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How Many Grams Of Dough For 12 Inch Pizza Do You Need?

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How Many Grams Of Dough For 12 Inch Pizza Do You Need - Pizza Bien

If you're planning on making a pizza for yourself or others, it's important to know how much dough you need. A 12-inch pizza requires about 255 grams or 285 grams of dough. 

Additionally, it is helpful to have some idea of the dimensions of your pizza pan. A 12-inch pizza will fit nicely in a 13 x 9-inch baking pan, while a 14-inch pizza will fit in a 15 x 10-inch pan.

If you're looking for a pre-made pizza that comes with the most mouthwatering dough in town, you can order authentic Neapolitan pizza now! 

However, there's lots more to know about perfecting your pizza dough. Without any further ado, let's begin. 

How Much Dough Do I Need For a 12-Inch Pizza?

Using a weight calculator can be a great way to find out how much dough you need for a 12-inch pizza. Most people have difficulty determining the amount of dough they need for a pizza. 

Smart Apps

Luckily, there are some apps available to help you. PizzApp+ is one of them. You simply enter the weight of the dough ball you are using, and the app calculates the amount of dough needed for a 12-inch pizza.

Dough Calculation

Another method is to use a dough calculator. The first calculator will tell you the weight of a finished dough ball. If the dough ball weighs 180 grams, it will be about the size of an orange or tangerine. 

The dough ball will double in size after rising, so the larger the ball, the better the finished product. For a 12-inch thin-crust pizza, 225 grams of dough will be plenty.

Once you have the weight of the dough ball, you can calculate the surface area of your pizza. For instance, if your pizza has a thick crust, you need more dough. Deep-dish pizzas, however, need a larger amount of dough. 

Consider Topping Weight

A standard twelve-inch thin crust pizza weighs 195 grams. The weight will increase if you add extra-heavy toppings like mushrooms. This measurement is important for calculating the weight of the pizza. 

The size of the slice is also important. Extra-large pizzas naturally have more weight because the surface area is larger. 

The dough used for this type of pizza is thinner than the one used for standard crusts. 

How Many Grams of Dough Do I Need for a 12-inch Neapolitan Pizza?

One of the most common questions from pizza makers is, "How much dough do I need for a 12 inch Neapolitan?" The answer is a bit complicated because this type of pizza requires a small amount of yeast, and the weight of the flour will vary depending on the type you use. 

If you're baking a Neapolitan pizza, you need relatively high-quality flour. W250-320 flour is ideal. The dough ball should be around 255 grams, resulting in an 11 to 12-inch thin-crust pizza. 

The ingredients used in an authentic Neapolitan pizza dough are water, flour, yeast, and salt. The combination of these ingredients produces an incredibly flaky yet chewy crust.

How To Bake Neapolitan Pizza Dough

This pizza is baked at high temperature for up to twenty-four minutes and is best made in a wood-fired oven. However, you can bake a Neapolitan pizza in a conventional oven as long as you follow the instructions.

Depending on how big you want your pizza, you can adjust the weight per ball of dough. For a 12-inch pizza, for example, the weight of one dough ball is about 255 grams or 285 gms for thick crust. 

Once you've made the dough, divide it into small balls and cover each with plastic wrap to prevent it from sticking to the surface. Once you have the dough, place it on a lightly floured surface and brush it with olive oil.

Then place the dough in the oven. Once it's preheated, turn on the oven. The dough should be at least 20 degrees Celsius (68 degrees Fahrenheit) or hot enough to rise.

If you want to make a 12-inch pizza at home, you can buy a pizza dough machine or make it yourself. A stand mixer is great for this task because it has an automatic kneading function. It also makes the dough easier to work with and knead. 

After it has rested, you can stretch the dough and then top it with your favorite toppings. Once it has rested for at least 30 minutes, your pizza is ready to bake.

How Many Grams Should a Pizza Dough Be?

When making pizza dough, you should keep in mind that you do not need to use a specific recipe, and you can experiment with different recipes to find what works best for you. 

For example, you might use a 275g dough recipe for a 10-inch pizza with a large crust, while a 210g dough recipe for a small crust would work better. 

