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Are Naples and Napoli the same?

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Naples is the name of the city, the Gulf of Naples, and the province in Italian. Are both Naples and Napoli the same? Naples is a variant of the ancient Greek word Neapolis, which means new city. Both Naples and the regional Italian name Napoli are acceptable. You can get the best pizza in Italy, Naples here. 

Naples is Napoli because Italians in Italy refer to Naples as Napoli. Neapolis, which means "new city" in Greek, is where the name Naples originates. This explains why many Napoli residents are referred to as "Neapolitans." Naples is the name of the only city in Naples, Italy. Naples is also the name of a small town in New York and a town in Florida. Naples and Napoli are therefore the same place. Napoli’s pizzeria has amazing pizza variants. 

Naples, which was established by the Greeks in the first millennium BCE and is perched majestically along the Mediterranean Sea with Mount Vesuvius looming in the background, has witnessed more than 2500 years of history unfold. Pizza can be credited to Naples, but the city also boasts an abundance of other culinary treats and quaint coffee shops with a strong caffè culture. The best time to visit Naples is in the late spring, before the summer hordes arrive, or in the early autumn, when the busy tourist season has ended but the weather is still pleasant and bright. Winter can be wet even though it is less crowded and provides more possibilities to interact with the people.

What are the different reasons to visit Naples?

  1. Naples' Centro Storico, or Historic Center

Naples' historic center, Centro Storico, beats with life. The city's loud, chaotic area is constantly active during both day and night. Thousands of years of history, monuments, cafes, pubs, gridlock, noise, and unending charm may all be found here. These streets include all that you may have heard about Naples. You can find yourself doubting whether you are still in Europe as you navigate the congested streets and back alleys or whether you have changed to a more distant location. In this area of the city, it could feel overpowering and unlike what one imagines when thinking about Italy. But here's the catch. One cannot really experience Naples without strolling around Centro Storico in Naples since this is the real Naples and genuine Italy. For us, wandering through Centro Storico's streets is among the city's top attractions and among the most enjoyable activities.

  1. Graffiti or street art in Naples

Naples is a street art lover's heaven, with everything from tiny concealed works of art to enormous murals covering entire walls. You may find several portraits of Diego Maradona, one of Naples' most beloved athletes, all across the city. The city is decorated with magnificent works of art in celebration of this famous legend. Jorit Agoch is another well-liked artist that can be found in Naples. The San Gennaro mural, one of his most well-known pieces, can be found in Centro Storico's Via Vicaria Vecchia.

Italy monuments

  1. The Naples Royal Palace

Naples won't let you down if you're a fan of castles and palaces. The House of Bourbon utilized four royal homes while ruling the Kingdom of Naples, the most notable of which was the Royal Palace of Naples, or Palazzo Reale di Napoli. The current palace's construction started in the 17th century, and the front was completed in 1616. Over the years, the interiors have undergone numerous redesigns, redecorations, and changes, and during World War II, bombing damaged some areas of the palace. For the best pizza in Italy, Naples, click here. 

  1. Caffè Gambrinus

Naples' oldest and most storied cafe, with a glittering décor that serves as a remembrance of earlier times. Intellectuals including Oscar Wilde, Ernest Hemingway, and Jean-Paul Sartre visited the cafe in its early years. In more recent times, prominent figures including Pope Francis, Bill Clinton, Pavarotti, and Angela Merkel attended.

  1. Churches in Naples

Naples, like other Italian cities, has some lovely churches that are worth visiting. The Duomo di Napoli and the well-known Capella Sanservo are particularly noteworthy. The Archbishop of Naples is based in Naples Cathedral, the city's largest church. It's an outstanding church with exquisite frescoes and mosaics from the fourth century. In the center of Naples' historic district stands Capella Sanservo, also known as the Sanservo Chapel Museum. Some of the best Italian Rococo artists of the 18th century have works in this tiny chapel. The Veiled Christ is the most well-known piece of art at Capella Sanservo out of all the artworks present.

  1. Waterside strolls

Naples is a bustling port city with a lovely waterfront promenade called the Lungomare di Napoli. One of the most beautiful streets in the world, this promenade stretches for around 3 kilometers along the coastline. You may enjoy stunning views of the Gulf of Naples and the magnificent Mount Vesuvius from this location. Some of Naples' most opulent hotels and eateries may be found along the Lungomare di Napoli. 


Naples and Napoli are the same. Napoli is the Italian and local name for the city. The city of Naples is famous for many different things like amazing Neapolitan delicacies, churches, lakes and so much more. Pizza Bien is the most authentic and flavorful pizza place with shipping all over America right now. If enjoying a true Italian delicacy is on your bucket list, Pizza Bien  is the place for you. Click here to place your order now!!!




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