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Can You Have Pizza and Spaghetti Together?

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Can You Have Pizza and Spaghetti Together - pizza and spaghetti - Pizza Bien


When Italian cuisine strikes our head, the first and foremost thing that comes to our head is pizza and spaghetti. The two intricate dishes are widely popular all across the globe, straight from Italy. Each dish has its style and way of being cooked. The best part is that so many rich-flavored spaghettis can be paired with a delicious pizza!

We all have our ideal pizza pick, from a fancy Porcini pizza to a classic Margherita from PIzza Bien. The same goes for pasta. From a traditional Bucatini to a contemporary Spaghetti, we want to have it all! However, when we pair pizza and pasta together, there are some crucial things to keep in mind to get the best flavoring all across your tastebuds. 

Although hard to imagine, the pairing for pizza and pasta may be your new thing! Trust us when we say this - the perfect pairing can enhance your regular dinner night to a sophisticated and classy experience that leaves your mouth wanting more. 

Without any further ado, let’s start knowing all about having pizza and pasta together.


Why Pair Pizza and Pasta Together?


When you make yourself a fine Italian dinner or dine-in at a restaurant of your choice, you’re most likely to have pasta with toasted bread. Likewise, everyone popularly enjoys pizza with a side of salad or hot wings. It’s not instinctive to order pizza and pasta together. 

However, when you’re out with your family or friends and want a heavy dinner, we suggest ordering a pair of pizza and pasta together. Not only will the pair fill your tummy up, but it’ll also make your sense of taste happy. 


Nonetheless, you need to be aware of the flavor profile of both of the items. The simple rule of thumb is to pair light with heavy. For example, when you order a deep dish pizza that gives you a burst of meaty flavoring, we suggest pairing it up with a simple fettuccine. The mixing and matching will refresh your palate without making the dishes overwhelming. 


When you pair both pizza and pasta, the tastiest combination, it creates a delicious meal that’ll make the flavorsome dishes linger in your dreams. However, you must beware of going wrong with the pair-ups. Hence, we’ll be helping you out to mix and match the best Italian pairing of all time!


How To Pick The Best Pizza and Spaghetti Pairing


It’s essential to pick the best pizza and spaghetti pairing if you want to enjoy and indulge in the best-tasting flavor profiles. Let’s talk about a few of the critical points you need to know before you make your pizza-pasta pair up:


1. Go For Contrasting Flavor 


When you order pizza and spaghetti or any form of pasta together, it’s essential to ensure a contrasting flavor. For example, when you order a heavy and rich profile Sicilian pizza, it’s important to get some light pasta to go with it. 

Take up something fresh with one of your orders to match with the second entree. If you end up ordering two rich dishes, you may feel “too-full” afterward. Again, if you eat two light dishes, you’ll be left unsatisfied with the flavoring. Hence, contrasting flavoring is important. 


2. Balance Your Food Pyramid


Remember always to follow the mantra of your food pyramid taught back in elementary school. Your meal should contain two-thirds of proteins, one-third a green vegetable, and one-third a healthy carbohydrate.

However, many kinds of spaghetti come with a pre-included side dish. Hence, pay close attention to what flavor profiles you’re bringing to the table. Overpowering proteins can ruin your spaghetti and pizza combination so that it won’t be a match made in heaven! 

Hence, always follow the food pyramid rule to eat healthy and give a refreshing taste to your taste buds. 


3. Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice!


Only the daredevils try to go down the road of mixing sweet and spicy food. That being said, daring to take a sweet and another spicy entree may confuse your palate. In this case, we recommend our readers to bring two dishes of the exact nature.

You may ask yourself, how can spaghetti or pasta be sweet when they’re both savory items? Well, tomato paste, cinnamon, cardamom, saffron, etc., can bring sweetness to your dish. Thus, when you order a spicy dish, the spice will overpower the sweetness of the other meal.


When you order a sweet dish and a spicy dish, it will certainly not be up-to-the-par. Hence, for optimum taste, try to stick with a spicy or sweet combination!


