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The Best Way To Store Pizza In The Fridge

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 The Best Way To Store Pizza In The Fridge - Pizza Bien


We have all had crazy 3 am craving moments throughout our lives. We understand that when the craving hits, it’s almost impossible to reason. Sometimes, you may end up ordering that 14 inch pizza, and of course, not be able to finish it. 

However, you can always pop in the fridge to ingest the next day. This subtle curiosity is what led you to stay up at night googling, “how long can you store pizza in the fridge?” 


Hence, in our article today, we’ll be discussing all there is to know about perfectly storing your pizza for the longest time. Hold up, that’s not only it! We’ll also be describing tips and tricks to reheat your leftover pizza, so you get a fresh slice even after days. 

Without any further ado, let’s begin!


How Long Can You Store Pizza in The Fridge

We have all had our moments of having leftover pizza but not knowing how to store it. It would help if you didn’t let your pizza die in the leftover box, dry, unappetizing, and non-consumable. After all, why would you let the pizza go bad when you can enjoy it the same even two days later?

So, should you pop the box right in or transfer it to a plate? Or should you be wrapping it up in aluminum foil? Questions like these may storm your head, but our instructions will tell you about the best way to store pizza in the fridge. 


Storing Your Leftover Pizza

The best way to store pizza comes with a little bit of work. Although it’s not as easy as throwing your leftover pizza with the box in the refrigerator, it’ll make the taste test for the 2nd time around much better than any leftover pizza you’ve ever had. 

Hence, you’ll need the following things for storing your leftover pizza:

  • Aluminum Foil / Parchment Paper / Baking Paper
  • A glass plate 
  • Plastic Wrap / Thin Plastic Bag
  • A refrigerator 

Once you’ve gathered all the things you need, you can start storing your pizza in the best way possible. 


Step By Step Process for Storing Leftover Pizza

  1. Ready your pizza: Firstly, you’ll want to gather all the necessary materials for storing the pizza. Forget about the cardboard box days; now it’s time to throw it away. 

If your pizza is still hot, wait until it’s cooled down before you store it in the fridge.

  1. Assemble the stack: We’ll follow a simple rule of thumb when storing leftover pizza: stack them all. Believe it or not, the stacking will ensure your pizza crust doesn’t lose its integrity. The cheese on top of your pizza will also be able to retain the moisture better when it’s stacked. 

The first thing you’ll want to do is take your glass plate, put a pizza slice and on top of it, place parchment paper or any other substitute. This will prevent the pizza from curling up and will make sure there’s not much air to circulate the pizza. Stack all your remaining pizza slices one after another. 

  1. Wrap it up: When you’re done with stacking the slices, take a plastic wrap and wrap up your entire dinner plate. However, if you do not have plastic wrap, you can use a plastic bag to wrap up your leftover slices tightly. 

Although in case you’re using a plastic bag, you’ll have to place the bag on your dinner plate before stacking. Later, you can stack the pizza on top of the bag and knot it up. 

This is all you have to do to make sure your leftover pizza is as good as new! If you’re wondering how long is pizza good for in the fridge, you can store it for up to 4 days in the regular fridge and up to one and a half months in the deep freezer.


How to Reheat Leftover Pizza

Whether you want to reheat your pizza in the oven, the skillet, or the good old microwave - we got you! Let’s see the four best ways to reheat leftover pizza. 


How to Reheat Pizza in the Toaster Oven 

You can heat your frozen pizza in a toaster when you want to warm up one or two slices. This process will not only make your pizza taste crispier with the gooey goodness of the cheese but also save your time. Let’s see how you can do it.

  1. Preheat your toaster oven before popping your pizza inside.
  2. Put your toaster heat on medium, pop your pizza inside and let it toast for 3 minutes. 
  3. Observe the pizza. If the cheese starts bubbling and the crust gets brown, it’s your cue to take it out. 

Tip to Reheat pizza in the Toaster Oven: Make sure to not leave the pizza in the toaster oven for more than four-five minutes, or else the crust may burn.

This is the easiest way to heat your pizza when you’re in a rush. You’ll find the pizza to be as yummy as it was the night before.


How to Reheat Pizza in the Oven

Out of all the ways, reheating your pizza in the oven is the best way. Putting your pizza in the oven will help you achieve the best and the freshest taste amid all other options. You’ll barely be able to notice any difference between the pizza you’ve had the day before vs the one you’ll be having after reheating it in the oven.

 How to Reheat Pizza in the Oven - 14 inch pizza - Pizza Bien


The only problem with using the oven while reheating the pizza is that it takes time. It will also increase the temperature, which is a downside in the summer. You may want only to use this technique when you have most of your pizza left, as it may be too much work for one or two slices. However, the taste is worth the work!

Follow these steps to reheat pizza in the oven:

  1. Preheat your pizza to 175 C or 350 F. 
  2. Place a metallic foil on top of a rack. Proceed to place the pizza on top directly. 
  3. Bake for ten minutes or less, depending on the power of your oven. Keep an eye out so it does not burn.

Tip to Reheat Pizza in the Oven: Longer bake times will ensure a crispier pizza crust. If you want a crisp crust faster, preheat a sheet pan in the oven before popping your pizza inside. On the other hand, if you prefer a soft crust, put your pizza in an unheated sheet pan.


How to Reheat Pizza on the Stovetop

One of the best ways to reheat pizza in the microwave is to give it a little taste of your old-fashioned skillet! If you have a few slices remaining and don’t want to waste time reheating the pizza in the oven, the stovetop works great. 

You can make sure the cheese and the topping maintain their texture and softness while making the crust crispier by reheating it in the skillet. We prefer a well-seasoned iron skillet, but a non-stick works well too. 


Here’s how to do it step by step:

  1. Heat your skillet and have a medium-low heat setting.
  2. Throw the pizza in, and let it cook for 2 minutes on a medium setting uncovered. Stir it so it doesn’t stick to the pan.
  3. After two minutes, throw on the lid for three more minutes on a low setting.
  4. Observe the crust and the cheese; take it off when you’re satisfied with the outcome.

Tip to Reheat pizza on the Stovetop: When you reheat your pizza in the skillet, use a glass lid to make sure the cheese is extra gooey! Ensure to add a little bit of water along the sides of your pizza to give it the perfect steam to warm up. You can also use some extra cheese you may have lying around the fridge to give it a little bit of your touch.

You can enjoy your pizza to the max with this process, for sure!


How to Reheat Pizza on the Microwave

Unless you’re running low on time, we recommend you not to use this method. However, you can reheat your pizza in the microwave with a few simple steps:

  1. Place the pizza on a plate and pop it in the microwave.
  2. Warm it up for 1 minute more or less; keep an eye out for when you want to take the pizza out.

Tip for Reheating Pizza on the Microwave: Place a microwave-safe mug full of water next to your pizza plate inside the microwave. This will make sure your pizza doesn’t dry out.



By now, we’re sure you know how long you can store pizza in the fridge and reheat it later for consumption. However, make sure you don’t leave your pizza out at normal room temperature for more than two hours before you refrigerate it. Your pizza can quickly turn rancid if not refrigerated. 


If stored properly, your leftover pizza can be as good as new when you reheat it! We hope our article has helped you tons in figuring out how long pizza lasts in the fridge. Till the next time, happy feasting!


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