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4 Best Neapolitan Pizza Reviews You Shouldn’t Miss

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4 Best Neapolitan Pizza Reviews You Shouldn’t Miss  - Pizza Bien


Do you have to make a quick lunch and have no time at all? Or rushing to watch a basketball game in your buddy’s place at moments’ notice? No matter what the situation is, all you need is the best Neapolitan pizza reviews to pick the most delicious one in the shortest time. 

There is no shortage of cheesy and meaty pizza in groceries or supermarkets. But only a handful of them can be called the best reviewed Neapolitan pizza out there. And we have done the daunting task of reviewing each of them and rounding up the seven superiors. 

Pick any of the list  and enjoy the pack full of flavor, nutrition, and fun. 


Pizza Bien’s Potato Porcini Pesto Pizza


After a long day, your taste buds are begging for something to satisfy their cravings. It doesn’t matter if you need dinner or lunch; with Pizza Bien Potato Porcini Pesto pizza, it’ll never be the wrong time. 

Made fresh from high-quality ingredients like self-rising artisan dough made by Italian pizza makers and an authentic Neapolitan stone-fired oven, this is one of the best Neapolitan pizzas out there. Experience the new product that combines potato porcini pesto sauce made entirely from fresh tomato sauce with natural porcini (wild) mushrooms and cashews! 

With six 12-inches pizza in every box, this pack will cheer up even those winter mornings when all seems bleak around you.


Pizza Marinara


The ancient roots of Pizza Marinara are less obvious than those found in the pizza Margherita. The name is misleading many people who imagine a seafood-based pizza with tomatoes, but it’s not true! 

History shows that ingredients have remained relatively unchanged for centuries. It includes tomato sauce, garlic cloves, olive oil (or other cooking oils), salt flakes or sea salt to taste, dried oregano leaves, and basil leaves to top off the flavor profile.

Pizza Marinara - Best Pizza Reviews - Pizza Bien


A typical marinara pizza comes with 523 kcal and almost zero trans-fat. Due to the crispy crust, fresh tomato, and basils, you get a great punch of dietary fiber. 

The origins of this delicious Italian staple date back more than history can trace - some say as far back as Ancient Rome when they were known by their Latin names "placenta" ("flat cake") or “fragmentum panis."

Ancient sailors used to take this pizza during long voyages due to its unique preservation properties. And the name ‘marinara’ stayed with the pie honoring those brave sailors of Italy. 


Pizza Margherita


In 1889, Italian pizzaiolo Raffaele Esposito is said to have created the now-famous Pizza Margherita. The story goes that Queen Margherita of Savoy asked him for a dish she could sample on her visit. 

And this simple recipe with tomatoes from San Marzano, mozzarella cheese, fresh basil leaves, and salt was what Esposito came up with in honor of the queen's request. It may seem like an unlikely combination today, but back then, it would be more akin to peasant food than royalty - yet still delicious!

This Margherita pizza is the perfect pie for a hunger-inducing picnic. These Italian flag topping colors are imaginative and colorful, basil green popping up from underneath white mozzarella cheese drizzled in tomato sauce's red hue. With only three ounces of cheese, these ingredients may seem meager, but they pack enough flavor to keep your taste buds satisfied while giving you energy!


Pizza Margherita Extra


You must be wondering what is extra in this Margherita pizza. Well, the answer is cheese. Pizza makers use mozzarella di Bufala instead of regular mozzarella while being extra generous. So, you get a more cheesy and creamier taste on each bite. 

Like the traditional Margherita, this Margherita extra is also topped with San Marzano tomatoes, fresh basil, extra-virgin olive oil, and salt. The only thing that makes the difference is the amount and types of mozzarella cheese. 

Instead of sprinkling shreds of fresh mozzarella, pizzaiolos dump chunks of mozzarella di Bufala generously over the thin crust. The taste of this mozzarella made from water buffalo (di Bufala) milk is bolder, creamier, and softer than any regular mozzarella balls. Thus, you will get ‘extra’ richness and flavor on every bite. And this is where the suffix ‘extra’ is attached to the classic Margherita pizza.


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