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How to Order the Healthiest Pizza for Dinner

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How to Order the Healthiest Pizza for Dinner - Pizza Bien


Pizza does not seem like a healthy option for many. Well, it is partly true unless you know how to choose the healthiest pizza to order. This Italian delicacy comes with a wide range s of options, so the line between healthy and unhealthy is pretty thin. 

Pizza Bien rounded up the seven most proven tips to pick the healthiest pizza brand as one of the most authentic pizzerias. You don’t have to go over all the nitty-gritty details of a pizza pack anymore.

These seven will be the savior in a ‘Pizza Emergency! 


Load with Lots of Veggies


Make the veggies the heart of your pizza toppings. The more you will load, the healthiest it will become. And the good news is there is almost no chance of going out of options. 

You can choose from colorful peppers, onion (raw or roasted), spinach, olives (black and regular), and whatnot. These are loaded with dietary fibers, vitamins, and minerals. And antioxidants from the colored veggies will add extra benefits to your diet. 

Veggies have a quick filling effect. So, they will make you feel full quickly and keep an eye on your portion. It’s the dietary fiber that does this guarding of your stomach. And more fiber means easy digestion and a smooth bathroom routine in the morning. 


Mushroom Will Make It Mightier 


Yes, mushrooms are always ‘pizza’s best friend.’ Not only do they add diverse flavor on the toppings but also make it rich in healthy protein and nutrition. And the best thing is you don’t have to worry about fat or cholesterol like any regular meat. 

Which mushrooms go best with pizza? Well, the options are endless. However, porcini, shiitake, button, portabella, or cremini are some of the most popular options. Pizza lovers around the globe love their taste and nutritional value. 

Thin slices of those mushrooms on top of your favorite sauce will ignite the flavor bombs on the crust. And when you sprinkle cheese over those baked pieces the combination will be simply out of the world.   


Thin Crust is Always the Best


Yes, we said thin crust in the last section because it is the best option. Bowl-type part-skim or filled crusts come with extra cheese and meats. Moreover, they also contain additives and artificial flavors to enhance the softness. 

You don’t have to worry about such issues while ordering a thin crust pizza. Those who want to taste the greatness and goodness at a time are switching to the thin crust option. They are slim in flour content but packed with flavor and fiber. 

If you want to lower the sodium, carbs, and calorie intake, switch to lean, thin-crust now. According to USDA, you will consume 50% fewer calories and 30% less sodium from a lighter crust option. 


Let’s Not Make It Too Cheesy!  


Cheese is like the blood of pizza that connects the topping with the crust and gives you the ultimate taste. You can almost cover the crust and toppings with it but wait! 

Too much cheese will enhance the intake of saturated fat that is not so healthy for you. It is far better than trans-fat, but you know that too much of anything is bad. So, what is the solution now? 

Order part skim cheese. According to USDA, these cheeses are no less tasty than traditional ones but have far less fat and calories. Now you don’t have to compromise with your cheese-loving pellets; simply switch the options. How cool is that? 


Go for All-Natural Sauce


Any healthiest pizza to order should come with all-natural sauces. You can only experience the freshest taste and high-quality nutrition from those. Besides, the all-natural sauces do not contain any added sugar and extra flavoring.  

Go for All-Natural Sauce - Healthy Pizza - Pizza Bien


Natural ingredients like tomatoes, garlic, and spices boost the antioxidant absorption in the body. And some of the antioxidants are great for keeping your hypertension low and immunity high. 

Unlike any creamier sauce, natural tomato sauce is low in sodium, trans fat, and calories. Moreover, you will get a cocktail of vitamins and minerals to blast the taste buds. 


Whole-Wheat or Veggies Crust is Wholesome 


Whole wheat is the new trend in a healthy diet. Why wouldn't it be included in the pizzerias? Flours from whole grain contain 50% more dietary fiber than any regular flour. And you know it is essential to have adequate fiber for better digestion. 

Whole wheat doughs are more consistent than regular ones. They maintain the right amount of stretching and keep the crust evenly thickened. 

If you are looking for a gluten-free option, veggie crust like cauliflower, broccoli, or beat is a great choice. Healthy pre-cooked pizzas nowadays offer cauliflower crust options for people with gluten issues. 

Veggie crusts are high in fiber but low in carbs. And the best thing is they come with a punch of protein. The egg used to make the veggie dough gives you such a great protein punch along with a great taste.  


Keep a Side with the Slices


Does it sound like putting you in a dilemma? Well, it may initially, but you will see the difference while having a healthy side with pizza. Pizzas are irresistible, and it is really hard to stop eating them. But as we said before, too much of anything is not great for your health. 

A side like salads will keep your pizza portion small and let you enjoy the taste. Moreover, if you have company, gorging on crust and toppings won’t look good. So, have a side with your favorite pizza and enjoy the company and all-natural taste.  


Choose Healthy to be Happy


Picking the healthiest pizza to order is easy if you know how to do it. But if you are in a hurry, apply these seven tips and get the best health benefits from any pizza. 

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