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Why is pizza Naples the best?

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Pizza with red sauce and basil leaves on top

Pizza has undergone numerous modifications in the past due to the rising popularity of the dish. One pizza, nevertheless, remains loyal to its original form. The Neapolitan pizza from Naples, Italy. The best pizza in Italy, Naples, still stands true to its authentic form. For its creativity, real Neapolitan pizza is renowned across the world. If you didn't know, the authentic Neapolitan pizza style is a traditional specialty assured product. You can order pizza by mail also.  

Neapolitan Style Pizza

If the recipe is true to form, Napoli's pizza Naples, Neapolitan-style pizza contains a particular collection of components. It must employ Italian tomatoes from the plains surrounding Mount Vesuvius, either Roma or San Marzano. In Lazio and Campania, semi-feral water buffalo are used to produce the mozzarella used in the meal. The dough is then prepared using local yeast, salt, water, and wheat flour of types 0 or 00.

There are detailed directions concerning the dough's thickness as well. Although a low-speed mixer may be used to knead it during the preparation stage, it must be molded by hand. It can only be 3mm thick or less. To prevent the sauce's flavors from being compromised, fresh herbs are added just before serving. The water that is used to produce the dough shouldn't contain any chemicals. A pizza made with these ingredients, delectable toppings, and baking methods is fragrant, elastic, and soft.

History of the best pizza in Italy, Naples

Italian pizza made in the Neapolitan style originates there. In addition, it was here that the present version of the pie, which consists of dough covered with cheese and tomatoes, was created more than 300 years ago. Europeans consumed flatbreads before the 18th century, but they never had tomatoes or a sauce made of tomatoes on top, which is what most pizza recipes today are known for. Because tomatoes were first cultivated in Peru, they did not reach Europe until the 16th century. In the 1700s, peasants from Naples started spreading them over their flatbreads, and the dish became popular.

There are currently several Neapolitan-style pizza varieties that are accepted in the culinary world to varying degrees. Since it complies with all of the requirements for the key ingredients, the Margherita recipe is the most widely used option. There is also often a marinara pizza and regional versions with fresh tomato slices.

Italy sea side with rocks on the side

How is Neapolitan-style pizza different from other types of pizza?

There are still some significant distinctions with this traditional interpretation of a slice of pizza, even if Neapolitan-style pizza serves as the model for many of today's most well-liked recipes, including New York-style pies. The pizza's crust serves as the foundation. One with a very thin foundation is available in the Neapolitan style. The dough then puffs up along the sides as a result of the oven's high heat, giving it a light, airy texture that quickly charms. It is nearly hard to eat this pizza with your hands when it is prepared properly. It will be easier to eat the crunchy textures with a fork and knife.

When contrasting Neapolitan-style pizza with other recipes, it is also essential to take into account how straightforward it is. To make an authentic slice, only fresh, regionally specific ingredients are utilized. Pizza shops may make a decent imitation of this Naples innovation using normal Roma tomatoes and mozzarella cheese, but the flavor profile isn't quite the same.

People have been experimenting with many pizza varieties since the start of the twenty-first century as a way to enjoy this beloved pie. It's a slice that many people are still unfamiliar with because there are so few people that make an actual Neapolitan-style recipe. Its enigmatic flavors and widespread affection for pizza combine to make it an interesting culinary experience. The Neapolitan-style pizza's size is another factor to take into account. You are ordering one item per person because the standard recipe yields a dish that is roughly 12 inches in diameter. 


The three recognized varieties of Neapolitan pizza are:

- Extra virgin olive oil, tomato, garlic, and oregano are used to top the pizza marinara.

- Pizza Margherita has extra virgin olive oil, fresh basil, tomato, and sliced mozzarella as toppings.

- Extra-virgin olive oil, tomato, sliced Bufala mozzarella, fresh basil, and pizza Margherita are added.

Authentic Neapolitan Pizza

Neapolitan-style pizza is served in a lot of eateries and pizzerias. The crust of Neapolitan-style pizza is normally thin and delicate; if cooked properly at a high temperature, it will bubble up and become partially scorched. Fresh mozzarella cheese, fresh basil, and a basic tomato sauce are added as the finishing touches.


The Neapolitan-style pizza is made with real ingredients and a straightforward process. The thin crust and smaller size of this dish make it an adaptable recipe that provides satisfaction with every mouthful even though you won't typically be eating it by the slice. You may get a taste of how amazing the Neapolitan-style can be at several fantastic restaurants that provide a copy made with locally produced ingredients.  To place an order click here now!


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