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Does the US have pizza vending machines?

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You may have seen some of the numerous Japanese vending machines that are available and sell goods like t-shirts, apples, and umbrellas. Vending machines are convenient and easy for everyone to get what they need in an express fashion. With vending pizza machines that dispense pizza, the story remains the same. Imagine, you are on your way to work and have not grabbed anything to eat as of now. With just a check pizza vending machine near me, you can get a pizza slice or pie on the go with less hassle. The present times have seen that the vending machine craze is coming to the United States. These vending pizza machines were common in Southeast Asian countries but slowly inching toward the United States of America.  

On the Ohio State University campus, the first vending pizza machine debuted more than two years ago. It was operated by a firm called Pizza ATM. It made it possible for students to order pizza and pick it up from the vending machine without speaking to another person. In this campus vending machine pizza, students had the option of cheese or pepperoni pizzas that were made in a neighboring kitchen. The Pizza ATM's refrigeration unit keeps the food cold. An ordered pizza is then placed in the internal oven of the ATM, where it bakes for three to four minutes, or until the crust is crisp and the cheese is melted. The cost is $9 for one 10-inch pizza. Since then, another one has opened at the University of North Florida, but more recently, other businesses have begun using this concept in the United States outside of college campuses. 

It's likely that when you see a vending machine, you picture beverages or possibly stale snacks, but that's not always the case. Vending machines, particularly the distinctive ones, are widely available throughout the world and are especially well-known in Japan. Japan has a pizza vending machine, but it's not the only nation that does. In case you were unaware, the United States even has pizza vending machines. Just though there aren't many of them, not everyone is able to experience this as of now. 

At first, it could be difficult to comprehend the concept of a pizza vending machine. Is the pizza hot? Are those pieces or whole pies? How could that be fresh, really? The Pizza Self machine, a Japanese vending machine, is a 24-hour hot pizza delivery service for locals and tourists in Hiroshima. Pizza Self is made by an Italian company, it can store up to 42 pizzas, each with a different flavor. 

Pizzas may be heated up in three minutes after being pre-cooked and frozen. Since it was placed in July, the Pizza Self in Hiroshima has reportedly grown in popularity with tourists, according to the Japan Times. A New York-based business developed a gadget called Pizzametry and tested it out at the University of Rochester. Although the dough is pre-made but uncooked, Pizzametry actually creates the pizzas from scratch and bakes them in just three and a half minutes at a scorching 700 degrees.

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Additionally, in 2015 Xavier University introduced the country's first pizza ATM. This one warms up pizzas that are placed inside it by the machine's owner. Although the pizzas at Xavier are cooked by the school's dining service, anyone can purchase a Pizza ATM, brand it with their logo, and load it up with their own pizzas. So, if you don't reside in Cincinnati or Rochester, can you find a pizza vending machine near me? It looks like the vending pizza machines are spreading because the Hiroshima machine made its debut over the summer and devices started appearing in Perth, Australia, in September. 

A Canadian firm has also developed a pizza vending machine where you may choose from eight different pies. Earlier this year, the company opened up shop in Michigan, and more recently, it issued a press release announcing that it is growing its presence there. The 70 pre-made pizzas in Pizza Forno's vending machines come with a choice of eight toppings. Their website states that your automated meal will take three minutes to bake. Pizzas can be ordered cold to be delivered to your home. 

Another company Basil Street completed a trial program for its Automated Pizza Kitchens and intends to open 50 kitchens in the fall, with more to follow by the end of the year. It seems likely that pizza vending machines will expand more in the upcoming months. Consider the ease of a street corner ATM that also serves pizza. After a night out, on your way home from work, or between meetings, you may grab one for a fast supper. By making hot, complete meals readily available in a matter of minutes without requiring you to go into a restaurant or store, this trend seems to have the potential to transform both the pizza and vending machine industries in the United States. 


Vending pizza machines are becoming a common sight in the United States recently. This trend is expected to keep growing and soon you will be able to have pizza without the hassle of ordering them and standing in line. Convenience and affordability factors are sure to play major roles in this expansion. We at Pizza Bien cater to a wide variety of pizzas with different crusts, and toppings all from Naples, Italy. Choose Pizza Bien today. Click here to place your order now!!!


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