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How to Keep Pizza Warm in Oven For Dinner? Learn Six Different Ways and Additional Tips!

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How to Keep Pizza Warm in Oven For Dinner - Learn Six Different Ways and Additional Tips - Pizza Bien


We have all had our impulsive midnight huge pizza order. So much so that a lot of pizza is left as a leftover for the next day. Since we're definitely not throwing it out, it'll get cold by the time we want to eat it again. 


Hence we all tend to ask ourselves, "how do we keep pizza warm in the oven for dinner?" Not only just leftover pizzas but also when you're hosting an event, you need to make sure the pizza stays warm without getting burned. 


Thus, this can create massive confusion in our heads. The ever longing question is what made us come together to curate this article today so you can enjoy warm pizza in several different ways. 


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Thus, without any further ado, let's begin.


6 Ways To Keep Pizza Warm In Oven


1. Wrap your Pizza

Yes, you heard that right! Keeping your pizza warm in one of the simplest ways possible is to keep it wrapped inside an aluminum foil. This process is undoubtedly the best way to reheat pizza in the oven.


Aluminum foil is a thin sheet of metal that is a fantastic conductor of heat. It insulates the heat throughout your pre-baked pizza to ensure it stays warm. 


If you're wondering how long pizza stays warm in aluminum foil, it stays for over 3 hours if you manage to cover it as soon as it comes out of the oven.


Keeping your pizza wrapped in aluminum foil inside the oven will give you the perfect warm bite even after such a long time has passed, without any hassle at all!


2. Utilize the Pizza Box

If you order pizza from different pizzerias, you can use your pizza box to your benefit to keep the pizza warm. Your pizza box can help keep your pizza warm inside the oven by letting the steam escape from the crate and preserving the humidity of the warm temperature inside. 


To put your pizza box in the oven to stay warm without the worry of burning, you'll need to preheat the oven to a temperature of 200 degrees. 


Later, when you receive the pizza delivery, ensure to let all the pre-built steam. Make sure to puncture the holes of the pizza box vents before you put them inside the oven for warming up.


Later, you can place the entire pizza box inside the oven for 130 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure it doesn't burn. In this way, it can easily stay warm inside and save the embarrassment of serving cold pizza at a party!


3. Use a Pizza Stone

Using a pizza stone to keep your pizza warm in the oven for dinner is one of the best ways. Pizza stones are a great conductor of heat, and they regularly have a steady warm temperature for their material.


You can use a pizza stone by simply preheating your oven up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit with the pizza stone inside to begin. If your oven is high-powered, it will take no more than half an hour.


Later, all you need to do when your pizza is delivered is to transfer it straight to the pizza stone. Before that, wrap the pizza with aluminum foil so no steam can escape. 


Turn off the oven heat after placing the pizza inside over the stone. In this way, you can keep your pizza warm for 2-3 hours as the pizza stone will keep your pizza warm. 

Hence, this has to be one of the easiest methods by which you can keep your pizza warm in the oven for dinner. 


4. Use the Middle Rack

If you're not looking forward to eating your pizza as soon as it arrives your way, this option can be well suited for you.

Even if you have a soggy crust that arrived with your pizza, this method can turn it into the perfect crispy slice of pizza that you want! 

All you need to do for this process is preheat your oven to 200 degrees Fahrenheit and slide the pizza in precisely the middle rack. You can keep your pizza inside the oven for an hour as it bakes and warms up.


When you're satisfied with the crust, turn off the heat and let it rest inside the oven to ensure it stays warm. 

Make sure with this process to not leave your heat running for longer. It will ultimately result in a dry and burnt crust, which is unpleasant to everyone. However, if you manage to get it out at the perfect time, you'll have the best pizza ready for being eaten warm!


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5. Use a Skillet

Everyone has a frying pan in their house. Hence, if you're missing items such as pizza stones, aluminum foil, or even a pizza box - you can use a skillet or frying pan to make sure your pizza stays warm inside the oven.


You’ll need a non-stick frying pan and put your pizza right on top of it for this process. Place your pan in the bottom rack of your oven, and preheat the oven at 200 degrees Fahrenheit.


Soon, you'll see that the pizza cheese has started to melt on top. That indicates turning off the heat or lessening it, so your pizza doesn't burn.


If you face issues with your cheese melting, use a lid on top to contain the heat inside the pan. 

Upon turning off the heat, the pizza can stay warm for up to four hours before you decide to warm it up again.


Hence, a skillet's going to save the day just like that for the umpteenth time. We all love our mighty skillets for warming out pizza for this exact same reason.


6. Use A Microwave

The last resort for every household pizza consumer is to use the mighty microwave oven to heat their pizza on the go and keep it warm as well. But, with a little bit of attention to detail, using a microwave will revamp the pizza quite some more. 


Using this method, you can keep your pizza crispy and preserve it for three hours. However, you will need to shape the pizza according to your microwave oven's size. 


For this step, the main part is to keep a half glass full of water inside the oven and preheat it to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The water will ensure proper moisture inside the oven.


Afterward, you need to wrap the slices with aluminum foil to ensure the heat stays intact. Place it in the oven later. 

Bake the pizza for 5 minutes and keep checking if the pizza has any signs or odor of burning, as the process is a bit risky. 


Once you hear the cheese bubbling, turn off the heat and consume it whenever you want! Your bite will be warm for three hours at a stretch without any worry.

Tips for Keeping Pizza Warm In Oven for Dinner

Tips for Keeping Pizza Warm In Oven for Dinner - Pizza Bien


  • The best method to keep pizza warm in the oven is using an oven thermometer. Inserting one will show you the preheating time and oven temperature.
  • Cleaning your pizza stone is the best way to keep your oven clean. Remove the paper sleeve and clean it with soapy water, then replace it in the oven.
  • If your pizza is under 10 inches in diameter, you may use tortilla warmers to keep it warm.
  • Bake your pizza stone in the oven until it's ready to use. Unglazed earthenware absorbs some moisture when heating, preventing sogginess and maintaining a crisp crust.
  • If you don't have a stone, place the dough on a cooling rack before transferring it. Wrap this tray in aluminum foil and lay it on baking pans.
  • If you want to leave your pizzas in the oven for more than an hour, put a cup of hot water on the shelf below them. It won't make the pizza mushy but offers moisture and avoids drying out!
  • Don't leave the pizza in the box for too long if you value your palate! The cardboard will quickly absorb the sauce's flavor.
  • If you want to cook frozen pizza without an oven click here to know all about it.
  • Remove the pizza before the crust browns. After 5 minutes, you should altogether remove the pizza from the dish! Leaving the crust to dry out and lose its fluffiness may not be ideal.



Thus, we hope by now you know how to keep pizza warm in the oven for when you host a party or just want to eat your pizza warm throughout an entire movie marathon. Order Pizza Bien's Margherita Pizza handmade in Italy for the best experience to get the best and authentic Italian pizza.


Hence, till the next time, happy feasting and let us know what you think through the comments!

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