4. Explore and Have Fun!


Although some combinations may be risky to try, don’t forget to let yourself indulge in a bit of exploration. Food is an art, and so is mixing different kinds of spices. It’s not always about eating but rather focusing on how beautifully nature’s bounties come together to create not only one but two entrees of pizza and spaghetti. 


When you experiment with complimenting one flavor with another, you’ll soon get the sense of what you like. After all, no one knows your flavor palate more than yourself. You may like Hawaiian pizza while thousands don’t agree; that is perfectly alright! 

Therefore, don’t just stick to recommendations on the internet or from friends and family. Go out there and explore a bit! You may be shocked to find a combination that does wonders inside your mouth.


Best Pizza and Spaghetti Combinations 


Best Pizza and Spaghetti Combinations - pizza baked spaghetti - Pizza Bien


To make pairing up pizza and spaghetti together easier for you, we have prepared a few ultimate pizza and pasta pairings that can never go wrong. Once you try these pairings, you’ll fall in love with the lingering taste of a beautiful entree combo!

Here are your must-try flavorings.


1. Margherita Pizza and Spaghetti with Marinara Sauce


One of the most basic pizzas is a Margherita pizza. Not too heavy, not too light. Not too sweet, and not too spicy. It’s the perfect burst of tomato goodness in your mouth. Meanwhile, marinara sauce spaghetti is also one of the most simple spaghetti recipes. 

Both of the pairings include tomatoes, herbs, garlic, and more. They’re both comforting food that no one can go wrong with. The sauce and the pizza will complement each other perfectly as if they’re meant to be! 


2. Four Cheese Pizza and Alfredo Fettucini


Fettucini is one of the significant kinds of the spaghetti family. When you pair the cheesy goodness of a four cheese pizza with alfredo fettucini, your palette will be surrounded by lingering cheesy goodness. 

Make sure to pair the combo with a side of salad. The freshness and the greens of a salad will pair the cheesy pizza and spaghetti experience a lot lighter. Undoubtedly, your tummy may fill up to the brim, but your mouth will be left wanting more!


3. Plant-Based Pepperoni Pizza and Roasted Tomato Spaghetti 


When you’re eating a plant-based pepperoni pizza, you should expect the goodness of tomato sauce, meatless pepperoni, which will give it a meaty flavor, as well as the pure aroma of various herbs. 

Pairing a roasted tomato spaghetti along with it will give you the ultimate veggie experience of fresh ground tomato and a rich tanginess. For vegetarians, this is the best-suited option. You can check out Pizza Bien to get the best-frozen pizza to enjoy at home. 


4. Porcini Truffle Pizza and Spaghetti with Bechamel Sauce


When you’re indulging in the goodness of something as rich as a porcini truffle pizza, you’ll want something light to pair it up with. Hence, spaghetti with bechamel sauce. Bechamel sauce generally contains the richness of cream and mushroom, perfect to compliment a rich porcini truffle flavor. 


The pairing will undoubtedly give you the best of both worlds! When combining the creaminess with the spices in the truffles, you produce a taste explosion that creates the ultimate feast of spicy, flavourful cuisine for daring diners and spaghetti pizza lovers. 


5. Potato Porcini Pesto Pizza and Spaghetti with Bolognese Sauce


Potato porcini pizza has a rich aroma of the earthly flavors of porcini mushrooms. In this case, pairing it with the meaty goodness of bolognese spaghetti will enhance the full potential of the flavors.

Both of the dishes contain intense flavors. However, they’re also subtle in their ways. Hence, it’s the perfect pairing that can hold the flavoring. On top of all this, the sweetness from the porcini mushroom will complement the meaty bolognese pleasantly. This is undoubtedly a bold experience!




Now that you’re hungry reading about all the delicious delicacies we’ve just mentioned, it’s time for you to explore. These pizza combinations are out-of-the-world tasty, and we can guarantee you that! You can also try making your pizza baked spaghetti casserole that can give you the ultimate taste experience. 

We hope by now you know everything there is to know about having pizza and spaghetti together. Therefore, till the next time, happy feasting!

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