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Pizza Crisper vs Pizza Pan: Which One is the Best Option for Perfect Italian Style Pizza?

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Pizza Crisper vs Pizza Pan - Which One is the Best Option for Perfect Italian Style Pizza - Pizza Bien

When it comes to baking a pizza, there are numerous baking options. But it's crucial to pick the best baking material from the tons available in the market. Hence, it's crucial to ask; pizza crisper vs pizza pan - which is the best option for perfect Italian-style pizza?

Many factors come into consideration when picking the best pizza pan, which is crucial. When you learn about them in detail, you'll be acquainted with baking authentic Italian pizza. 

Your pan will determine whether you have a soft crust or a thin crust. However, you may be in the food for instant pizza and baking; it may look like a hassle. Pizza Bien's Margherita pizza will undoubtedly succeed in meeting your craving for authentic Neapolitan-style pizza in no time at all. 

Thus, today we have come to curate an article that will help you differentiate between pizza crisper vs pizza pan. Without any further ado, let's begin!

What Is A Pizza Crisper?

The pizza pan, a substitute for a pizza stone and creates a thin crispy crust, is called a pizza crisper pan. The specialty of a pizza pan is that it consists of numerous tiny holes under the pan.

The holes in the pan help the temperature reach the crust to bake faster without burning. The heat transfers directly to the pizza base and makes it perfect for authentic pizza.

The perfect way to use a pizza crisper is to place it in the oven in the last pizza rack. This helps when you don't have the oven space for a pizza stone. 

When it comes to affordability, a pizza crisper pan is cheap. It's lightweight too, so if you're a baker, you can always carry it on the go with you.

If you're wondering how to wash a pizza crisper pan, all you need to do is clean it with dish soap. Since it's made from aluminum, you shouldn't use harmful chemicals as they may decay the longevity of the pizza crisper pan.

When you use a pizza crisper pan, you'll have many advantages, including.

  • Durability: Pizza crisper pans last for years at a stretch. Hence, you won't need to buy one again and again.
  • Affordability: Everyone can afford pizza pans since it costs anywhere from $10 to $15 dollars.
  • Easy to Wash: The pizza crisper pans can be washed by hand with pimple dish soap. No need to scrub it for hours with baking soda!
  • Excellent Substitute For Pizza Stone: A pizza crisper pan will do the job just fine if you don't have a pizza stone. It saves time and space. 
  • Best for Thin Crust Pizza: If you're a thin crust lover, you're in luck. A pizza crisper pan will make your crust crispy, light, airy without burning or breaking the crust.

What Is A Pizza Pan?

A pizza pan consists of a thick plain base without any holes, which is used for baking thick crust pizza. Typically deep dish pizza, Sicilian pizza, and many other thick pizza crusts are baked with a pizza pan.

The baking technique with a pizza pan is simple. It requires a lesser temperature with a longer time for baking. The pizza crust will be soft, chewy, and resemble a bun-like texture. 

Pan pizza makes a soft pizza because the moisture gets trapped with a no-hole pizza base. The best pizza pan material is cast iron which you can clean with dish soap, dishwasher, caustic soda, etc. 

However, it's a tad bit expensive when compared to the pizza crisper pan. The washing process often includes a bit of time if your pizza sticks to the base of the pan.

Hence, it's easy to say that if you love a thick crust pizza - a pizza pan is the one for you! 

Pizza Crisper Vs. Pizza Pan: Which One is the Best Option for Perfect Italian Style Pizza?

The best way to determine whether you need a pizza crisper pan or pizza pan is to select the type of crust you like. The rule of thumb is simple: choose a pizza crisper pan if you prefer a thin crust. And if you prefer a thick crust, go for a pizza pan.

As long as you don't mind the cons, the rule of thumb should work out fine for you. However, if you're looking for an authentic Italian pizza style, things may look different in picking a pizza pan.

Authentic Italian-style pizza is thin in thickness but has a fluffy consistency. The bread is crispy at the first bite but melts in your mouth with the softness of the insides. Thus, if you're looking for the perfect Italian-style pizza pan - it's the pizza crisper pan.

What Makes the Best Authentic Italian Pizza Dough?

What Makes the Best Authentic Italian Pizza Dough - pizza crisper vs pizza pan - Pizza Bien

Scoring the toppings for authentic Italian pizza dough can be easy. However, perfecting the crust is the main goal for baking the best authentic Italian pizza dough. The secret lies in choosing the perfect pizza tray between pizza crisper or pizza stone vs. pizza pan. 

Thus, we've prepared some crucial pointers to ensure you get the perfect crust every time!

Use a Pizza Crisper Pan or Pizza Stone

If you want to ensure a thin-crust authentic Italian pizza style bite, ensure using pizza crispers or pizza stones. 

The pizza cooking equipment can transmit the heat evenly, producing a crunchy brown bite and a soft inside. You can use a pizza stone for the oven if you can't use a pizza crisper pan.

Ensure using 00 flour

Caputo 00 flour, often used in Neapolitan pizza businesses, can be purchased at most supermarkets.

It yields a beautiful, soft, fluffy dough that is a step beyond standard all-purpose flour in texture and taste. You may buy it in the supermarket or online. 

Even if you have to settle with all-purpose, it's worth the effort to hunt for something better.

Refrigerate before baking

The greatest Italian pizza dough can only be made by refrigerating the dough for 2 to 3 days in a firmly closed container. 

Using this method, a nutty, deep flavor is imparted to the end product. There are times when it is not possible to plan. Thus this is an optional step. The results, on the other hand, are astounding. It's most certainly worth the effort. 

What Kind of Pizza Pan is Best For Frozen Pizza?

If you're looking for what kind of pan is best for cooking a frozen pizza, we're here to tell you that any pizza pan works for baking a frozen pizza. 

Yes, you heard that right. When you order Pizza Bien's frozen pizza, you can use a pizza crisper pan, pizza pan, iron skillets, and even non-stick pans. The options are enormous, and the outcome is undoubtedly excellent. 

Pizza Bien's Neapolitan-style pizzas are famous for being 100% vegetarian, suit every diet, and taste like the freshly baked Neapolitan pizza back in Italy. They're freshly frozen and packed with favors. The wide array of pizza options will help you satisfy your cravings without any hassle!


Thank you for taking the time to read our comprehensive information about the battle of the pizza pans. We hope you found this post to be informative and that you now have a better understanding of the pizza crisper and the pizza pan.

To summarize, we would like to point out that both pans are useful for making excellent pizzas. You may use any pans on this list that appear to be the best fit for your needs.

However, if you're looking to bake the exact authentic Neapolitan style pizza - you can always opt for a pizza crisper pan or pizza stone to replicate it. Hence, till the next time - happy feasting! 

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