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Pizza Party Ideas For Adults

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Pizza Party Ideas For Adults - Pizza Bien

Ready to have some pizza party ideas for adults? Here are a few suggestions that might interest you. 

First, consider hosting a game night. This can be a fun and entertaining way to spend time with friends and family. This is an ideal event for those who are looking to have some good food and company.

Our best recommendation is pizza from Pizza Bien for the best possible pizza night. The authentic and lingering Italian flavors captivate your guests and leave them wanting more. 

Hence, without any further ado, let’s begin knowing all about planning a pizza party! 

How Do You Prepare For a Pizza Party?

Throwing a pizza party is a traditional way to celebrate any occasion. Pizza parties are always a hit whether you're celebrating a kid's birthday, the end of a sports season, or the beginning of school. Not only are they easy to prepare, but they're inexpensive, quick to serve, and delicious.

Select Your Toppings

Before you prepare the pizza for the party, you'll want to ask your guests what their favorite pizza toppings are. You can do this the day before the party or ask guests to RSVP to let you know what they want to order. Whether it's a cheese pizza, pepperoni, or anything else, you'll be able to customize the party accordingly.

Prepare Baking Area

First of all, you'll want to have enough cooking surfaces. A flat cookie sheet, a baking stone, or a pizza peel are good options. 

Remember that the oven can only bake a couple of pizzas at a time, so it's best to have enough pizza baking sheets on hand. This will allow guests to assemble their pizzas while another is cooking.

You should also make a pizza sauce and set up the pizza toppings. You can season the sauce and cheese with garlic powder or onion powder. Then place the pizzas in the oven under a heat lamp or in a regular kitchen oven. If the crust isn't crispy, it's not ready yet.

Own The Party

If you're planning on serving pizza to guests, consider renting a space for the event. This way, you'll be able to save money and also be in charge of the food and clean-up. 

A pizza party can get messy, so it's a good idea to provide tarps and disposable tablecloths to make clean-up easier.

Calculate Your Pizza Servings

You'll also want to prepare plenty of servings. The classics like pepperoni and mozzarella are always crowd-pleasers, but you can branch out with spinach, artichoke hearts, or hummus spread. 

Also, fruit and vegetables are a fun choice as toppings, but you are sure to pair them with the rest of the menu. Also, did you know mozzarella is the best cheese to bake? Find out more by clicking here.

Decorate Your Area

Pizza party decorations can be simple or complex, depending on the theme. Red and white tablecloths, paper cups, and napkins are inexpensive and can add a festive flair to the event room. 

If the party is during the evening, you can use paper lanterns to give the venue a festive feel. You can also provide the guests with aprons or chef hats as party favors. Kids will enjoy pretending to be pizza chefs.

Make sure to order the food ahead of time to arrive on time. You can order pizzas in advance, so you don't run out of toppings. You can also arrange for flexible delivery times.

7 Tips for Throwing a Pizza Party for Adults

Tips for Throwing a Pizza Party for Adults - Pizza Bien

Pizza parties are fun and a great way to get your friends together. They can be themed or built-your-own. 

Pizza is one of the most popular party foods and never fails to please a crowd. Try these ideas to create a fun party. Don't forget to make plenty of delicious pizzas and choose unique toppings. You'll find a pizza that everyone will enjoy.

1. Make It Interesting!

There are several ways to spice up a pizza party for adults. While pizza is a classic and tasty dish, you can add a twist by adding games and activities to keep the guests entertained and involved. 

For example, you can create a casino night or host a murder mystery game. In addition to pizza, you should also have plenty of decorations to add a festive flair to your party.

2. Set Up A Pizza Station

First, make sure to prepare the pizza ingredients and pizza dough. You can make your dough or purchase some premade pizza dough, but you must prepare it well before the party. 

When preparing the dough, divide it into lumps based on the number of guests and keep it refrigerated until the big day. Then, prep the toppings and cheese. Also, prepare the bar and table for the pizza party.

