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The Nutritional Value of Pizza from Pizza Bien is Simply Amazing

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The Nutritional Value of Pizza from Pizza Bien is Simply Amazing - Pizza Bien


What can be that amazing about the nutritional value of pizza? Well, when you are ordering from Pizza Bien, it is really amazing. We make the most authentic Italian pizza using the century-old method of Neapolitan tradition using stone-fired ovens. 

This combination of craftsmanship and tradition makes each slice of our pizza a meal for you to enjoy and remember. Whether it is a quick dinner or a party night, Pizza Bien pizza will make it delicious and nutritious. 


We only Use Sustainable Products 

Pizza Bien believes in a world where everyone can enjoy the goodness of nature. So, we only use products that are grown and harvested through sustainable processes. We only source fresh ingredients.  

We do not use any ingredients with any pesticides or GMOs. You will only get 100% natural flavor on each bite without a trace of any preservatives or additives. How great is that?


Nutrition and Flavor is All We Care About


Yes, pizza can be a great source of your daily nutrition if you get it from our authentic Neapolitan stone-fired oven. The combination of fresh veggies, 100% natural flour, and an eco-friendly cooking process make each slice both delicious and nutritious for your family. 

Pizza Bien ensures per servings of our authentic Neapolitan pizza contains 

  • Calories to Keep you On the Go
  • Protein for Muscle Building 
  • Saturated Fat for a Healthy Heart
  • Sodium to transfer Energy all over the Body 
  • Dietary Fiber for an Easy Digestion 
  • Calcium for being strong from the inside, and 
  • Vitamin D, Iron, & Potassium 

Next time, if your health-conscious friend or colleague asks does pizza has nutritional value, you have plenty to answer. 

Moreover, we also ensure per servings of our great Italian pizza contains 

  • 100% All-Natural 
  • NO Colors or Sugar Added 
  • NO GMOs
  • NO Artificial Flavors
  • NO Hydrogenated Oils 

Nutrition Sources of Pizza


Now you know what the nutritional value of pizza is, especially if it is from Pizza Bien. However, you must be wondering which nutrition comes from where. So, let there be light! 




Fresh from Italy to your Dinner Table. That’s all we try to do. No wonder you will get the freshest veggie toppings on our authentic Neapolitan pizza. We use real mushrooms, pesto, cashews, potatoes, fresh cheese and natural tomato sauce. 

Nutrition Sources of frozen Pizza


Each of our pizzas is loaded with dietary fibers, vitamins, and minerals. Moreover, mushrooms and pesto are excellent sources of calories and protein too. 

Potatoes and Tomatoes offer an antioxidant called Lycopene that keeps your hypertension under control with each bite. Digestion is easier when you have all-natural ingredients both in crust and toppings. 


Pizza Crust


You will be surprised to find the pizza crust nutritional value that directly comes from our oven. Our pizza craftsmen make each dough with personal care and dedication to ensure the best outcome on your dinner table. 

Each of the crust is made from naturally-rising artisan dough using only 100% real Flour. Yes, we choose the flour that only contains the taste and goodness of nature, not any additives or artificial flavoring. 

You get a good amount of dietary fiber, vitamins, and minerals from the crust. Besides, it will boost the calorie intake along with the toppings. 

When baked, the yeasty flavor of the charred thin, crispy crust will give you the feel of an off-street pizza shop in Naples street. Why not include your family and friends in this journey? 


Taste Makers 


No, tastemakers are not any MSG or artificial flavoring. It’s your favorite CHEESE, spices, and essential oils. 

In Pizza Bien, we use a wide range of Italian cheese to intensify the flavor and nutritional value. You will taste the original Mozzarella di Bufala, Fontina, Gorgonzola, and Parmigiano Reggiano in our wide range of authentic Italian Pizzas. 

These cheeses are not only tasty but filled with bone-building calcium, saturated fat, protein, and calories. There is no better alternative than a pizza slice if you want to have all the natural greatness and taste. 


Nutritious Tips For Ordering Healthier Pizza 


October can be National Pizza Month, but almost 93% of Americans order pizza each month, making the number that Americans eat to 3-billion pizzas per year. That’s a lot of mail order pizza for sure. 

But such a huge number doesn’t mean all of them are great for your health. A pizza can be quite unhealthy if you don’t know how to order or select it. Thank God you don’t have to worry about this with Pizza Bien. 

However, for other pizzas, here are some tips to make them a healthy option for you. 


Added Sugar is Not So Sweet for Your Body 


Saucier toppings don’t make the pizza good from a nutritional value. Yes, they are savory but utterly unhealthy. Artificial flavoring in the sauces comes with a whopping amount of sugar. And you know that too much sugar cannot be good for you. 

Only order pizzas that come with a natural tomato sauce made from fresh ingredients. 


Whole Ingredients is Always Wholesome   


Your health should pass on pizzas made with artificial flavor, additives, and crust mixes. They may look stunning, but you won’t get much nutrition. In Pizza Bien, we only use all natural ingredients directly from the farms free of any artificial additives or pesticides.   

Check for the ingredients list before you order. 


Load it With Veggies 


Get rid of any processed meal, no matter how juicy they look, and load the toppings with veggies. You will get a vast range of options like tomatoes, basil, mushrooms, pesto, potatoes, and many more. 

They are a great source of vitamins, minerals, protein, and calories. So why don’t you give it a try next time?


Portion Control Practice  


No matter how good it is, too much of anything is not so great. Thus, you need to practice portion control while having the best pizza in town. It will keep calorie intake in control and won’t make you feel bloated. 


Pizza Bien, Great Value for Money and Nutrition 


The nutritional value of pizza matters a lot. So, order it from a place that ensures it with the highest dedication and care.

Our delicious authentic Neapolitan pizzas are handcrafted with all-natural freshness of high quality ingredients (nothing pre-made or processed) in Italy. Get these pizzas sent straight to your front door. Order the best mail order pizza here!



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