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What Is So Special About Italian Pizza and Pasta?

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What Is So Special About Italian Pizza and Pasta - Pizza Bien

Whichever cuisine you decide to browse, one thing is for sure. No matter where you travel, you will find authentic Italian cuisine one of the most popular. Everyone has a special place in their heart for pizza and pasta, from children to adults.

Thus, the question comes to mind: what is so special about Italian pizza and pasta? The reason is simply because of how admiring, affordable and authentic the cuisine is. 

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However, to explain in further detail, we have come to curate an article to let you know precisely what makes authentic Italian pizza and pasta so special! Without any further ado, let's begin.

What Makes Italian Pizza and Pasta Special

When we talk about Italian cuisine, pizza and pasta come first. You can find them almost in any country. Thus they became an Italian special. However, upon research, it was found that a few factors influence the specialty of the dishes.

Hence, let's see what makes Italian pizza and pasta special. 


When it comes to diversity, Italy is everything from homogenous. In the northern and southern hemispheres, the differences are striking. Even the tiniest hamlet has its personality, dialect, and cuisine.

Thus, every district has famous dishes like calzone, pizza, and pasta. The flavors are striking, and often they're vegetarian-friendly, meaning everyone can enjoy their dishes!

Because of this wide variety, local cuisines and ingredients may be abundant. Many alternatives are available for you to choose from!

Second, this cultivar is used to produce Italian meals for export. Pizza, the Italian capital's signature dish, has the potential to conquer the world if it can prosper in Milan. This industrial city is in many ways diametrically opposite to Naples.

Thus, in the end, to no surprise - it did conquer the world! A variety of Italian cuisine made it shine.


If you ask an Italian what their finest attribute is, they may say their creative imagination. Italians thrive in art, athletics, and design, and their creativity never ceases to astonish. To know more about the diversity of their pizza, check out if pizza is a fast-casual Italian dish or an Italian delicacy.

Italians are masters of combining simplicity and inventiveness in the kitchen. Each dish is researched and modded for hours to ensure even the tiniest detail isn't left out.

Even dishes that pre-existed without any changes later got a spark from their kid. For example, if you look at pizza - it started from being tomato sauce on white bread to having wide variations such as gourmet pizza.

We understand that reading about pizza makes everyone search for "Italian pizza near me." Therefore, if you want to try the best gourmet pizza, order Pizza Bien's Four Cheese pizzaTheir pizza is undoubtedly the closest you'll get to the authentic Italian flavors of Naples. 

Thus, Italians with a vital spot for imagination take their culinary experience to different heights. 


If you look at history, you'll know that pizza is a dish of the peasants. In Naples, the poor used to eat tomato sauce with bread that had different toppings laid on top. The Queen was inspired to eat the dish and often sent out her knights to fetch the pizza from the streets for her. 

Hence, the story proves that their food was made with affordability from the beginning of their cuisine. You don't have to be rich to try out Italian cuisine in any corner of the world. 

Italians proved their versatility and affordability excellently, making it one of the easiest items to prepare right at home. 

Close To Our Own Cuisine 

No matter what ethnicity you belong to, it'll spark a homely feeling inside you when you try out Italian cuisine. This fun fact is that most Italian recipes are derived from non-Italian ingredients. 

Italians have been using ingredients such as tomato, coffee, and cheese, which belong to other cuisines almost religiously. Thus, when you taste Italian cuisine, it's sure to make you feel like comfort food. 

How did Pasta Become so Popular?

Pasta, one of the most eaten meals worldwide, has lasted for hundreds of years in the culinary world. However, it's pretty easy to figure out why and how pasta became so popular by assessing the dish properly. 

It's not only the age of pasta that makes it delicious. That, plus the fact that it hasn't altered much in hundreds, if not thousands of years of production and use, makes it even better. 

The ancient Greeks and Romans made pasta in various ways, but Renaissance dinners are still known today.

