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Pizza Bien Makes the Most Eco-Friendly Pizza

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Pizza Bien Makes the Most Eco-Friendly Pizza - Pizza Bien


Now everyone searches for “eco-friendly restaurants near me” in search engines. Why won’t they? Most restaurants waste food and consume a humongous amount of energy in preparing, storing, and delivering foods. 

Pizza Bien stands alone in this crowd. From selecting the best flour for the crust to delivering the pizza to your doorstep, we ensure sustainability and care for the environment. And, of course, while keeping your stomach satisfied. 


Chemical Free Ingredients


A perfect blend of Italian traditions and natural ingredients, our Neapolitan stone-fired pizza is made entirely from high-quality, all-natural products. We use only the freshest produce to make it taste as authentic and traditional as possible. Our original recipe combines fresh mozzarella cheese with potatoes and Porcini (wild) mushrooms for a savory dish that's sure to satisfy your cravings!

We only work with farmers who ensure a chemical-free growing and harvesting process for all of the ingredients we use to handmade our pizzas such as flour, tomatoes, cheese, and herbs. The mozzarella cheese we use is made from free-grazing buffaloes or cow’s milk who enjoy the fresh water and moist grass of the Castera and Salemalemo provinces in Italy. We only collect from those farms that adhere to a no-steroids or no-antibiotics policy with their castles. 

We typically use Tipo 00 flour made from the finest Grano Tereno wheat. The wheat is finely milled to get a powdery texture for the flours. High protein content and powdery texture make the signature crust of any Neapolitan pizza. And Pizza Bien only selects those Grano Tereno wheat grown in the most natural and chemical-free environment. 


Least Carbon Footprint


Restaurants around the world can’t minimize the carbon footprints while serving you the food. Moreover, a massive amount of wastage food and packaging adds a new dimension to the waste management and global carbon emission issue.

In Pizza Bien, we serve the most authentic Neapolitan pizza to your doorstep. Thus, we are very diligent about waste energy consumption and resultant carbon footprint issues. To keep our carbon footprint low, Pizza Bien ships pizza in large batches so that we can cut both the shipping cost and carbon emission through the shipment process. It helps us to keep your palate satisfied while keeping the wallet healthy!


Least Carbon Footprint - Most Eco-Friendly Pizza - Pizza Bien


We ensure the energy consumption stays under control throughout the pizza making and baking process. The stone-fire oven stays warm for a longer time while using a lesser amount of fuel than any other conventional oven. Therefore, it requires fewer firewoods to make more pizza at a time.

Naturally grown products are our preference for tomatoes, extra virgin olive oils, and mozzarella cheese for pizza toppings. We partner with those farms that use sustainable agriculture, irrigation, and harvesting. In this way, Pizza Bien also promotes local farming to help the environment.

Sustainable Packaging


Each of the authentic Neapolitan pizzas is individually flash-frozen and wrapped, packed in an eco-friendly insulated liner. The packages are filled with dry ice to preserve the absolute freshness of each ingredient. The packaging keeps the taste and shape of the pizza throughout the entire journey from Bel Paese to your doorstep.

We take extra care while packing individual pizzas so that the freshness stays inside before you open it in your kitchen. In addition, a part of the packaging is made from recycled materials that keep the waste management cost and related energy consumption low.

Pizza Bien is your first and last stop for all of the delicious pizza you could ever want! With over ten different varieties in stock at all times, there’s something for everyone on Pizza Bien! From our handmade fresh pizzas to our mouthwatering calzones, we have a perfect balance of flavors that will satisfy every craving and sustainable growth of the environment.


Pizza Bien brings you delicious, perfectly cooked crust, all natural pizza, handmade with the freshest and highest quality ingredients in Italy. Get this pizza shipped to your door. Click Here to Order Now!





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