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Should You Get A Pizza Oven? Yes, and Here’s Why!

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Should You Get A Pizza Oven - Pizza Bien

When you’re starting to love baking pizza regularly, you might ask, “is a pizza oven better than a regular oven?” The answer is, yes, it is! 

Everyone knows that a pizza oven is the best option for baking pizza. Not only is it more efficient than a regular oven, but it’s also much more spacious. Plus, you can put a lot of food in one go, ensuring that your pie is evenly cooked. 

However, regular ovens have certain benefits you might not want to miss. So, if you’re considering whether or not a pizza oven is the right choice, be sure to research and find one that fits your needs perfectly.

Without any further do, let’s look more into pizza oven vs. regular oven and a lot more!

Is a Pizza Oven Better Than a Regular Oven?

The main difference between a pizza oven and a regular oven is that a pizza oven is designed for baking your pizza at a consistent temperature. Unlike a standard oven, it doesn't require you to rotate the dough. This feature makes it faster to cook the pizza. 

A pizza oven should be preheated for about 15 minutes before cooking the pizza. This will help the oven reach the desired temperature and maintain it for the entire cooking process. You can also bake various other foods in a pizza oven.

Pizza Oven Vs. Regular Oven: What Are The Differences?

One of the most heated discussions is constantly revolving around pizza ovens vs. regular ovens. The answer is that there are several differences between a pizza oven and a regular oven, and we’re here to make it easy to understand. Read on below to find more. 


For starters, a pizza oven produces different types of heat. A regular oven cooks food at a constant temperature, while a pizza oven releases three different kinds of heat. These types of heat come from fire, floors, and convection. 

As a result, the cooking time is shorter with a pizza oven. Moreover, a pizza oven can retain heat better. Your flour can also influence crispiness, so check out how to pick the best flour here.  

Heating Elements

Regular ovens have two heating elements: a bottom heating element and a top heating element. This allows the cooking temperature to be controlled by the heating elements. However, a regular oven lacks an installed fan that allows hot air to circulate more effectively. 

A traditional brick oven uses rocks and bricks to keep the heat in. This style allows the pizza to cook evenly. The downside is that you need to restock the firewood regularly. A countertop pizza oven requires no wood or gas but much less kitchen space.


A regular bake oven produces a soft and crumbly crust, while a convection oven creates a crispy and brown crust. While the convection oven makes the crust crisp and golden, it's harder to master. Moreover, convection ovens require more preheating, but the results are better.

A wood-fired pizza oven is another type of oven that produces consistent, crisped pizzas. It also has a lower temperature, which helps keep the nutritional value of the toppings intact. It's also an energy-efficient option.

Energy Consumption

One of the biggest differences between a pizza oven and a regular oven is how they use the fuel. Some pizza ovens use wood pellets, while others use coal or gas. 

A coal-fired oven can be more expensive than a wood-fired oven, while a gas-fired oven uses gas. In addition, a wood-fired pizza oven is more portable and requires no fuel.


Portable pizza ovens are small and portable, while countertop and freestanding models are larger and stand-alone. Portable pizza ovens can be used outdoors, but the best choice for an urban apartment is a kitchen oven with a good pizza stone. 

However, knowing which features are important to you when buying a pizza oven is essential. You can also use a metal or wooden pizza peel for your pizza oven. 

Why Is The Temperature Important For Pizza Oven?

The temperature of a pizza oven can be set to a particular temperature, which is important for browning and cooking the different types of pizza. However, this feature is expensive. It depends on the type of dough and style of pizza you want to make. 

For example, some pizza styles require a lower temperature for a longer time, while others are designed to be cooked quickly at a higher temperature. A pizza oven with too high a temperature can burn the crust or the toppings, so it's important to choose one that matches the specific characteristics of your pizza.

The primary difference between a regular and a pizza oven is its heat. A pizza oven can generate more heat than a regular oven, as the deck is usually made of stone. The intense heat of a pizza oven causes the crust to rise rapidly. This results in a nicely risen crust. It also helps to crisp the bottom of the pizza, keeping it from getting soggy.

Pizza ovens can also come with temperature controls and extra cooking racks. Moreover, the cooking boxes can be large enough to cook several pizzas simultaneously. In addition, you can use the oven for other baking projects as well.

Should You Get a Wood-Fired Oven?

Should You Get a Wood-Fired Oven - Pizza Bien

A wood-fired oven can reach temperatures of up to 900 degrees. This high temperature can produce a crust with a nice char and a chewier crumb. However, a wood-fired oven has some disadvantages. The wood burning causes the oven to produce smoke, leading to uneven cooking. Nevertheless, the higher temperature helps to compensate for these disadvantages.

There are several advantages to using a pizza oven over a wooden oven. One of them is that it is safer and more convenient to use. You can use both wood and gas for cooking your pizza. It is important to choose the right type of wood for your oven. Hardwoods like oak, maple, ash, and birch tend to burn more evenly than softwoods.

If you have limited outdoor space, you can use an electric oven to cook your pizza. These ovens can handle up to a twelve-inch pizza and take up a moderate amount of counter space when used. However, if you don't want to use a pizza oven for outdoor use, you can use a smaller one indoors.

What is The Benefit Of a Pizza Oven?

You may not know, but pizza ovens have immense benefits when baking your pizza most delicately. 

When you don’t have a traditional pizza oven, you can also order Margherita pizza. You can bake in any oven and still get the best Italian bite! 

Protects Nutrients

A pizza oven is an excellent way to prepare delicious pizza at home. It uses a heating component that cooks the pizza quickly while preserving raw vegetables' vitamins and minerals. Its design allows the user to control the temperature and cooking time and doesn't take up much space. It is also a cost-effective way to cook pizza.


Pizza ovens also produce high heat levels, which helps them create a crisper crust. The high heat also helps seal moisture in the dough, ensuring a delicious crust and flavorful pizza. The high temperatures produce a crispy outer crust and melty cheese. 

A pizza oven can cook a pizza faster than a conventional oven and produce an incredibly crisp crust. These high temperatures also help to seal in moisture, preventing soggy bottoms

A pizza oven with wood-fired heat allows you to produce the crispiest pizza crust. In addition, wood-fired pizzas cook at high temperatures.. This results in a crispy and flavorful crust.


A pizza oven powered by wood can impart a rich, delicious flavor to the food cooked in it. Different types of wood can be used in wood-fired ovens to achieve different flavors. 

Typically, fruit wood is a good source of wood, though you can also use ash or oak. Just ensure the wood has been dried properly and seasoned before using it. It will burn cleanly and produce minimal smoke.


A pizza oven is a versatile appliance that is highly economical. It is also capable of cooking more than one pizza at a time. You can use it for other types of cooking, such as roasting meats or vegetables. Another benefit is that a pizza oven is faster to cook than a conventional oven.

You can use healthier ingredients than you would on traditional pizzas and even bake bread or a dessert in a pizza oven. It can also help you enjoy the outdoors with your family more.


The benefit of a wood-fired pizza oven is that it cooks food at temperatures most appliances can't match. The result is healthier, tastier food. Pizzas are cooked in wood-fired ovens and can also be used to cook cakes, bread, roasts, vegetables, ribs, stews, soups, and desserts.

Final Word

Oven-baked foods contain less fat than fried ones. This makes them healthy for people on a diet, and it also reduces the number of calories they contain. In addition, foods cooked in the oven do not contain as much extra virgin olive oil, so they contain less saturated fat. 

Especially when it’s a pizza oven, it will help you make the best pizza every time. To get your authentic Neapolitan pizza at home, order now from Pizza Bien. Till the next time, stay healthy and keep on feasting.

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