It's hard to picture a meal lasting 500 years and remaining mostly unchanged. However, most people want two basic things in the kitchen, they are:

  • The food must be simply cooked
  • The ingredients must not be costly
  • The dish must be healthy 

As for pasta, it had all the above pointers checked. Since it's made using essential ingredients such as wheat and eggs, and the fact that it's only boiled and baked without much hassle makes it even better. 

Pasta comes in a variety of shapes and sizes for a reason. Sauces cling to starchy meals with plenty of surface area, and to our benefit, the variety of viable shapes enhances recipe creativity.

Like few other dishes, you may pair pasta with practically any ingredient. Pasta recipes may incorporate bacon, sirloin, asparagus, and peas. No other meal offers such a wide range of sauces, from plain marinara to a complex clam sauce.

Pasta is also very healthy. You'd be mistaken about pasta's calorie count. A cup (two servings) offers just 200 calories and a gram of fat.

This complex carbohydrate has slow digestion and regulated blood sugar production. A diet high in fiber may help prevent intestinal and other malignancies. It's abundant in minerals and folates, making it excellent for your heart.

It's easy to prepare, cook, and serve. Italian eateries are still doing well. Any household kitchen would benefit from having one, whether you're helping a small family of five or fifty.

But one feature of pasta has evolved significantly over time. 

Most home chefs have access to more tools and apparatus than ever before to create pasta. There are more rollers, bowls, and other equipment than before. 

Material science and ergonomic design advances have made these things more durable, healthier, and more affordable. 

Pasta-making machines are less costly, more reliable, and come with more options than twenty years ago.

Pasta is neither a "food you should avoid" nor a "boring food." It is not only healthy but also delicious.

How did Pizza Become So Popular?

How did Pizza Become So Popular - italian pizza near me - Pizza Bien

Pizza was around before the word itself was coined. Pizza is supposed to have been invented by the Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, and other Mediterranean countries using flatbread, toppings, spices, and oils. 

Pizza has been around for millennia, even though it wasn't always referred to as such. To know more about the history of authentic Neapolitan pizza and what makes it unique, click here.

Pizza's origins may be traced back to a first-century BC poem. The Roman poet Virgil describes this supper in his most famous works, The Aeneid. In poetry and music, pizza has been a constant source of inspiration. 

We're not poets, but we can indeed start composing poems for our beloved pizza!

As we know it now, pizza was born in Naples, Italy, in the 18th century. Pizza was also created during this time. However, Naples has played a vital influence in the development of pizza. 

In Naples, pizza was a poor man's meal. In addition, it was inexpensive and straightforward to make. Pizza's popularity soared as a result of the fact that it was cheap, easy to make, and extremely delicious. 

When it became a royal delight, it took off. In the late 1800s, pizza became a popular dish. Their farm was visited by Queen Margherita and King Umberto I of Italy while the peasant settlements were on their itinerary. 

Queen Elizabeth II discovered rustic pizza-making during this time. Because she loved the taste, her chef started making her pizzas.

Raffaele Esposito developed a pizza in honor of the Queen since she was a huge fan of the dish. Thus, the history of pizza being popular finally emerged. 

A fun fact about Italian Pizza is that the Italian flag inspired the focaccia and toppings. White mozzarella and green basil were used on the Queen's special pizza.

By the late 1800s, pizza was a popular dish in households throughout the country. Lunch, dinner, and breakfast were all provided with pizza. 

The pizza earned a new audience in the United States as more and more Italians relocated here. Immigrants from Italy brought pizza to the United States, and it quickly became popular because of its taste, nutrition, and easy-to-make techniques. 


Thus, pizza and pasta finally made their way into world cuisine and have been around. Without much more analysis, it's fair to say that everyone loves Italian cuisine! Hence. We hope you know everything that makes Italian pizza and pasta so unique. Till the next time, happy feasting and stay with Pizza Bien.

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