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Calzone Vs Stromboli: Are They Different?

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Calzone Vs Stromboli - Are They Different - Pizza Bien

A calzone is a soft, dough-like pastry that is shaped into a ball and then filled with flavored cream or mozzarella. They are typically eaten as part of an Italian meal and are considered one of the easiest pastries to make. 

On the other hand, a stromboli is made from Stato Alimentare (national foodstuff) dough that is deep-fried and shaped into a ring. It is usually eaten as part of an Italian meal and often contains cheese or ham.

However, if you're an enthusiastic chef or food enthusiast, you must be wondering about the details of the differences between the two. Thus, without any further ado, let’s start knowing more about delicious calzones and stromboli! 

Calzone vs. Stromboli: Everything You Need to Know

Calzones are similar to pizza but have a much thinner crust. Calzones are typically filled with mozzarella, ricotta, or provolone cheese. They are often served with extra sauce. Both are baked, but they can also be fried.

While stromboli is a vegetarian option, it can also be made with meat and vegetables. Unlike calzones, stromboli can be topped with a variety of ingredients. In general, any pizza topping can be added to a stromboli. 

Meanwhile, a calzone has its own characters. You can also check out why calzones differ from pizza by clicking here! Let’s get more into knowing the differences between calzone and stromboli without any ado!

Calzone Vs. Stromboli: What's The Difference?

Calzone vs. stromboli: What's the difference between these two Italian sandwiches? Both are made from dough and filled with cheese, meat, and other toppings. The key differences between calzone and stromboli are the crust and ingredients used.

Health Factor 

The stromboli was invented in the 1950s and is a type of rolled-up pizza. It is served with sauce on the side. Like calzone, it is filled with ingredients like tomato sauce, cold cuts, vegetables, and mozzarella cheese.

When comparing calzone vs. strombolis, you need to consider the number of calories in each. Stromboli have more calories than calzones. A single stromboli can contain up to 900 calories. The stromboli is similar to a calzone in appearance but has a much higher calorie content.

Making Process 

Calzones are usually made from dough that is folded over a filling. On the other hand, strombolis are rectangular pieces of dough rolled up lengthwise, with the excess dough folded over the edges.

Calzones are traditionally made with mozzarella cheese, and strombolis are made with French bread dough. A stromboli is usually filled with meat or seafood. 

Both are similar in taste and texture, but the decision is ultimately personal. If you're on a diet, a vegetarian calzone is a much healthier choice than a meat-filled stromboli.

Eating Style 

There are many variations of the stromboli. It can be made as a jelly roll or Little Debbie Swiss Roll or rolled into a loaf of Italian bread. Either way, they are easy to eat and are excellent for parties. You can also find a recipe for stromboli and feed a crowd.

Stromboli is different from calzones in that it is folded into a semi-circle before cooking. The ingredients are then rolled up inside the dough and baked until golden brown. After baking, the stromboli is cut with a pinwheel pattern on each slice.

Calzone Recipe vs Stromboli Recipe

While both calzone and stromboli are portable versions of pizza, they differ greatly in appearance and filling. There is some overlap in the cooking of these two popular foods, but the two are very different. Read on to learn how to make both these Italian-style pizzas at home.


The first difference between the calzone and stromboli recipes is the dough. Stromboli dough is used to make a cylinder-shaped pizza. 

This dough is then filled with various ingredients, such as sausage and fennel. The dough is then rolled up to form a cylinder. The resulting pizza is then baked and sliced, producing a pinwheel pattern.


The second difference is in the cooking process. Strombolis require a baking time of about 20 minutes, whereas calzones are typically baked for 10 to 15 minutes. 

While both are delicious, they have very different cooking methods. Calzones are shaped like a half moon, while strombolis are folded. The edges are then sealed with a fork.


Both types of pizza are made from dough that is folded over a filling. The dough is then crimped to seal it. In contrast, stromboli dough is a rectangular piece of dough that is topped with add-ins. Once the dough is folded over, the extra dough is rolled over the top, creating a seal that keeps the ingredients inside.


The main difference between calzone and stromboli recipes is in the filling. Both use ricotta and mozzarella cheeses. Both include Italian meats and vegetables. Both are made from dough, and both can be filled with a variety of ingredients. 

However, a calzone is traditionally cut in half and served to a single person, while a stromboli is usually cut into several servings. Did you know that calzones aren’t sandwiches? Here's why!

Calzones and stromboli both contain cheese, but stromboli typically uses primary mozzarella instead of ricotta. 

In addition to the cheeses, stromboli usually has other ingredients like cured meats and capicola. The cheeses used in both pizzas are often low-moisture, allowing the interior dough to cook more evenly.

Calzone vs Stromboli Calories

Calzone vs Stromboli Calories - Pizza Bien

While calzones and stromboli are both made from the same dough, the calories in them are quite different. A stromboli can contain over 900 calories when it is ready to be eaten. This difference is largely due to the filling, which is more prevalent in a calzone.

Stromboli is usually loaded with meat, so it is not healthy if you're trying to lose weight. However, if you're a vegan, don't worry; you can still enjoy a stromboli if you want. It's also recommended to eat a green salad along with your stromboli. 

Depending on your style, you can also choose an acidic dressing for the salad. And, if you want to get fancy, you can serve a stromboli with a glass of red wine.

Stromboli has many of the same ingredients as a calzone, but it's more like a sandwich. It's made with a pre-made French loaf dough and contains meat and vegetables. 

You can also find stromboli-style pizzas in the frozen foods aisle. The dough is soft and thin, and the fillings are usually sliced.

Does Stromboli Have More Calories Than Calzone?

Calzones contain more than half the calories of stromboli. In fact, one calzone has nearly as many calories as three slices of pizza. It's important to note that a calzone contains more than half the amount of sodium as a stromboli, but it is still more healthy than a stromboli.

A calzone is healthier because it has less cheese. While a stromboli contains cheese and pepperoni, a calzone has leaner meat and whole-wheat dough. The whole-wheat dough is lower in calories and contains more fiber. You should also avoid processed meats.

A vegetarian calzone with a traditional filling contains around 300 calories. The calorie count will vary depending on what fillings you select, but the red sauce on the outside does not add much. 

Traditional cheese fillings include ricotta and mozzarella. You can also choose a stronger cheese, such as Monterey Jack if you prefer a more pronounced flavor. You can also choose to eat authentic Neapolitan chocolate hazelnut calzone for a mouthwatering dessert! 

Stromboli Origin

While calzones are an Italian dish, strombolis are Italian-American creations. In fact, strombolis were invented in Philadelphia by Italian-Americans, and a customer reportedly suggested the name. Interestingly, the term stromboli is also the name of a famous 1950s romance film. This film was famous for the off-screen love affair between two married stars.

Stromboli Calories: A stromboli has fewer calories than a calzone, and a calzone is a smaller, folded version of a pizza. The dough is usually about a quarter-inch to a half-inch thick. It's generally around 10 inches wide and 12 inches long.

A calzone is smaller than a stromboli but has similar fillings. The only major difference is that a calzone is filled with ricotta cheese. A stromboli, on the other hand, is made with mozzarella cheese.


The calzone is a classic Italian dish that is made from a doughnut-like shape that is boiled in salt water and then deep-fried. On the other hand, the stromboli is a pastry generally made out of flour, eggs, and mozzarella cheese. It is then deep-fried and shaped into a ring or slice. 

Many people would say that the calzone is better than the stromboli. Some people may think that the doughnut-like shape of the calzone makes it easier to eat, while others may find it to be more crispy. 

So, try out delicious calzones now! Till the next time, happy feasting and stay with Pizza Bien.

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