For pizza ideas, click here.

3. Finish On A Sweet Note

Another way to get your guests excited is by preparing desserts. A delicious cheesecake, brownies, or tiramisu can be served as dessert. 

You can also serve cookies for dessert. You can choose from different flavors to make it more interesting. For beverages, you should serve soda, lemonade, or punch. Water is also a good option.

4. Consider The Vegetarians 

If you're hosting a pizza party for adults, you'll want to include something for vegetarians or those with special dietary needs. Some guests may be allergic to dairy, gluten, vegan, or vegetarian. 

To accommodate these guests, ask them about their dietary requirements in advance. You can also offer them gluten-free or vegan cheese or provide them with alternative options for food.

5. Include a Theme Based Pizza Contest 

If you're throwing a movie-themed pizza party, you can hold a contest to see who makes the best movie-themed pizza. You can also host an international pizza party, where guests can taste pizzas worldwide.

6. Ramp The Decor

Pizza parties can be as informal or as elegant as you want. Adding candles, tablecloths, fancy plates, and napkins can make the party more classy. And don't forget about the food! After all, pizza is a delicious treat, so go ahead and make it memorable.

7. Include Freebies At The End

Decorations can be simple or elaborate, depending on your budget. A few balloons, lights, or banners will add a festive touch to your event. Additionally, you can place colorful tablecloths, patterned plates, and napkins on the tables. 

You can even give out chef hats or aprons for your guests to wear. Kids love to dress up as pizza chefs.

How Many Pizzas To Order - Inch Calculator

To calculate how many pizzas to order, you'll need to know how many people are at your party. A good starting point is three slices per adult and two slices per child. If your guests are ravenous, ordering a few extra slices per person is best. 

However, there is a specific formula for finding how many pizza slices you need. To find out how many slices you need, multiply the number of guests by three slices per adult and then divide that number by the number of slices per pizza size.

You'll also need to know the diameter of your pizza. Since no two pizzas are the same size, you'll need to round up to the next pie. Other variables can affect the size of your pizza, such as the diameter and number of toppings.

Use Inch Calculator!

Using a How Many Pizzas To Order - In-inch Calculator is easy and fun. This tool lets you know how many pizzas to order for your next party or get-together. You'll also avoid wasting food by ordering too many.

If you're serving fifteen people, you'll need 45 pizza slices. A medium-sized pizza will cost more than an extra-large one, but you'll pay less per slice. This will make the overall cost of the pizzas more affordable. If you don't eat the whole pizza, you can eat it the next day and save money.

Calculating Pizza For Pizza Party

When ordering pizza from a restaurant, it's essential to consider the value. To do this, you can use a simple formula to find the cost per square inch of the pizza. You'll also need to know the size of each pizza so you can order the right amount.

If you're planning a party or want to order a large pizza, you should use a How Many Pizzas to Order - In inch Calculator. Using this calculator will make ordering pizza easier. 

Pizzas are usually divided into small, medium, and extra large. The medium size is 8 to 10 inches in diameter and yields six to eight slices. The extra-large size is about 16-18 inches and serves twelve slices. Depending on the thickness of the crust, your guests may have fewer or more slices.

When you order pizzas, you should also consider the type of toppings you choose. A few examples are pepperoni, supreme, or veggie. Another option is gluten-free and vegan. You can also order pizzas containing antipasto. Some pizza places even have a gluten-free crust.

When ordering a pizza, remember that you should always leave a generous tip! Many pizza places will charge a premium for delivery. Also, leaving a tip for the delivery driver is polite, as they might have other stops before you.


In conclusion, there are many different pizza party ideas for adults. Some ideas include hosting a pizzeria crawl, going out to eat, or having a picnic at your home. Whatever the idea, make sure to enjoy a delicious slice of pizza together with your friends! Till the next time, happy feasting.

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