If you're wondering how much salt for pizza dough is enough, click here to know more!

To make the dough, simply place a large bowl on a scale, and weigh it. You can then measure out the total weight of the dough by recording the relative amounts of each ingredient.

For a typical 14-inch pizza with a New York-style crust, you'll need 520 grams of dough. A Chicago-style deep-dish pizza needs 858 grams of dough. This is roughly the same amount of dough as a grapefruit. 

The exact amount will depend on your personal preference, but you can adjust the amount of dough to match the size of your pizza. You can also adjust the dough size, but the smaller the ball of dough, the thinner the crust will be.

Good-quality pizza dough should contain a high amount of gluten. Gluten is a protein that is found in wheat. It helps hold the dough together and is responsible for its stretchability. 

When water is added, it helps form a network of gluten proteins, giving the dough a distinctive structure. The more kneading you do, the stronger the gluten is. Once you've achieved the right consistency, it will be easy to roll out pizza dough.

After making the dough, store it in an airtight container or bowl covered with plastic wrap. Let it sit at room temperature for about an hour or overnight. Once it's ready, divide the dough into balls and roll each into a disc. And, your pizza is ready! 

How Much Cheese Do I Need For a 12-Inch Pizza?

How Much Cheese Do I Need For a 12-Inch Pizza - Pizza Bien

To make a perfectly delicious pizza, you should add four to five ounces of cheese per twelve-inch. In addition to shredded mozzarella, you can use other types of cheese, like fontina or chopped Asiago. 

For extra cheese, you can add an ounce or two of each type to the base of your pizza. Once you have a ballpark amount of cheese, you can begin topping your pizza!

Different pizzas have different numbers of slices, depending on how much you want it to be. If you plan to feed five people, then you will need two medium pizzas with three slices of each. 

For the sake of simplicity, a standard 12-inch pizza is about a half-inch-thick from center to edge. A slice of cheese should be one-eighth to one-fourth inch thick. In general, a single twelve-inch pizza can serve two to three people.

If you're not sure how much cheese to add, you should order several ahead of time. Ordering ahead will give the pizza guys enough time to prepare your order. So, without any further ado, order authentic Neapolitan pizza now and get the cheesy goodness of Italy. 

Then, you'll be able to customize your order with the cheesy toppings and sauce you prefer. 

How Much Pizza Sauce Do I Need For a 12-Inch Pizza?

Depending on the size of your pizza, it may be necessary to add more or less sauce. A 12-inch pizza, for example, may have 4 ounces of sliced fresh mozzarella or shredded mozzarella cheese. 

Adding too much or too little sauce to your pizza can result in a soggy center. In addition, the raw sauce has a sour flavor. 

When cooking tomatoes, they develop a better flavor and will blend more effectively with the other ingredients. To make your own sauce, you can follow any instructions on the container, but a little goes a long way. Just remember to make sure you use a good quality tomato sauce.

One way to measure your sauce for a pizza is by using a spoodle. A spoodle is a flat-bottomed ladle that helps portion the sauce and spread it evenly. Many pizza operators start out using a scale but eventually move away from it.

To make your own pizza sauce, follow the instructions below.

  • First, heat up olive oil on medium-high heat. 
  • Add the grated onion and garlic. 
  • Cook for about 30 seconds. 
  • Add tomato paste and sauce. 
  • Stir well and add red pepper flakes. 
  • Pour the sauce onto the dough, covering it up to an inch from the edge. 
  • Do not worry about making the sauce uniformly thin - the sauce will settle in as it cooks.
  • Serve thinly on top of the dough when you have the right consistency.


In conclusion, if you're wondering, "how much dough do I need for a 12-inch pizza," it really depends on how large your pizza will be. 

For a small pizza, you will need about one and a half cups of dough. For a medium pizza, you will need about two and a half cups of dough. For a large pizza, you will need about three and a half cups of dough. 

So, the answer to this question is really dependent on the size of your pizza! However, don't forget to order Italian Margherita pizza to taste pure authenticity and deliciousness.  

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