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Can You Use Ketchup on Pizza? You Can, Here's How!

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Can You Use Ketchup on Pizza - Pizza Bien

Pizza is a delicacy enjoyed all around the world. It uses specific ingredients, and especially pizza sauce. The primary component of pizza sauce is tomato sauce, so many people have questions in their heads regarding using ketchup as a pizza sauce substitute. 

Pizza sauce substitutes are naturally growing in number for a variety of reasons. A tomato sauce is usually made by boiling tomatoes and making them into a thick paste. Whereas a pizza sauce is a tomato sauce, it's raw and uncooked with more herbs. 

Hence, many people want to know, "can you use ketchup on pizza?" The answer - yes. And we're going to help you find out how to do so perfectly, without making your pizza soggy or bad.

Hence, without any further ado, let's see how you can use ketchup on pizza and other substitutes for pizza sauce. 

What Is Ketchup Made Out Of?

One of the most popular tomato-based sauces is tomato sauce. The sauce is filtered after cooking to remove seeds and skins. Tomatoes are ideal for the sauce because of their rich flavor, low liquid content, soft flesh that breaks down readily and thickens when heated.

A simple tomato sauce is made with diced tomato flesh and olive oil, simmered until the raw taste is gone, and then salted. It may be used as a base or component in sauces and soups. It is typically served as a main dish rather than a side dish or condiment. Despite its versatility, Italy's sauce is best known as pasta and rice sauce. 

The sauce is less concentrated and has a thinner consistency than tomato puree. To keep them moist, sauces are often infused with water or other flavored liquids, such as stock or wine. 

In tomato sauce, onions and garlic are often sweated or sautéed before adding the tomato puree. You may add red pepper flakes, black pepper, spices, and crushed or minced meat to the recipe.

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Can I Substitute Ketchup for Tomato Sauce?

Tomato sauce for pizza has to be one of the things that run out of stock very quickly. Hence, the closest thing to pizza sauce that everyone has at home has to be the mighty ketchup.

However, it's not as easy to use ketchup as it is to use pasta sauce. The reason is that ketchup is much more liquid in nature. Hence, if you're planning to use ketchup as a tomato sauce, we suggest you boil it down with oregano, salt, and sugar according to your taste.

Boiling down the ketchup will ensure that it gets thicker than its original density. However, ketchup will always remain ketchup, and it will smell distinct. Thus, if you're using ketchup instead of pizza sauce, make sure it's not the star of the show.

When you use the pizza that focuses on the tomato sauce the most, such as Margherita pizza, it's obvious that ketchup's taste will be off-putting. However, ketchup will work fine if you're using it for pizza doused in different toppings. 

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5 Other Substitutes for Tomato Sauces

Other Substitutes for Tomato Sauces - Pizza Bien

Since ketchup isn’t the best pizza sauce substitute, we have listed a few better alternatives below that you can use instead of ketchup. They may differ from pizza sauce but get the job well done!

1. Tomato Paste

The best substitute for pizza sauce is tomato paste. The reason for this is the perfect consistency provided by the paste. 

The best part about using tomato paste instead of ketchup is that, unlike ketchup, it's very thick and inconsistent. Thus, you can simply thin it down to a pizza sauce consistency.

The perfect way to substitute tomato paste for pizza sauce is by using ½ cup of water for each cup of tomato paste. Put the mixture over low heat, add a bit of spice like oregano, chili, garlic, and wallah! You'll have the best tomato sauce substitute. 

In the end, the paste is guaranteed to taste similar to a pizza sauce. 

2. Canned Tomatoes

Another holy grail when you're looking at the world of ketchup/pizza sauce substitutes is canned tomatoes. Canned tomatoes can be mashed, simmered with water, and mixed with a little bit of herb to create the perfect pizza sauce.

In a way, if you think about it, canned tomatoes are not a substitute but rather a base for the sauce. It's easy to make pizza sauce from scratch, and tomato sauce can make that process easier.

You can use canned tomatoes such as stewed, blended, diced, peeled, pre-boiled, or more! You have to drain the excess water from the canned tomatoes and mix them. After blending, depending on the consistency of the sauce, you can add water or simmer it down to thicker paste using herbs, as mentioned previously.

Using fine Italian herbs can help bring your tomato sauce substitute to an original level without much effort. 

3. Raw Tomatoes

The best way to make tomato sauce substitutes is to start from scratch. Hence, raw tomatoes are the best option for it. Although it can be time-consuming, the end product is undoubtedly more than worth it. 

The process for using raw tomatoes as pizza sauce is quite simple. You need to boil and peel the tomatoes as you would traditionally. Next up, you cook the tomatoes and add a 1:2 ratio of water to tomatoes.

You can choose to use a blender or a food processor to make sure it's blended into a smooth consistency. Later add some salt, sugar, oregano, basil, garlic powder, and you'll be left with the best-tasting tomato sauce substitute.

4. Tomato Soup

You can use tomato sauce as a pizza sauce substitute at times of dire need. We don't recommend it if you have other options at hand. However, this won't work too bad!

To use your delicious leftover tomato soup as a tomato sauce for pizza, make sure to use one whole can of tomato sauce. You can put your tomato soup directly on the heat and simmer at a low temperature for 30-40 minutes until it has thickened down to a thick paste.

Since tomato sauce is very watery, you can use more dry ingredients to absorb some of the remaining water of the soup. In this way, your crust will never become soggy, and you'll have a perfect bite of your heavenly slice every time!

5. Tamarind Sauce

If you're allergic to tomatoes, tamarind sauce can be your best choice. Why do you ask? Because of sensitivity to tomatoes, tamarind concentrate might be a great substitute for tomato sauce. 

Since it has a texture similar to tomato paste, you may substitute it for tomato sauce. Like a tomato, it tastes acidic and somewhat sour. Thus, making it a perfect substitute for ketchup on pizza. 

There are several ways to make tamarind concentrate, made from the tamarind tree's fruit. You may obtain a wide variety of it at specialist shops, online, or in the ethnic cuisine sections of select supermarkets.

It tastes like ketchup if a bit of sugar is added to the concentrate of the tamarind fruit. To make a tomato sauce alternative, you should taste and season the tamarind concentrate and water mixture as desired while cooking it on low heat.


When it comes to pizza sauce, it can be the make or break of a pizza. The first bite of your pizza gives you the impression of it as a whole; thus, it's essential to use the suitable sauce substitute when you run out of it.

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Tomato sauce is used in many different dishes. This article has you covered even if you don't want to go shopping. Tomato sauce is easily substituted. This list should have saved you some time and frustration.

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