balance of cooking time, delicious sauce and cheeses, tastes like authentic Italian pizza here. It comes frozen without proper packaging, so you need to watch for freezer burn during storage/transport before cooking it up.


Barbecue Chicken Pizza 


This frozen pizza is a real treat. The barbecue sauce is sweet with hints of smokey flavor, which livens up the frozen pizza experience! Name your toppings bar that allows you to load it up with whatever you want, tastes delicious, and is not overly processed like some frozen pizzas out there. Limited availability down under could be cheaper given how much this pizza cost in restaurants.


Napoli Thin Crispy Crust Four Cheese Pizza 


This is an above-average standard frozen thin-crust cheese pizza! For those who cannot wait for a fresh frozen cheese option from their local supermarket deli counter, this frozen crispy thin crust option is a frozen pizza winner! Thin crispy frozen crust, generous cheese and sauce ratio. Soggy frozen cheese crisp doesn’t taste too good.




These frozen pizzas are great frozen pizza choices, but the best ones come down to your personal preference. If you want healthy options, then go for our frozen veggie pick.

Or if you want something with more flavor, then the frozen deep dish pick will be right up your alley! Whichever one you pick, though, just remember to put it on the oven rack above the pan rather than directly into the base so that it's not soggy when it's cooked through!


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