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My New Pizza Stone Smells - What To Do Now?

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My New Pizza Stone Smells - What To Do Now - Pizza Bien

It probably smells neutral if you've just purchased a new pizza stone. Odors usually start after a few weeks of use, so a little extra effort now and then will help. 

Cleaning your stone will help it stop smelling bad and leave you with a clean, smelling pizza! However, if your new pizza stone is causing a stinky smell, there are a couple of things you can try. 

So, keep reading to know everything about what you can do to get rid of the smell and much more!

Why Does My Baking Stone Smell 

If you want to keep your stone from smelling, you should clean it regularly. Over time, it can collect food debris and become blackened. Fortunately, this usually doesn't cause any issues until the stone starts smoking. 

The reason your stone starts smelling is due to absorbed fats and oils. When the temperature is high, many oils begin to smoke and produce unpleasant odors. 

A good tip is to use baking soda instead of soap. Baking soda is a natural degreasing agent. You can apply it to your stone without worrying about food residue. It works great for cleaning and is even edible. 

How To Fix Baking Stone That Smells

Moreover, you can mix baking soda with warm water to make a paste. This paste can help get rid of stains deeper in the stone. 

Try a mixture of baking soda with water and use a scouring pad to scrub off the mixture. This will remove any leftover baking soda and burnt-on food.

If you're trying to clean the pizza stone but aren't sure what to do, you can try using baking soda. After removing the stuck food can scrub your stone with a damp dishcloth or a stone brush. 

You can also use a plastic scraper to get rid of stubborn food stains. Baking soda is mildly abrasive but won't affect the taste of the food on the pizza. It also has the advantage of being non-stick, so you can use it for deep stains.

Once the stone is clean, you need to remove any water or oil it may have on it. The water can stick to the pores and compromise its integrity in a hot oven. The oil on the stone could cause it to smoke. If it has any moisture, immediately wipe it off with a dry cloth. 

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Tips on How To Clean Pizza Stone Properly 

When it comes to cleaning a pizza stone, you should keep in mind that some materials are more difficult to clean than others. 

Marble, for instance, can be difficult to clean, but it can be cleaned using a mild detergent or household bleach. However, it's best to avoid anything that can damage the polished finish of the stone. 

1. Get Rid Of Stuck Food Particles 

When cleaning your pizza stone, always remember to remove any food particles from it. Cornmeal and flour help create a non-stick surface and a great crust. 

Besides using these materials to clean your stone, you can also use abrasive methods and heavy-duty cleaning products to remove the food stains and crusty bits. 

Some deep cleaning techniques may also be required to remove bacteria and germs that may be stuck inside the stone pores. Higher temperatures will get rid of this bacteria.

2. Start Using Damp Clothes 

Using a damp rag or dish soap is a great way to clean your pizza stone. Be sure to use a non-abrasive soap that is safe for stainless-steel surfaces. 

If you're not sure, ask a store employee about the right cleaning products to use.

If the dirt and stains are difficult to remove with a plastic scraper, you can use baking soda to clean them. To avoid damaging the coating of your pizza stone, you should always test the cleaning solution on a hidden area of the stone before using it.

3. Use Crescent Rolls

If you're looking for a more gentle way to remove food stains from your pizza stone, consider using crescent rolls. You can purchase them at your local grocery or online. Simply roll up the roll as you would a pizza and place it on the stone. 

Allow it to soak for an equal amount of time before removing it. Once you're done using the pizza stone, make sure to rinse it thoroughly with water. This will prevent any harsh fumes from ruining the stone.

4. Use Mineral Oil

Afterward, you can use mineral oil to polish your stone. Mineral oil is a natural lubricant, so it's a safe choice for even-tempered ceramic tiles. It will bring a natural luster to your stone and give it an even shine. 

But remember, you shouldn't rub the stone with water as it may damage it. This isn't an effective solution for a cracked stone, so be sure to clean it properly first before applying anything to it.

5. Auto-Clean cycle

You can also try to use the auto-clean cycle to clean the stone. However, be sure to allow the oven to cool down before using this method. 

Otherwise, you'll have to sand down your stone and wipe it down once it cools. If your authentic Margherita pizza stone is already black and moldy, you can try sanding it down. 

Mold is only able to grow in a moist environment, so don't forget to wipe it down properly.

Why Is My Pizza Stone Leaking Oil?

If your pizza stone is leaking oil, make sure to wash it regularly. The grease will evaporate. Then, season the stone by applying a thin layer of oil. This will help it retain its heat for longer. The seasoning process is very similar to that of a cast-iron mold. After that, you should allow the stone to cool down before using it again.

However, if you use an oil-based product for cooking your pizza, it will not last as long as a stone with an oil layer. Is there a baking stone alternative for pizza? Yes, and you can find all about it here

Just be sure to use oven gloves when handling the pizza stone, as the grease will get into it. Bake the pizza stone for one hour, and it should produce grease bubbles. Once the bubbles stop popping, the auto-clean cycle will burn off any traces of food.

To thoroughly clean the oil residue from your pizza stone and remove a stubborn stain, you can apply a baking soda and vinegar paste. Then, wipe the stone with a clean cloth.

How To Use A Pizza Stone

How To Use A Pizza Stone - new pizza stone smells - Pizza Bien

Despite its ease of use, the most important thing to remember when using a pizza stone is to clean it properly. Here are some basic tips if you're wondering how to use a pizza stone.

  • Don't Let It Stick 

Firstly, always use plenty of flour while making your pizza. A pizza with a lot of fat and oil may stick to the stone and crack. It's also recommended to use plenty of flour for the dough and test it before placing it on the stone. You'll be able to tell if it's sticking after a couple of uses.

  • Wash And Care For

Soap can easily erode the surface of the stone. Instead, you should wipe it down with hot water and scrape away the food matter. '

It is recommended to clean the baking stone once or twice a week, but it will need to be dried thoroughly before use again. Listed below are tips for maintaining your pizza stone.

  • Bake The Right Things

You should avoid cooking meats and other food when using your pizza stone. It may burn the bottom and become undercooked. It may also absorb any detergent or moisture from the food. The best use of a pizza stone is to bake bread, crackers, quesadillas, or other foods that aren't delicate. 

  • Reheat Slowly 

To prepare your stone for baking, you need to place it on the lowest or middle rack of the oven. It will be too hot for the stone if it's still cold.

To make sure the stone is not too hot, set the temperature of your oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit for a 16-inch pizza. To use the stone for baking, it is best to pre-heat the oven at least ten minutes before cooking the pizza.

If you place your stone in a very hot oven, it can crack. This is why you should gradually increase the temperature of your oven with the stone inside. If you want to avoid a burn, you can use a paddle to remove the authentic Neapolitan pizza from the stone. Make sure to let the stone cool completely before removing it from the oven. 

For the best results, you should wipe the stone with warm water before you use it. To prevent bacteria from forming on your pizza stone, use a wooden or plastic spatula to remove stuck-on bits.

Final Word

In conclusion, if you notice that your pizza stone smells, don't worry! You can do a few things to try and fix the issue. First, try baking a lemon on the stone. If that doesn't work, you can also try scrubbing the stone with a stiff brush and some vinegar. 

If neither of those solutions works, it might be time to buy a new pizza stone. Thanks for reading, and happy feasting! Buy here now!


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