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Can You Cook a Frozen Pizza in an Electric Skillet? You Can, and Here’s How!

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Can You Cook a Frozen Pizza in an Electric Skillet - Pizza Bien

If you ordered a frozen pizza and upon its arrival, you don't know how to bake frozen pizza without an oven, an electric skillet can be your best friend in times of dire need.


If you master the skill of cooking in an electric skillet, you can show your skill off at a random party when the oven is busted!

Besides, an electric skillet is super multipurpose. It's affordable too, meaning you don't have to spend your money on appliances that have a single-use. To know more about cooking frozen pizza without an oven, click here.


Thus, using an electric skillet is the optimum option for your situation. If you don't have an oven and want to know how to cook a frozen pizza in an electric skillet, keep reading our article further!


Why Should You Use An Electric Skillet For Frozen Pizza

Frozen pizza is the future of pizza. Statistically, frozen pizza is healthier than your average takeaway pizza. And to taste the authentic Neapolitan pizza flavor, there's undoubtedly no pizzeria better than Pizza Bien. Their diverse range of Neapolitan pizza will make your tastebuds long for more, for sure.


However, frozen pizzas can be tricky to cook the right way. It would be best to have high temperatures like an oven when you get a frozen pizza. However, most appliances don't heat as well as a range.


However, you can get additional advantages that are impossible to attain with an oven with an electric skillet. 

The most significant advantage, in this case, is the fact that you can use oil in the base of your electric skillet. In an oven, you don't have the opportunity to do so.


Thus, we recommend using an electric skillet to make sure your frozen pizza is cooked in the best way possible. Grab your electric skillet without any further ado and get ready to experience the best-frozen pizza baking guide!


Can You Cook Frozen Pizza in an Electric Skillet

The way to determine if any cooking appliance is up to the standards is by deciding whether it can cook and bake simultaneously. To our benefit, using an electric skillet is the best way to bake in a conventional method without using the oven.


When we put the electric skillet to the test, it beat our expectations. Since the skillet has a lid, you can bake almost anything, including pizza, cake, and other items which require baking. 


Thus, when you place your delicious Margherita pizza from Italy over an electric skillet, it will cook to perfection without any worry of burning or under-cooking. 


With an electric skillet, your pizza is baking, but it's also frying. Hence, you'll be able to get the crispy bottom with a char-like texture that will replicate a pizzeria-quality pizza. 


Cooking Frozen Pizza In An Electric Skillet

Prepare your electric skillet and your favorite frozen pizza, and let these simple instructions guide you when cooking the frozen pizza at home.

Without further talking, let's cook frozen pizza in an electric skillet with a few simple steps.  


Defrost Your Pizza

Allow pizza to thaw at room temperature. Cooking it on an electric skillet ensures even cooking, which can be attained after defrosting.

Defrosting the pizza helps crisp up the crust. This ensures a crispier crust after cooking.


Make sure to cover your pizza while it defrosts. This will prevent insects or other debris from getting into the pizza while thawing. 

Once your pizza defrosts appropriately, it's ready to be baked. Never put frozen pizza directly over the skillet, as it will burn and cause unnecessary oil bubbling. 


Start Preparing your Electric Skillet

For best results, wait until the frozen pizza begins to thaw before cooking it. The temperature might be moderate to hot.

If you have an electric skillet that can reach 400 degrees Fahrenheit, you may use it to speed up the process.


While the electric skillet heats up, prepare the frozen pizza toppings. When the pizza starts cooking, things can happen pretty fast. Hence, preparing your pizza toppings ahead of time will save you a hassle during the cooking process. 


Cook The Frozen Pizza

After defrosting the frozen pizza and adding any additional toppings, please place it in the electric skillet and close the lid for the first few minutes of cooking.


If the skillet is covered, it will be simpler to cook the toppings and melt the cheese. You may also cook the pizza without the cover for the first few minutes.


Even if the crust is done, but the toppings are still raw at the end of the cooking procedure, a cover may assist keep the toppings warm, and the cheese is melting evenly.


Cooking with the lid on is not recommended at any stage of the procedure. If you leave the cover on, steam will form, causing water droplets to seep into the crust and make it mushy.

At 400 degrees Fahrenheit, the pizza should be ready in 6 to 8 minutes. Your pizza is ready to serve when the cheese has melted and browned the dough.


After removing the pizza from the electric skillet, set it aside for five minutes to cool. Turn off the electric skillet if you aren't planning to use it again.

By placing oil on the pan the next time you cook your frozen pizza, you may avoid overcooking or burning the bottom crust


After it's cooled enough, you can serve authentic Neapolitan-style pizza to your guests! We can assure, no one's going to know the oven to electric skillet secret!


Tips for Cooking Frozen Pizza in an Electric Skillet

Tips for Cooking Frozen Pizza in an Electric Skillet - Pizza Bien


Cooking a frozen pizza in an electric skillet can be a good alternative for those who search about cooking frozen pizza in the microwave at the very last minute.

Hence, we have noted down the two most important tips for baking your frozen pizza!


Mix n Match Toppings 

Just because you have a frozen pizza at home doesn't mean you must settle with whatever toppings it already has on top. You can customize toppings all according to your own choice. Click here to get some ideas about what toppings to put on your frozen pizza.


You can personalize your frozen pizza in any way well suited for you. You can add vegetables, meat, different spices and make it all about you! 


The best toppings include tomatoes, pepperoni, anchovies, sausage, pineapple, Brussel sprouts, mozzarella, parmesan cheese, and a lot more!

We believe that the best pizza topping combinations can help you create a pizza that you and your guests will fall in love with!


No Turnovers for Your Pizza

When baking pizza in an oven or other appliance, it is often turned. This is because certain parts are hot while others are frigid.

On the other hand, an electric skillet provides a small, consistently heated cooking pan. Because of this, you can cook your pizza without flipping it every minute or so.


No uneven cooking on the crusts or toppings. Turning frozen pizza on an electric skillet is unnecessary, making it simple.

Thus, make sure you do not turn the pizza around. You know what they say, "trust the process!"

Thus, if you're opting for an electric skillet - it's one of the best oven substitutes for pizza, and we can guarantee that. Whether you want a thin-crust or a thick-crust pizza crust, it can be your saviour in times of dire need if you cook frozen pizza on the stovetop.



A frozen pizza is easily the easiest thing you can cook. However, it's easy to mess it up if you're not well aware of the cooking process. 

You don't need to preheat your oven, wait for your pizza dough to poof up, or cause unnecessary heat in the kitchen using a pizza stone when you use an electric skillet.


Frozen pizza is an excellent solution if you're usually short on time. Preparations for this pizza are no longer required.

An electric skillet is the finest way to cook a frozen pizza, and we hope you know all about it by now. Till the next time, happy feasting and stay with Pizza Bien.  


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