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10 Best Frozen Neapolitan Pizza Available in the US

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10 Best Frozen Neapolitan Pizza Available in the US - Pizza Bien

Neapolitan is a type of pizza that has a century-long tradition of craftsmanship behind it. The pie was invented in Naples, Italy in the 1800s’, and uses only flour, water, yeast, fresh mozzarella cheese, tomato, basil, etc.

Nowadays this frozen Neapolitan pizza can be found in supermarkets, restaurants to turn any weekend dinner or outdoor event extravagant. We are going to present you a list consisting of the 10 best frozen Neapolitan pizzas available in the US. They have combined both healthy ingredients and delicious flavors.

Pizza Bien’s Porcini Truffle Pizza

The hand-crafted truffle pizza is the only go-to for mushroom lovers when it comes to Italian frozen pizzas. All-natural porcini mushrooms, fresh and delicious ingredients make this a real treat! Our authentic Neapolitan stone-fired pizzas are handmade from scratch using high-quality flour made in Italy. These doughs are hand-stretched by pros who know what they're doing - meaning that you'll get your favorite dish with the perfect crust every time.

Topped with fresh mozzarella and mascarpone cheeses, scattered with porcini mushrooms, sprinkled with truffles in every bite. For an all-natural flavor and the rich authentic texture, you crave our pizza smoothed over creamy slightly sweet cheese for a decadent meal that will satisfy even your wildest cravings!

Organic Vegan Margherita Pizza

The organic vegan Margherita pizza contains organic mozzarella cheese, fresh basil, olive oils, sweet peppers with no salt or sugar, fresh veggies, and sauce made from fresh vine-ripened tomatoes with no salt. Other ingredients are organic whole wheat crust, rosemary, and oregano sauce (organic tomato puree, organic sweet onion, organic garlic, etc.)

This healthy frozen pizza comes with a hand-stretched dough made with Italian wheat, salt, and a hint of yeast. You can eat it just by itself without any toppings sometimes. The GO VEGGIE Healthy Thin Crust contains more than 25% more vegetables such as spinach, broccoli florets, etc., than any other veggies pizza. This healthy frozen pizza is one of the best products for people who want to eat healthily but still want the delicious taste!

Pizza Bien Plant-Based Pepperoni Pizza

Our plant-based pepperoni pizza is 100% vegetarian friendly with a thin, crispy crust and an authentic meaty texture. Made of all-natural ingredients like fresh mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce, mildly spicy plant-based veggie pepperonis on top for that extra kick! 

These pizzas are handmade from scratch. You will enjoy the freshness of the flours of Italian grains on the crispy crust. Due to hand-stretching, the crust is evenly thin on the center and bubbly on the edges.

Stone-fire oven cooked the pizza to perfection while infusing the charred flavor on each of the toppings ingredients. You will find the authentic taste of a small pizzeria in Naples on each bite.

Garden Veggie Pizza

The next best Neapolitan vegetarian pizza we want to introduce to you is the garden veggie pizza. It contains Soy Curls--a meat alternative made by real soybeans with natural plant protein, not genetically modified ingredients; Vegan Pepperoni--a healthy meat alternative made by real soybeans with healthy fat, not genetically modified ingredients. No preservative has been added to this pizza. Moreover, the fried pepperoni and veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, etc.) are fried in healthy soybean oil!

The fresh ingredients of this healthy frozen pizza have a lot of health benefits such as calcium in vegan cheese can strengthen bones; fiber in peppers is good for the stomach; antioxidants in tomato can lower blood pressure; vitamins A & C help to fight against cancerous cells. That's why this Italian pie is still one of the best frozen Neapolitan pizzas available now!

Pizza Bien’s Potato Porcini Pesto Pizza

Potato Porcini Pesto Pizza - healthy frozen pizza - Pizza Bien

We’re proud to support the Authentic Neapolitan pizza. Our potato, porcini (wild) mushroom and pesto pizzas start with a thin but crispy crust made from Italian grain flour at its base. A vegetable medley of potatoes topped with tomato sauce and cheese comes next before we add all-natural mozzarella that only gets better when you top it off with more veggies like our fresh mushrooms or some homemade basil pesto for an extra burst of flavor!

The deliciousness of the dough is evident in its texture. The way it sits on your tongue will remind you what pizza should be like—buttery and light with a crisp crust.

Vegan Thin Crust Pizza

This vegan thin crust pizza has a light crust and healthy ingredients such as organic tomato sauce, wheat-free soy-based cheese with healthy fats, vegan sausage made from organic whole soybeans (not genetically modified ingredients. You can rely on the healthy fats of the veggie pepperoni, and vegan mozzarella cheese.

Roasted Vegetable Thin Crust Pizza 

This healthy frozen pizza was inspired by Italian cuisine which contains walnuts and arugula on the thin crust. The thick layer of roasted vegetables, caramelized onions, fire-roasted bell peppers, sliced mushrooms cover the thick red sauce inside and make this best frozen Neapolitan pizza more delicious!

You will love the healthy ingredients on this pizza. They include whole wheat crust--made from healthy grains, no preservatives added; Red Sauce made from San Marzano tomatoes, fresh garlic, vegan mozzarella cheese with healthy oils. Moreover, these best frozen Neapolitan pizzas are the only ones that have vegan cheese available in the US market!

Melted Cheese Thin Crust Pizza 

The next pizza we want to introduce to you is a thin crust pizza that has a lot of melted cheese on the crust. The pie also comes with healthy ingredients such as organic tomato sauce--which is good for the heart and cholesterol; olive oil; red peppers--which can lower blood pressure and risk of a heart attack. The dough contains high-quality fiber that promotes digestive, liver, and cardiovascular health.

These healthy frozen pizzas are also low in calories, fat, and sodium! This melted cheese pizza has more than 2/3 fewer calories than traditional pizza; only 110 mg of sodium per slice. It is the only Top 5 healthy frozen Neapolitan pizza that uses vegan cheese available in the US market now! Moreover, these best frozen Neapolitan pizzas have 10% more red peppers to make a healthy gut.

Four Cheese Combo Pizza 

The four cheese frozen pizza is one of the best healthy pizzas available now! It comes with fresh toppings and crust that includes organic tomato sauce--which contains vitamins and minerals; whole wheat crust with no preservatives added; mozzarella, cheddar, provolone, and swiss cheese. Moreover, these four-cheese pizzas are low in sodium and fat: 500 mg of sodium per serving and 120 calories per serving! It's one of the best frozen vegetarian pizzas you should try!


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